27 August 2019

SupaNova’s #PlantBased #Vegan Nutrition Kitchen 🌿💪🏾

SupaNova's Nutrition Kitchen series shares daily vegan health and wellness tips and organic plant-based options for optimal wellness. For additional support ...

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welcome to supernova slums nutrition kitchen WWE supercard she I make a fuss calm to get your wonderful plant proteins and also which is the super mega greens and also put more recipes like we're gonna go into tonight ww remedy book calm for those that are just joining me they don't know that I'm a best-selling published author on plant-based living I'm 42 years begin that means all my life I was raised vegan from the womb my mother Queen of foreshots when will acquittal for she was a strong vegan her my father before they had me and in the relationship they conceived me in that lifestyle I was raised in that lifestyle so just wanna you know share with you strategies in my book on how I was raised and you know inspiring you all regardless of whatever your path may be plant-based living wise you know you can use these tools to encourage you to continue to move forward again I don't come over again set tripping meaning that it's not my way of the highway it's something that I eat or do that does not rock with you then fine you know an alternative you know but take the signs of the wellness with you

regardless okay so this is my post-workout meal many of you always hit me up and ask me like no but what do you eat you know how to keep your size and what do you do you know post-training so this is what my meal will look like um for this evening this is uh some raw oats okay some raw oats and then just water no i'm and milk or anything like that you can do it but it's tonight which is some water so what oh this is really good you know for the you know having the copper hydrate you know post-workout so i can really have some energy for tomorrow for my next workout so this is my oats it's good for the goats also not only good for the copper hydrates but it's also good for the colon you know if also really good for the colon so in fiber you know it's actually for that so that's awesome for that i know some people don't really do kale and it's okay you know you don't have to necessarily do it but this is Kayla's might go to outside of spinach spinach has a lot of iron but carol has highs the high level of a plant protein is in the kill in calcium magnesium iron in the such so at all of the the green leafy vegetables it

has the highest chlorophyll content in plant protein content so that's why I with it and um you know also the spinach too since my you know swap out between both of them so um I do spinach too with it but that's just my go-to so if you have a green vegetable that you go to the most and so be it anyway this is a cold-pressed olive oil for the fats okay call press olive oil I have some deal seasoning and I have some Cayenne okay and some spiked season it and that's it this is some quinoa and mushroom patties prepackaged you can get them from Trader Joe's they have a really awesome quinoa and mushroom patties that they forgot the neighbors I think it's just a regular Trader Joe's version but they also have them also at Whole Foods too but you know for these patties which is really good so I have my protein you know sort meat from the grains the patties with the quinoa with quinoa taxes as a copper hydrator protein you know the and then you have the mushrooms are good and then I have my my Oaks and then of course I have my mega greens which I'm not gonna drink and eat at the same time I recommend you

either drink a liquid meal first within the first 30 30 45 minutes allow your body to absorb the liquids whether it be a protein shake or you add your just water in your greens to your water and let your body absorb that if they made about 45 minutes after you have your liquid meal then you can follow up with a solid meal okay that would be what my recommend or you each a your solid meal and then you know by the hours so after you follow what your liquid meal which I'll probably end up doing drinking this before I go to bed and so the first thing what happens when I wake up is my body will eliminate you know any toxins or any ways to my colon from this awesome digested meal plant-based meal with the liquid meal with the greens helping with that um going forward okay so for more tips log on to WWE book calm for a limited time my book is available for free download you already been supporting it so feel free to go back and support it and looking to see some tips that work for you all WWE book calm to get more wellness tips and then definitely make

sure that you follow us at super mega foods com2 get your super mega greens you get ads real simple you can add it in some water or some juice I recommend it taken in three top three times a day for optimum wellness and its really good for those that are on the go that really don't have time to you know cut and chop and juice vegetables and fruits which is cool but for those that are really only want to go like my