22 July 2019

STARTING MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY | What I eat and my workout

Hey guys, I finally after having my son I have decided and started my weight loss journey! I have a a goal of losing 100 lbs ! So join me and be part of my journey ...

hi guys

[Music] hey guys welcome to the vlog first of all let's introduce ourselves show you just tell you what you should be expecting on this channel I'm basically trying to document my weight loss journey let me give you a quick history I've always been overweight then three years ago I managed to lose around 80 pounds but it didn't do it in a very healthy way I was just very stressed out and working way too much and I was living with a host family which kind of restricted me and I wasn't able to eat whatever I wanted because I was kind of ashamed you know and I'm an emotional eater and a stress eater so I would just I don't know go to sleep work some more instead of eating because I had people watching me all the time then I met my now husband I had a baby and he's in the back if you can hear him so yeah so I had seen and I'm sure a lot of you know this with pregnancy comes depression sometimes unfortunately I went through that I was just really stressed out all the time and I was crying like 4 to 5 times a day and eating like crazy sometimes I had my moments where I realized that wait like

I'm gaining so much weight and all the work that I've put in and all the weight that I've lost is coming right back on so let me try and do something about it and then something would happen that would trigger me and I would just fall right back into my bad habits a couple of weeks ago I had a health scare and it really really kind of slapped me in the face and I really said like no I I have to do this I have I really really have to get my edge together and I need to start losing the weight I need to get healthier if not for me then at least for the sake of my baby who is in the back so I started counting calories but I really didn't want to fall off this time so I tried to restrict myself again I didn't know how because obviously now I look you know in my own house and stuff so and I don't have my host family watching me basically which sounds a little pathetic but you know I'm just trying to be honest then I just decided to save up and you know Dad his personal trainer at my gym that's where I'm headed right now I'm training with Brandi today I already had think three sessions with her yet sessions with her all right we think we

gotta go because they'd starting to get really fed up with us just so that's when we had it right now after that we have a couple of things to do I'm really excited I really like her she's such a good person and she's a mom too so she knows what I'm going through last time she really kicked my butt that was really hard like the first two time it's like okay I can do this no problem it's good not just doing cardio you know we're doing weights I'm learning and then last time I was like okay I'm definitely gonna die all right talk to you later all right guys we just got out of the gym same was really upset that I left him at the childcare at this time I don't know like all the kids were crying so he was basically I don't know sympathy crying with them right now I just feel like I need her a little refresher so I'm at Starbucks getting a passion iced tea that's sweet just tea not the lemonade I tried the lemonade once I didn't like it I don't know why everyone likes we're gonna head straight home I think he's really tired

that's the little bit of a struggle of being a mom I was gonna go to Trader Joe's and get some groceries done I think I'm just gonna do it tomorrow or later today he's really fussy I wasn't able to record he was praying the whole time so I forgot his pacifier at home of course which is great so I just gave him some dental floss that he is playing that's the only thing I could find in this bar he's literally playing with that right now he can't even see that are you being bad baby alright guys so we just got home I'm making quesadillas I know the lighting here is not perfect let's do this before I make them I want to show you my little board over here you see it right here that's June I need to change that but um I started on a Wednesday you know the checkmarks are my base that I've fought through with my food and my gym and then the X's are the days where I messed up so yeah so as you see here I started a 280 and as with yesterday I'm at 270 1.2 actually this morning I weighed myself again I was at 270 point two so yeah this is keeping me you know just keeping me motivated when I see all the tick

marks and yes I'll up here I wrote down what if you don't give up this time because I've been starting and giving up and starting and giving up so many times so I didn't want to do this this time I really need to look into the lens and nothing that you find her that's really annoying I'm sorry Haney's over there watching be know Maya it's a German TV show I used to watch that when I was a little too and they still make new episodes that's really cute let me go make the lunch I'll show you what we're eating and see in a little bit right bye hey guys so I just finished making lunch and it looks like this it's a tortilla with chicken and tomato and spinach and a little bit of mozzarella cheese and I'm about to eat that now have my coldest weapon oh my water bottle right here and flame is right next to me and I'm trying to feed him trying to see if he will eat it by himself which do you want to try this no me no me he does not like it oh my god hey guys so it's the next day I'm really in a rush but I thought I'll take like two minutes to really quickly just start

