10 December 2019

SUPPLEMENTS I TAKE + WHY 💊 General Health + Skin

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hey guys what is up how's everyone doing

really hoping the Lighting's okay I've got one blind down and one blind open which is why there's like the light back here do you want my pet peeves when like people on YouTube complain about their lie to heaven eat shut up let's just move on today's video is about supplements it's actually about the supplements that I take and with that me daily or weekly and this is a video that one of you guys did suggest to me over my Instagram because I did put out on my stories you know what videos you want to see obviously the supplements that I take you know this is not to say that these ones that you should take because our bodies are very different and by no means it's just an advice video at all this is just literally just me sharing you know what supplements I take and having a bit of a chat about it and like why I take them I also didn't realize actually how many supplements I have I thought I was very minimal with suffers but clearly no I actually have one two three four five seven okay I'm gonna start off with the ones that I do try and have daily so the first one I have is a multivitamin this supplement is the

Terra Nova and living multivitamin and it's the woman and supplement and I take this every single day and yeah this is just a regular multivitamin it's also based from food as well which I quite like and but the reason why I take this is to brunch ooh this is kind of replaced my biocare th 207 that I used to take so if you've watched me before you might have heard me speak about that supplement but that was more for my thyroid function and I loved it it did wonders because my father was a slightly my thyroid my thyroid was slightly under active yeah it was really good when I took it but I just felt like I didn't need to keep taking it because I didn't have any kind of symptoms of that anymore but what I found was all the things that were in that supplement what also in this multi but just add a little bit back a lower dose and I thought this we have a great way just to kind of make sure my levels are maintained so yeah I should take this multi every single day does say to three capsules and I just take two a day and be out I take that and I like that one and I then take my questing complex with

STC plus now this is not a new supplement I've been taking this for a long time basically quercetin is a natural turn tip if you're looking for like an antihistamine it works really well on like you know allergies and things like that so especially in combination with bran which is in this as well so this has vitamin C and so I quercetin rosehips powder which is also high in vitamin C actually acerola powder which is really great rooting powder and yet bromelain and obviously quest just a question yeah anyway that's obviously in it and it's just a really great antihistamine like anti-inflammatory supplement that I take and the reason why because I do have allergies like I am actually allergic to dust and which is fun and in the summer especially is I'm I have hay fever so I do get environmental allergies quite law ok so the next up lemon is actually a tincture and this is agnus castus and i actually have done a video on this if you want to see this supplement a little bit more detail but basically the reason why I've been taking this is to help with my cycle and making a bit more

regular my issue I've always faced in my cycle is that I tend to ovulate late which prolongs my cycle and and what agnus castus does it works on the pituitary gland but it helps around that ovulation phase so i've decided to give it a go and i mean i need to do a video on this maybe in a couple months time if this if things continue to go like how they're going because this so far has been so good like i am so impressed with this so far I've used it for probably about two and a half months now but last cycle that came forward and that was shorter so that was you know more - it should be and then this month I came on my period on the 28th day which I was like whoa like that is like textbook regular oh wow that's pretty impressive so I want to see if it's the same next month but what was so strange about this month actually so there's a little bit going on tanjo but usually I get like a lot of PMS as well not a lot but I get likes you know saw boobs and like sometimes get a headache that kind of stuff and nothing like too crazy I know people get a lot worse and this month like I came on Alicia came up here about yesterday

I've had no signs and symptoms like no soreness no pain or cramps no nothing so I'm very like skeptical to see if it's do this like if it's just on an even better job of balancing my home is I don't know we're gonna see how it goes but so far I'm really liking this and I take three mils in water in the morning and that's the best time to take it because that's when your picture to grab it's the most active and but yeah so far so good and it says you cannot take it three times a day and I've only taken it once a day okay this next supplement well this isn't really a supplement actually this is I don't even know what to classify this as I don't know basically I've spoke about this actually one last video when I was having a chat with you and I'm doing life updates but this is toxic prevent maybe Plus and this is a powder it comes in these like individual sachets and you just mix it of water and then you take it half them out before meals but what this does is it helps to bind to toxins and like excess histamine and just like heavy metals and things inside your body right in your gut

