22 July 2019


Hello loves! Hope you enjoy this short video from me. :) I've actually been taking this supplement going on 4 months now, and can't wait to share with you all ...


hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to my little corner of the Internet if you are new here my name is Regina it is so nice to meet you and today we are going to be talking about halo beauty specifically the supplement that is meant for skin so I tried this supplement about a month and a half ago now just as a surprise I love this if I didn't I wouldn't be filming a video about it so I'm gonna tell you my experience with this and what I think that this does for my skin and why I will still continue to purchase it I had originally searched videos on this product cuz I was super intrigued by it like oh you know maybe there's some vitamins in my diet that aren't giving me my glowy if I could talk my glowy is clear skin that I could have so I started watching all of the reviews on this and seeing people's before and afters what I saw is that this just kind of made people's skin look more radiant and then additionally what I'd heard some people's experience was was that it actually helped them have clearer skin again I've been taking this for a month

and a half and I want to tell you what my experience was once I ran out and then ordered more so there's about five day period after I took my first whole bottles worth and then you know I ran out so I ordered more and I went probably like five days till it got to me before I could take my next supplement and I actually didn't realize it because you know you're taking this over 30 days you're not gonna see of course like overnight results that's what most people here on YouTube say about this you know it takes time for your body to adjust to the different supplements inside this one all like inclusive supplement to you know get in your body for you to absorb that nutrients like it's not overnight and so I didn't notice that over time it actually started clearing my skin and what's amazing to me is that that five-day period that I didn't have it I started getting like like kind of links it's just popping up and I didn't realize that this was actually helping it I kind of had only expected it was gonna help my skin look like a little bit more radiant and healthy so that's what I saw what most

people's experience was I wasn't trying to get too excited to experience like fully clear skin from this but I've been so impressed with the results but of course if you saw from the beginning clip that I posted of this like my skin is not perfect by any means I still get little breakouts and I'm just my skin is so sensitive like you know you wake up on the wrong side the bed I break out you say hi to me I break out I put my hand on my chin I break out it's just no matter what I do I usually break out I leave my makeup on too long that day I break out it's very finicky my skin and so if I do everything right like I use all the right you know face products I'm not like running out of anything everything goes according to plan then that with this I just feel like it makes my skin so much clearer so much more radiant and so I kind of didn't expect this I expected to like buy the first bottle take it for 30 days and then just be like whoa yep I'm done cool like never gonna buy that again but sad to say I'm hooked on it I enjoyed it I think it's fabulous and so this is definitely one of those things that I have added into my daily routine and I

continue to plan to buy this because I think it's a great product so that's kind of my experience I don't feel it my skin was extreme enough of a change to show you in a before and after picture I definitely think that if I had started filming my face on day one and then showed you guys the clip that I just filmed for you I do think that there would be a difference in radiance in the skin but I don't know I'm one of those weirdos where I don't like to film like before and after things for my skin I don't like to take before and after pictures for my skin because I just feel insecure when I'm like not having whatever's going on with my skin so I'm just like please like that fix it fix it and then it looks better in my eyes or I enjoy how the product is working then cool I love it and then I want to talk about it so yeah I apologize I don't have any kind of like before-and-after for you guys but just from my personal experience I absolutely love this usually my skin on this on its own is not this radiant and not this clear on its own and of course I've got like a little bit of breakouts again like I was saying but yeah I really love this

really enjoy it and we'll see maybe if I see fabulous results three months down the road then I'll film another clip and then we can look back at this one to kind of compare but yeah that's all I have to say about this if you enjoyed this video or found it helpful feel free to subscribe down below and see more videos from me and that's bad guys okay have a great day [Music]