22 July 2019

Stay positive, eat right, and finesse today👍👁️💯💸💪

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eyes and grind everybody good morning

you know what it is you know who it is it sure boy ftk phonetic Scott Casey good morning coming at you guys with a little Good Morning Post I'm feeling good I'm feeling happy I'm feeling successful this morning the clouds is out but the sun is shining you know what I mean and so I just want to spend a little bit of positivity with y'all today saying I hope that everybody having as but as good of a day that I'm having if you're having a bad day I hope you're having a better day but once you see this video I hope that you guys just turn this day around see those clouds that are far away back there yeah that's that's where we kind of be right there that sunshine is shining baby so yeah I just wanted to say there's a lot of things in life that can change your outcome of your circumstances around you if you're upset because you can't pay your rent if you've ever said because you're having a tough time at work if you're upset because you know you got yelled at by your boss this morning and there was nothing you can do about it or something along those lines if you're a sailor at all if you're frustrated if you're going

through a struggle if you're going through a hard time there are several different things that you can do to better yourself to make yourself feel better too improve and improve your mind and spirituality and what I mean by that is my hammer user says that people are like oh my god here we go with this saying but not ask if you can look for the positive sides in life the positive sides and life will look for you - you don't believe in that that's okay because at one point in time I did neither you think my life was always been good shit my life is the best now I mean it's good I'm a pusher but what I got you know I'm happy so excited but don't think that I was always just living the best life and when unfortunately part of that was due to my circumstance and part of that was due to my attitude kind of like how people always praise like people like jay-z and she comes from my real real nothing the fucking Sun crackling shit heroin and cocaine and love of his praise these dudes cuz they made it out but no they just never

gave up they knew what they had to do and they did it and you hear people say that all day long - no but for real my god for real my chick for real my my fam you know I mean the shit is real if you look to the positive sights in life the positive size and life will look for you and I say that because while I was even in a negative space and I was no cause back on jobs I wasn't eating no people out here lazy I was sitting at home all day basically just wasting my damn life away bro now I mean I'm not fucking rich live in a castle flying from Jekyll yeah but I will you know I mean and that's why I decided to make people YouTube videos because if anyone believes in me I believe in me if anyone believes in you you should believe in you before your wife believes in you before your husband believes you before your aunt or your uncle's or your mom or your dad or grandma or grandpa you are where it begins so if it doesn't begin with you how can you expect it to begin with something else that's why they say he's got to love yourself

before you can love anyone else because the food don't begin with you if you don't love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you I mean no offense but we're keeping it real here come on it's fgk talk this Lynette Scott KC chat baby so you got to learn that so something about this way that's if it's like that with love do you think it's gonna be like that one happiness if you know if you don't love yourself you expect others to come love you if you're not happy you expect others around you to make you even happier you'd expect life to return happiness stealing you're mad and sad and upset all the time especially don't make no goddamn sense you know why because positive plus positive makes positive and negative plus negative makes positive so what does that mean that's what you have to ask yourself what does that mean the positive plus positive makes makes a good outcome a negative plus negative makes a good outcome what does that mean good question that's enough to look within yourself I could tell you where I believe that means but some of you will believe in some of

you won't you have to learn to make up your mind for yourself and if you're not it needs to begin today right here right now starting with this video between me and you you've got this stop letting other people make up your mind for you make up your mind for yourself be the type of person to take charge with your life every day every minute of every hour take charge of your life be a boss be successful grind hard every day invest in stocks sell that house a part of that job go to that meeting go to that interview you got this you are greatness and once you believe that you are greatness you know what will happen other people around you will look at you guys greatness too ask me why because it starts with yourself come on people come on keep up I'm over here like ever since I've discovered that within myself I've never stopped I will never stop people look at me funny now because I'm like oh man I need to eat as much as I thought it I don't need to sleep as much as I thought I did don't that's what your body needs have you ever asked yourself what does my

mind have you guys ever stopped and asked yourself not what is my mind me where's my soul knee and you'll realize that it doesn't need that candy that coffee that me all this batch is that butter you don't need that that's what you need you'll start to realize that these things that you feel that oh I need this or oh I need that it's your body turn fool yourself you have to be mentally strong you have to be mentally strong and you have to be mentally strong everyday all the time and I know that it's harder for some people there's some people in my life that it's very hard for them to be mentally strong at least I'm not going to act like I'm mentally strongest person because I'm not a my very very mentally strong person yes am I the strongest no so even when it's tougher for you to do things like that you gotta learn within yourself how to start from somewhere it might be hard don't give yourself fight fight through it fight fight fight for yourself against yourself all right that's just a little bit of positivity coming at y'all this morning all right I

want to see everybody as happy as I am I want to see everybody trying to be as successful and as happy and as inspiring and just everything you got it go get it every day and I mean all we do over here is spread that peace love and positivity baby you know what I've been having a lot come back at me over the past few months since I've been living that life nothing but peace love and positivity baby all right y'all I'm on seems like all of a sudden now that we're having this talk these clouds is clearing beautiful out let's get it you see what I'm saying let's stay positive let's grind hard let's get this bag all right y'all it's your boy fgk finesse guy Casey tapping out on another video please like comment subscribe and I will see you all on the next one