basically and eliminate them out of your body and but the reason why I took it as well because when I read up about it it said it also helps your skin I was really really intrigued try to do this every single day I must say like sometimes I do miss a day because I forget because I I don't know I get to the point when I remember and I'm like no I'm hungry I can't wait 30 minutes to eat all I can say is yes my skin actually has been really good I don't know whether it to do with this or all my I don't know really or whether actually my skincare kind of hard to tell but the other thing as well that this does is it readers working a bowel function very well again let's spoke about this in my last video but yeah it really makes you go to the toilet I mean it doesn't like give you that diary or anything like that what interest trap sayings it just really helps the movement I guess going on down there you know what I mean let's not get too into that today but one thing I've always saying actually is that with this like this is just a month's worth and I probably planned you to do this month and I won't do it for like you know

maybe a month or two and then I'm gonna be doing another one for a month I mean I kind of do it randomly not like all the time sorry something I forgot to mention she's worried very annoying the head of me not to mention but the agnus castus tincture that is by indigo herb so I got that online from indigo herbs and the questing complex is by the brand saga I think I told you all the other brands like toxic event I think it's just toxic event I would just type in toxic revenger and probably just go up and I've about Morty okay right we're up to date with the brands okay so these two supplements here like I said I take the one I remember they're both liquids and they're both by brands Olga so firstly I have a liquid b12 and with B complex I like having the b12 with the complex also because and Lobby vitamins actually work better kind of with like other things and together anyway and so yeah it's quite good to have the complex okay so when it comes to b12 there's two reasons why don't take it every day one reason is because it actually is in my multivitamin so I'm already getting a

little bit in there not a huge mouth but a little bit and a little little bit I meet my mom keep speaking not say I need to speak better and but anyway yes little bit is in there so I don't need to always take this because I don't be like overdoing it and but the other reason as well is because I mean I do eat meat occasionally and you do get b12 from that so I don't need a lot of it but I do eat it occasionally I don't follow a diet guys like I genuinely just eat what I want to eat and what I fancy I don't want to get into that conversation in today's video but yeah I do sometimes eat a bit of meat and I get it from this anyway I take this kind of when I remember and also sometimes I take this if I feel really lacking in energy and very like um yeah just low as well because be like be vitamins in general also help with our neurotransmitters as well so yeah I kind of take that when I'm lacking in energy too and then the other one that I have here is liquid vitamin d3 now especially this time of year I live in England we don't get that much Sun and sun exposure is basically our main way of getting vitamin D and so yeah I take the liquid

form of vitamin d3 to make sure that my levels of good throughout the winter also vitamin D is just so important with so many functions in our body as well so it's important to make sure that you are meeting your needs so if you're unsure I really recommend go to your GP and see if and get your vitamin D levels checked you should be able to choose your tests that they were doing quite willingly I like these in liquids as well because they're easier to absorb and how I actually do them at you haven't done my vitamin D today so let's do it now what I do is I take it and I place it underneath my tongue because then it can absorb quicker into my bloodstream and that's a really good place to do it so don't just put it like into your mouth put it under your tongue and you absorb better and you're meant to hold it actually there for about 10 seconds let's do it okay aha Orko fuck'em yeah okay and then the last supplement I have to talk about and this is one that I definitely don't take every day maybe not even weekly I take this is basically where my body feels like I need it and this is an amino acid it's called

theanine and you have to get thinning and green tea I mean you'd have to drink a lot a green team to kind of get a therapeutic dose how do I even explain this basically the reason why I take it and is if I'm really stressed out I've got a really busy brain I'm trying to go to sleep but my head is just so busy and going 100 miles per hour I take a bit of theanine and it just really helps to kind of relax your brain a little bit and that kind of sense it's also great for anxiety actually and nerves so if I've got like four jobs an exam or maybe I'm going on a trip somewhere and I'm a nervous about it like I might take some men it says here actually helps to promote GABA and brain neurotransmitters involved in relaxation there we go that's the perfect exact description of this and a my again I sometimes also take this on flights as well today I have Thailand usually keep that next to my bedside table and have that reach when I feel like I need it and my boyfriend's really into this as well and that's we've also got a big one but we're gonna share it between us bi guys they're actually all the

supplements I currently take and why I take them I hope you guys did enjoy this video and if you did please do give it a thumbs up and also if you haven't already come join the team and press subscribe it's a video to my side row now wanna go check out some walk me up at my act miscast this video video guys thank you so so much for watching and I'll see you next video mwah bye [Music]