this vlog I have to go to the gym to meet Brandi up I'm making protein pancakes real quick well one protein pancake real quick because I didn't have breakfast yet I was running around all morning I would have a couple of things today I'm gonna show you my pancake which is really good it's a protein pancake I put like eight dark chocolate chips in there and a little bit of blueberry like all the batter it's really good and I'm gonna eat that in the car which is not so great but you know you gotta keep it going keep it pushing when you're a mom you know you have to do 50 things at a time so that's what we're gonna be doing after that I'm gonna go I need to go grocery shopping we need a couple of things for a dinner and stuff but anyway let's get going I am already so late oh my god all right guys I'll show you my breakfast real quick I just put it in the Tupperware um that's the pancake I put some sugar-free syrup on here and I'm gonna go eat that in the car and my eat decoration is still up I need to still put that away but if you know how my days have been looking in the past

couple of weeks you would scream all right let's go [Music] into it alright you guys we gotta stop let me do a little food haul for you grocery haul alright let's start with the first thing I got these french milk rolls they're called most bleaching in Germany and I was so surprised to see them yeah Thank You Mona no that's enough thank you Dad yeah danke alright so we have that then we have these light baby bells that I like to have first snack and Zane likes to have the well I give him the original ones then we have some funds for burgers I realized that he likes eat burgers the other day I was eating um I made like a turkey burger and he really liked it he started just eating my food so some buns and then I have these turkey steaks they're basically like jerky but I like these more I kind of don't like jerky I don't know why we have some mushrooms and we have a couple of Greek yogurts for zany he really loves them you have some bananas some green onions that I'm gonna use for dinner today I'm gonna make it tortilla pizza just like take a tortilla put some tomato on it and I

know this is not a thing in America I feel like but I'm gonna put some tuna on it it's like in Germany this is like super normal I've never seen it here but in Germany is like such a normal thing to have like tuna on your pizza so I'm gonna have to nough and green onions and a little bit of mozzarella cheese it's gonna be so good you have some more yogurts we have some cucumbers I really like these small cucumbers I use like one what a whole one for my salad that's not smoked turkey breasts for sandwiches got some 4% fat beef or burgers and something I'm so excited about because I've never tried it organic cotton candy grapes I've never tried them before they say that they really actually taste like cotton candy I'm gonna make a taste test for you guys let me go wash all right we're back we're gonna try this one they actually do that's so crazy think I mean it's not like this artificial cotton candy taste obviously but it tastes really sweet and it's really good oh oh okay oh okay all right so we're gonna go put all these things in the fridge then I'm gonna start making some

dinner I'm so sorry I keep looking in the viewfinder I'm supposed to look into lens I'm sorry I'm gonna get better I promise hey guys I'm back for one second I just wanted to show you my dinner as I said it's a two tier low carb tortilla and some tuna green onions and some light mozzarella and some tomato sauce and it's really good like if you like tuna and you like pizza try it it's really good I know it's not very common in the States to make this kind of pizza but it's a really really good and I really really like it all right I'll see you later all right guys I just wanted to hop on real quick to say thank you for watching if you want to follow my weight-loss journey just subscribe to the channel and maybe like a video if you liked it you can also follow me on my social medias you'll find them in the description box and also here somewhere you'll find my Instagram today I'm so excited I'm right in front of the gym right now people are looking me it's very embarrassing but it's alright I have my cheat day today which I'm so excited about my husband

came back home today so he has sane right now which is like it's a relief I'm gonna just take some mommy time and just do my workout and just relax a little bit so I'm not gonna film my cheat day today I'm just gonna do a whole video on that by itself I just wanted to say thank you for watching and I'll see you next time I