31 July 2018

Super- Easy Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Summer Healthy Eating | Chef Ricardo Cooking

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[Music] show guys amazing to be the kitchen given your favorite recipes and ideas and things we like to make at home I'm gonna make you a lovely Sunday evening salad or even jus the week you can also make it is a fantastic salad and I know you guys are definitely love this one anyway please logon on my youtube channel guys get your best recipe your favorite recipe and also subscribe to the YouTube channel thank you so much for watching ever kind of cooking show we got a lot more recipes a lot more ideas and a lot more things will be coming out for shift from chef Ricardo to you guys and I know you're definitely gonna love this one anyway but that's obviously some plum tomato cucumber you don't mean by things they ask are we gonna make a lovely simple healthy nice beautiful wonderful salad so please subscribe to the YouTube channel leave a comments in the description box and tuning to chef a car - aw I love everyone on you guys and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter Facebook Google+ me and get your favorite recipe happy we can enjoy yourself have a wonderful time during

the week over very odd bring this to work and with a co-worker and your friend stay tuned but that's up next leap away I wanna make a nice lovely simple salad and I mean first of all I have something black on it and I got shot my block on it straight instead of it just like that and second thing is I have some this is some cucumber I remove the skin after a simple the Scottie dog parcel inside of it Allah be food allah stuff iguana right now we're just gonna make a big punch a big portion of salad for everyone then half of a red onion inside of it keep it simple and real effective that's exactly what chef ricotta is on a boat you know yeah so we're gonna put on a piece of chicken broth inside make up big portion of sound everyone gonna love this when I squeeze quarter lime juice are so inside of it they are nice fresh lemon you can use the buck lemon all right one spring onion lovely but that quarter for half of our red pepper nice I love this salad and guys gonna love this one Amitabh sighs tomato we should also going to be using inside of it alright then with that some cherry tomato then I

just cut them into off I'm already wash them let them get a nice little Brad corner just now I use some water let's back steer right there alright then we have some beetroot let's cut up some beetroot inside of it I'm a love beetroot everybody love be true if you love beetroot something wrong with you all right and look that's Kali beetroot and chunky Kamil of beetroot nice I know I can do this nice one silly truth is that English flush any time using it yeah some like yeah this looking good big portion of stalactites and let us put some olive oil Selah we're gonna put some joy chili little bit that spice puting up all right don't be shy put on our gloves all right guys once you put on your gloves are they gonna do yeah a big ball just mix it up like this everything together all right we want to do is take out a salad like this and put into a big bowl like everyone can have summer this is Portia for card anomaly series salad and I'm making a nice lovely simple Sun you know the evening are not a morning okay

that is amazing guys that's exactly what I'm talking about this look so beautiful margin was one of the kitchen for God on the team this is exactly look at this salad guys is amazing fantastic lovely a nice beautiful and that's not what chef Academy talking about thank you so much you're tuned in to shop for gonna show got a lot more recipes a lot more ideas and a lot more things will be coming from shopping finally team guys don't anywhere please steer right here I'll watch more recipe like this this is exactly what I'm talking about that so what I said healthy recipe lovely recipe this is exactly beetroot carrot you name it enjoy and please subscribe leave a comments in the description box and I will seal again more recipe bye-bye now some beer the foot one guys anyway it was that something sleep away I don't wanna make a nice little office [Music]