22 July 2019

SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY MARKETING Somebody's got to tell the truth!!! Rich Piana

hey what's up everyone rich Piana here I

just got back from Ohio and I'm heading to Australia for the Fed Ex tonight so I'm in town for 24 hours I'm up here in the Hollywood Hills I love it here it's great to be back in California Southern California nice sunny day today and I'm heading Australia where it's like 90 degrees so I'm gonna be the loving it anyway I feel like I had to make a video before I took off the reason being is I just did a little what do you say a little teaser video my new supplement line coming out and you know I said some things that people are confused and they're sending me messages and comments and they don't understand what I'm saying so I'm gonna explain it to you from A to Z so you will e you will understand let's talk about marketing this is gonna be about marketing the sub-1 industry let me explain something to you okay supplement companies hire athletes to represent their products I think people are aware of this so therefore they are paid to represent the products so therefore obviously they use the products cuz they're being paid to say they represent the products now I assumed everybody knew this information

but from the comments and the you know things I've been getting emails and so forth a lot of people don't really understand the way this works which kind of baffles me but there's a commercial running right now Michael Jordan he is advertising fruit of the Loom underwear now I don't know about you but I know damn well Michael Jordan does not wear Fruit of the Loom underwear he probably has you know custom Italian silk boxers imported from Italy you know what I'm saying but if you believe Michael Jordan wears fruit of the Loom and you're gonna wear Fruit of the Loom underwear because he says he does on commercial then hey that's all you man go buy your fruit of Loom underwears but basically I'm all about being honest with people telling people how it is I'm the first person ever I think in the world to ever come out and tell everybody the truth of what I'm about to say and this is the truth of the supplement it's tree now most young kids you know they their hero whoever they admire - or the mentor whoever it is that they look up to they go buy that protein powder so you know if your hero happens evj color who's a

fucking awesome bodybuilder and I think he's a great guy then you're gonna go buy his protein powder because he's Jay Cutler's alright Phil Heath mr. limpia if he's your idol you're gonna buy his protein powder but people don't even bother reading the labels to even compare the protein powders they don't even think wow let me look at this label let me read it and see what's in it oh geez there's 11 grams of sugar per serving maybe this isn't the best thing to put in my body but you know what they don't even read the label and it just drives me crazy because I want people to know the truth the truth of the matter is real food is the secret real food is the best possible thing you can put in your body real food I'm telling you need to eat six meals a day not three meals and three shakes six meals okay replacing a meal with the protein powder or a weight gainer is not good it's not the best thing to put in your body it's not the best way to get to where you want to be it's not the best way to become the best body butter you could become or best fighter or best physique or bikini competitor whatever

it is your goals are that is not the best scenario I'm telling you the best scenario is real food there will never ever be a supplement ever in the world that will replace real food this is never gonna happen no supplementary will ever come out with any supplement better than real food it's not that complicated people real food is the best scenario when you wake up in the morning I would love to have a chocolate shake with peanut butter bananas that would be great I would love it but that's not the best scenario the best scenario is to cook your egg whites cook your oatmeal eat it you know 12 egg whites 2 cups of oatmeal there's nothing better for breakfast than that right there you buy it at the grocery store I'm here telling everyone the truth I'm telling you the truth of what's the best way to reach your goals why am I doing this the same reason I tell you everything else yes I have a supplement line coming out yes I do but I'm not going to tell you hey take this instead of food I'm not going to say eat three meals and then take my supplement three times a day why because that's not the best scenario the best scenario is the food food is number one

if if you only have a certain amount of budget to spend I don't want you buying my product I want you buying food because food is gonna get you where you want to be now my product basically is something you add to the food so if you're eating six meals a day this is something in addition to the food you're eating six meals a day you're adding this in addition to the food it's something to help you it's gonna give you a little bit of an edge is it gonna turn you into mr. Olympia no is it gonna turn you into rich Piana no but it's gonna help you it's gonna help you reach your goals and I've spent years formulating this product and when you guys find out what exactly it is you're gonna be blown away wow this has never been done before no one has ever thought of this the Sublett industry has been the same for thirty years nothing has changed protein powders weight gainers all the same shit all the same stuff it hasn't changed you can walk in a supplement store and what kind of protein powder should I buy I don't know close your eyes and put your finger it doesn't fucking matter because it's all the same shit it comes

from the same place it's all exactly the same not one is better than the other it's all the same now the only thing I would suggest is if you are gonna buy protein powder because you're too lazy to cook food or maybe you're too busy too busy it's not an excuse busy what do you mean busy you're too busy to build the best possible body you could possibly could have you're too busy fulfill your dreams you're too busy to fulfill your goals there's no such thing as too busy or such as thing as I can't this is what you've got to do to fulfill your dreams so what I'm trying to say is if you still are gonna take protein powder at least read the label at least compare the labels one will have 11 grams of sugar one will have two grams of sugar you know what I'm saying by the two grams of sugar read the label buy the best product don't just rely on whatever your mentor or superhero is saying you know if you're a fan of so-and-so and he says buy my powder at least take the time to read the label and verify it's a good product because you got to remember that person is being paid to tell you to buy this product so whoever it is telling you to buy

whatever product that's great but read the label make sure that what you're hearing is true that it is the product out there now what I've been trying to say is don't buy protein powder don't buy waken or eat real food food is always gonna be the best scenario any bodybuilder out there getting ready for the mr. Olympia contest I guarantee you is not using any protein powder or any weight gainer in their regimen this is a fact I have helped bodybuilders get ready for shows for 15 years bodybuilders do not use powders to get ready for bodybuilding contests they use food food is always the best scenario it always will be I'm the first person to tell you guys this information why because the sub ministry is a multi-million dollar money-making venture for everybody everyone's making millions so I'm gonna come along and I'm gonna tell you the truth because I don't want people to be misled anymore I don't want 16 year old kids to walk up to me say hey hey rich what kind of protein powder should I buy what's the best protein powder I look at them and I say forget about protein

powder son buy food foods better chicken steak rice potatoes oatmeal he's like really yeah but I see all them you know the big body butters all use protein powder yeah that's marketing they're being paid to say that so I want to tell everyone the truth listen to what I'm saying real food my something's gonna be coming out in about eight weeks and there's no protein powder there's no weight gainer and I'm not going to tell you to substitute it for food food is always best this is something you're gonna add to your food it might give you maybe a 15% advantage that's it there's no secrets it's hard fuckin work cooking and eating six to ten times a day it's hard work there is no easy way there's no easy way so listen to me real food