10 June 2019

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yo yo yo what's up everybody welcome to

the Mike Dolce show today today God darn it today is the day you change your life today is the day there's no other day there's no better day than today tomorrow doesn't matter tomorrow's just an excuse for your procrastinating ass yesterday was a waste because it's gone so no need to think about yesterday the only thing that matters is today every single day I get people telling me how they're gonna start living better at some fictitious point in the future what about right now is what I say what about right now this very moment why don't you make a change right now and they're like oh because I gotta go get new running shoes I didn't go grocery shopping yet and they come up with all these BS excuses but today is the day right now is the only time that matters right now is the absolute best time to make a change nothing else matters and you are full of it you are full of it if you think that you're gonna start in the future if you talk about doing something in the future that is horse crap the only thing that matters right now sure in the future you might get better at it you might get more efficient at it you might get more organized with it you

might be more prepared to do it but right now is the time that matters if you want to lose weight start right now stop drinking the soda stop eating the crap food go for a walk right now not later not next week not on Monday not July first right now do you get the meaning of this conversation right now is the only thing that matters that's it that's it tomorrow is nothing yesterday is nothing later today is nothing right now is the only thing the only time that matters what you do right now friends is the only thing that matters I want you to start right now I want you to make that change right now right now you have made a change you have made the decision to live better to be better to improve every aspect of your life and it will continue to get better because right now 3 minutes into this conversation you've already decided to make a change you've already realized that what you've been doing isn't working you accept the fact that you have been procrastinating and making excuses all this time now is the time to change and you've already changed you've made that change and I'm extremely happy for you I'm excited for you I'm inspired by you but we need to

stay consistent consistency is key consistency is everything you want to chop down the biggest tree in the forest what are you gonna do you're gonna say hey I'm gonna do it tomorrow no you're gonna stand in front of that bagel bastard and you're gonna start swinging that axe and swinging that axe and swinging that axe and swinging that axe and that tree will come down and you'll get better at swinging the axe your placement I'll be better you're your thrusts will be better right you'll get better at it but you need to keep swinging the axe right now is the only thing the only time that matters and I know you can do it I know you will do it I know you want to do it I know you deserve to do it so the only thing left is to do it to do it now right now God darn it right now that's my message that's the only thing that matters is right now you do the best you can with what you have where you are that's it it will never be perfect it will never be perfect life will never be perfect the best opportunity will never arise therefore right now is the best opportunity right now is the best time to make the change to do what you

need to do to start moving forward and you will get better at it it will become easier will become more efficient your time will be better spent while doing it but you have to start right now you can't start later later is BS laters BS I don't want to hear later I don't want to hear tomorrow I don't want to hear tonight I want right now that's how you do it that's it right now I know you will do it I believe that you'll do it let me answer a few quick questions and then I'm out of here right now Tyson what's up Tyson so Cal said what's up Jason what's up coach good to see you yo yo yo Chris Kyle what's up Greg John's mister dole jam at 13 percent body fat trying to get down to 11 percent could I start using supplements like creatine gregory johns no creatine will not get you from 13 percent body fat to 11 percent body fat you need to lose 2% body fat 2% of total body mass actually is body fat and you want to lose that my strongest possible suggestion is go to the dulce diet.com right now and join our three weeks to shredded program either the four-week program or the 12-week program but go to the dulce DICOM and start this is a

targeted specific scientific tried-and-true battle-tested weight-loss program created for the world's greatest athletes competing in weight class dominated sports and ours is the only system with a 100% success rate over 20 years while working at the extreme the elite level the dulce diet come has the program I just started the program myself at 227 pounds of raw sexiness you can check out my Instagram today I just posted my before picture on Instagram 227 pounds this morning boom my Instagram picture and today is day 1 day 1 I don't have I just finished my snacks I posted that on my Instagram anyone who joins to Dolce DICOM between June 6th and June 16th immediately you'll be put to our private Facebook group also that I am leading so I'm telling you everything I'm doing every day cheer you want to do all that stuff but to answer your question Gregory Johns no it's nutrition nutrition nutrition nutrition nutrition nutrition get your nutrition on point if you want to lose that body fat Seth I woke up today and pissed excellence on track to reach my goals hell yes Seth that's what we're talking about Tyson

quick question I'm on week 5 of a torn quadric of ur II and I'm wondering how to get my heart rate up with limited leg movement number once into your doctor number to work with a physical therapist number 3 consider some sort of hand bikes those work extremely well maybe even rowers depending if you can strap into your seat without any quad interaction but listen to your doctor say ma would you what would you say is the best to do in this situation you finish work early you have any in for a few hours so no insulin and your blood do you list or eat and lift really depends on what your specific goals are I'm gonna try and get my list first thing in the morning I love that when you are truly fasted I'm gonna get my multiple meals and I'm gonna train in a Fed State later on in today boxing now getting back on track hell yeah my man wow what a surprise coach is live exactly I'm coming hard today Monday I'm feel great this is my day one of three weeks of shredded I feel awesome I am booming with energy and I wanted you guys put a face or an Instagram post up right now that's trying to motivate people to just set a

