11 March 2019

Starting My Weight Loss Journey || Before and After Pictures!

Hello everyone!! I am excited to continue to share my weight loss journey with you. Thanks for all the support in advance! follow my instagram: jaidensjourneyy.


you're welcome back I've always kind of been a like a chubby child growing up I just lived in a household where family loved to feed out of love and out of like I don't know it was just like we were well fed we ain't good it was just how it was growing up I was athletic I played all types of sports to play basketball cheerleading softball and my first actual sport was baseball our t-ball whatever you want to say I hit it off the little tee so yeah I started off with that look like a little baby Mexican huntin started here I'm I love to run I'm a very fast runner so I did a lot of that very tall growing up I was a toss of all my peers you know in middle school I was very hardcore into basketball I did travel ball for a blue thunder so I really enjoyed basketball and I had a lot of friends in basketball so during middle school there was an actual basketball team for the school and of course I had to try out because it was just something that I really enjoyed and loved doing and I was growing up a lot of family members like my cousin Vanessa did backs the ball at the same middle school so of course I

wanted to follow her footsteps and also join the team and I made it made a lot of friends um best decision of my life is playing basketball Fisher or injured person hey guys so obviously it's the next day that I did just a second ago so this part is basically why you guys clicked on the video was to see my weight loss journey and this is the reason why I started in high school I will insert some pictures of me when I look like in high school I want to say that I was big or overweight or anything but I just wasn't the skinniest and Eisley I didn't really like to wear like bikinis everywhere or post pictures of myself like half-naked or anything but I definitely didn't have a big problem with it I mean I played a lot of sports and I was always pretty much in shape and I don't know I like the way that I looked I was fine so not until after high school I was in college I went to my Community College right next to my high school and where I got my a a and um that's when I first started to notice that I was gaining weight I mean everyone says that you gain weight after high school and of course you do because you're not

constantly playing sports and you're not like constantly like just outlet about all the time in high spin college because it's just like you go to school and you kind of like doing your own thing meeting new people partying or I don't know so I just kind of got off the track I never even ate good in high school like in high school I was eating like whatever I wanted whenever as much as I wanted everything so I kind of just continued that pattern after high school and so it was just eating bad and not working out so I noticed myself gaining weight I gained weight mostly in my face first and like my back area I gained weight there first and then it started I tried to gain weight in my thighs and like my stomach area so yeah that's definitely um hard at first and like you don't really want to admit it that you're gaining weight so it kind of just I don't know you just you just continue basically what you're doing until it's like the last straw you know so I mean last year I moved out into my apartment and I was trying to lose some weight then and like eating

better cuz I like having my own kitchen and like I obviously had to feed myself so it was like that but then I was like on the go home because I was going to work I was going to school I was just constantly out and about so of course I had like II I don't know anything about meal prep I didn't know anything about like bringing my own food to like work and school and stuff so I eventually had to just eat out you know so I'm eating out eating like you know fast food because it was just cheap and it was like I'm in college so I don't have money for like going to Panera everyday and getting like a salad or just something like that you know I just I was always on the go so I would just eat pretty bad so then I would try to like go to the gym I'll go to the gym at my school and the gym and my apartment and everything so just like trying to go to the gym but still eating bags and people were right about the Freshman Fifteen freshmen 30 freshmen 50 I don't know whatever you guys had but it's true like you get out of high school and you're not as active and you're kind of just eating whatever you want have asthma so my asthma was just

getting worse my allergies was really bad it was hard for me to walk upstairs and just just doobs like daily activities like cleaning in like cooking and it's just like I shouldn't be like out of breath and like that out of shape for my age I'm only 23 years old and I shouldn't be like that that way so then my mental health started to get kind of worse we now in my parents house and having my own apartment having to pay bills having to feed myself it stuff like that it's just like very stressful I was just not happy like I just wasn't it just wasn't happy I so that's when I was like you know I really need to do this for myself I need to actually start going to the gym I need to start actually eating healthy nutrition foods for my body and just getting better as a person you know so it was just like the last straw just that last straw we were just sick of it you just it's just not even to look good anymore it's just to feel good that's what I want right now and when I first started December 26 is when I actually started my journey that is when I opened up my gym membership right after Christmas I opened up a gym membership and I started going into the

gym I went to the gym for like ten eleven days straight and then after that it was just consider I was just very consistent with going to the gym I'm just now starting to kneel prep I know it's only it's March and but I'm just learning as I go end of December when I started to go to the gym I was probably at my heaviest weight yeah and then the beginning of January it's kind of where I started to track everything so like January 1st I started to track my weight my everything I've lost like 20 pounds and from January 1st I've lost like 12 pounds so I have been trying my hardest it's been very very very difficult during this weight loss journey already I was losing weight left and right I've already felt better and like just like little thing just little things that you notice it really really helps it really helps your motivation to continue with the weight loss journey my mental health has gotten a lot better I'm still a little insecure about certain things but I feel like it's already kind of fading away I'm really excited and really really excited for this uniform I feel so amazing to be at

the place that I want to be I really am ready I'm just ready to be healthy and happy and you know just confident and who I am and who I want to be and just continue to thrive to be the best Jayden that I can be you know so if you guys want to continue to be on the journey with me go ahead and subscribe because I will be doing a lot a lot of workout and weight-loss videos I will link my Instagram right here it is my weight loss Instagram you guys can see more pictures before and after pictures I will be posting a lot of like a lot of pictures that you've seen right now in this video are kind of the pictures that I have posted on my Instagram so they're probably there might be duplicates but I will continue to post more pictures before and after pictures on my Instagram and I will obviously do more updates on my youtube channel so you guys would see the point after pictures on that as well and I'm excited to see what the future holds so thank you guys for watching and I guess I will see you next time don't forget to like this video and tell me what you guys want to see more if you

guys want to see anything or if you guys want to ask me any questions you guys can always dmem my Instagram or you can comment down below everything guys gonna do so thank you so much for watching and I love you guys so much [Applause] [Music] [Music]