16 June 2019

Supplement #2 WVA

This is one of the Supplement Workout for the Waterville Valley Academy's Off-Season Fitness Program. This workout should be performed at least once per ...

okay 700 are to a little bit of

boardvision so again to someone let's make sure you do it once a week and do more with one sweet this is a neat one so we're getting three bounces within the land and the nine eight honey I'm going to take our eyes go left light you do that ten times then you do one two [Music] perfectly ten times now we're gonna do it with a nearest bar focus so you're gonna have to put the hands on you probably have opposite ends and Anita's up make sure you get your fingertips forward she did your office before you change thank you make sure you get that see they mentioned the windows up to 99 alright now we're going to do some speed ladies so we're going to jump is if you see my websites keep my left hand goes up my head you could jump as far as you want and we're going to change speeds 32 those now work while I was getting down in the sit up position so the part to lose their hands until you say that the sea [Music] when you see the stimulus now we're going to ask our chart we have these

available there's a group of stars on you can we usually do a line slowly a line medium speed a line fast speed and then slow medium fast again that's 36 stars on there if a star is on one side we may use one side of the body if it's on the other use the other side if it's in the middle then we have a different stimulus you can do left to right right to left up to down down to up so this time so here we go top that was three lines well it's the changing speeds thank you the next one is the last one of this is jumping up and chugging [Applause] we'll have 12 slowly intro class it'll be 6 6 6 6 6 6 alright thank you very much