11 June 2019

Stop Wasting Money this is Better and the Best for Weight loss

waist trainer: Women Waist Trimmer Trainer Fat... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07LC8WQMZ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I hope you guys enjoy today's video, ...

okay guys welcome back so I'm gonna be

showing you guys what I'm gonna be using to flatten my belly overnight this is something that I got on Pinterest and I want to show you guys so you need a black row seat or a black seed oil raw and you need a paper fix so this is just a regular paper big so you can pick this up from any where pharmacy anywhere even on Amazon so you're gonna be robbing available paper weeks rub on your belly on the affected area entirely and you're gonna be taking the black seed oil just a little a little bit I came that you need it just rub it all over you know the affected area with the weeks and you're gonna need a wrap a plastic wrap like this it doesn't matter you can pick this up from local grocery store just make sure is really tight like go as tight as possible and wrap it around so even I made a waist trainer so this waist trainer I picked this one up from Amazon and I never wear with Draenei Phenom II for a long time but because I want to try this out so I bought this waist trainer and I try to invest some money on the good one I could review it one I'm gonna leave the one that I buy in the comment section below so yeah this one is highly this is

not a sponsored video I paid my money what they say anyway I'm gonna go one glass of water which is one cup of water and 2 TSP equivalent to two teaspoons of apple sarena apple cider black seed oil and music asada a and the a bit of paint of black pepper in the in the water and the black seed oil mix it thoroughly so you put in the black seed paper to activate the oil and you're gonna track this so I'm not talking in this video because my daughter's we're sleeping and so that's why I don't want to wake them up so I tried that and it was one of the most nastiest drink ever okay guys so I can't really talk loud because my kids are sleeping right now and it's really late around 10:45 p.m. and I'm supposed to do this for at least eight hours disgusting I hate blacks it tastes some supposed to this I'm I'm supposed to do this for eight hours so I already rocked my belly and yeah ready rock the wigs and B black seed oil so I'm gonna see what's gonna happen so currently you are supposed to lose at least three entries which is about two pounds overnight so they said two pounds overnight so we're gonna see if this works honestly like if this works two

pounds overnight so in the morning I showed you guys so we're gonna be saying if that drop if it dropped awesome if it doesn't drop I'm gonna be honest with you guys tell you guys these truths picnic truck yes I'm hoping this works and if this works I'm gonna continue for at least three days you know just to completely get my summer body back like yes oh yeah so yeah anyways I'm gonna make you guys know in the morning if it works and we can on Rob with this together hopefully I can stay because this is so tight everybody's like so squish okay guys good night okay guys so I'm gonna show you guys now I honestly don't know what it looks like so we're gonna be checking together yeah so this this is the waist trainer and oh my god I feel so good I'm sure gonna take this box as you can see okay guys okay guys there's a lot of difference in this it's not even like I'm kidding you guys yes there's like still wrongful scam I can't do pretty much nothing sit around listen yeah I see a lot of changes and this like I see a lot of changes it feels so this so like it's not like

it huge changes but this is way better than like just ordinary people like so good this is like nice so yeah of course this there's no harm in trying there's definitely no harm in trying there's a lot of changes and which is amazing you know it's it's great so yeah I'm gonna definitely try this again let's see from this side and this side [Music] so yeah okay guys so um yeah this honestly like there's no harm in trying and this is way better and paper well I'm not gonna say it's way bad I'm pay for it just better to use it with paper together so it's more active that way then using just ordinary paper so if that makes sense see you guys yeah so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and you know showing you guys everything and yeah if you do enjoy please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this so make sure you subscribe and follow me on my Instagram my blog Channel and yeah thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you guys in my next video bye guys it's the key [Music] original function dummy high grades if

anomaly girls them I come them I wanna mess it up but mind me I call me me I wanna take [Music]