goal and engage and go stop talking about it start doing it do it make mistakes that's the best way to do it start right now make mistakes because you starting now in making mistakes is infinitely better than you trying to create the perfect program and waiting for the perfect time and having all these valuable moments pass you all these hours and days and weeks and months pass you pass you instead you should be doing it right now that's why I'm on here that's why I'm live today David was sub greedy Mike this is Patrick from the Facebook group Patrick what's up Patrick is a part of our private Facebook group for anyone who joined the online program at the Dolce DICOM you have been enrolled into a private Facebook group Patrick's on there I'm on there we have I think 30 or so people in there right now I assume we'll have about 50 people by the end of the day because the invites I think we've sent over 50 invites so far but we'll get a few more people rolled in there too probably by the end of the week I think we'll have a hundred or so or maybe more I want a small well as big

as it can be that's great but I want real people in there that's why only people who are following the program right now that's it we'll do another one next month that's fine but right now those who are in who are about it that's what I want to be dealing with Moe says his rage against the machine says what what better place than here what better time than now amen Christ I saw what's the reasoning for the vitamin C with water and three was just rated and the variation and amount for multiple reasons number one is to boost immunity at the end of a training camp usually immune is immune system is repressed number two it's a natural diuretic a water release or Elena been training fasted now for the past seven years started doing fasted walking for an hour in the morning and fed training for the last month and have gained weight and gone up in measurements why because you're finally feeding your muscle tissue that's why you're feeding your muscle tissue that's a beautiful thing if you looked in the mirror you're probably like wow I look amazing round and curvy and shapely and lean and strong and healthy that's the ideal way

to do it that sounds like you're doing great Elena keep me posted my man just want to say it is such a shame for me that I cannot follow you and some of these coaches with this three weeks of shredding ma'amed why not I don't understand why not why can't you of course you can of course you can why can't you Luke Butler what can I do about lower back problems you need to go to a doctor and get a medical diagnosis I cannot over speak my role I don't know what the exact issue is you need to go to a doctor get a medical diagnosis and then work with a physical therapist under the doctor's supervision that is the best thing to do Tyson thank you always appreciate the straightforwardness that's all I know how to do that's all I know how to do Matt Mon get hey Mike I messaged you several weeks back I was 40 pounds overweight I'm following your principles and I'm down 17 pounds on my way BAM Matt Monken almost halfway there already you make me extremely proud my friend keep it up crushing Matt Monken set a date he set a goal he set a plan in

action and looking him he's nearly halfway already to his goal that's what's up JZ how do you feel about dim the science really doesn't support it dim is in over the counter estrogen reduce or estrogen blocker correct I haven't really seen much on it Jason Montoya thanks for getting me hooked on a Dave Ramsey coach a life changer a man big fan of Dave Ramsey I'm Adam Gibson hey coach do you have any suggestions for quicker recovery after intense workouts thanks for everything you do making the world a better place and making more sexy people that's my number one goal I want to see sexy humans walk in this planet mmm i candy i candy everywhere that's what i want to see that's why I do what I do just so I can see good-looking people good-looking healthy fit positive energetic people walking the planet do you have any suggestions for a quicker recovery after intense workouts it's a lifestyle it's it's the 24 48 72 hours prior and post-workout that will impede or that will assist with recovery make sure you're sleeping 7 1/2 hours tonight make sure you're managing external

stress make sure you're eating a robust diet of Earth grow nutrients make sure you're training intelligently but intensely warming up cooling down and all that Paul hey coach how do I find the truth about carbs ah I tell you the truth about carbs carbs are good for you carbs are good go look at my Instagram photo today follow my journey go look at my I just posted a before photo of me at 227 pounds sure up everyone's like Dulce take the shirt off take the shirt off take your shirt off for money I will do that if you guys want a foot maybe then mow me some some dolla dolla bills y'all but really today's my before picture 227 pounds day 1 of 3 weeks 2 shredded this is me that's how I look ready to roll ready to roll so there you go carb carb fueled carb fueled carb fuel all the way and I'll get shredded eating carbs too the entire time Chris Kyle already on the 12-week program can I still join the private Facebook group thanks Mike Chris Kyle absolutely absolutely absolutely you can shoot us a message to support support at the Dolce DICOM you're already in the system and so it's members of the online system will be able to make sure that you're in the

system you're there not because it's being exclusionary it's a private group for those people who are currently in the diet currently going through the diet right now it's a support group for all of us who are in it doing the same things feeling the same things on that that's the whole point of it we have our recipe group that everybody is welcome the a diet recipe group on Facebook also everybody is in there feel free to jump in there that is wide open will approve you in to make sure you're not a bot or some sort of weirdo to the best that we can but the the three weeks the shredded June 2019 group is for only those people who are actually on the program right now Mahmud State judo champion is next week and I should compete in a higher weight class ma'amed crush it my friend go have fun execute baby and be a little nasty out there nasty but legal um sergeant Muay Thai fasted shadow technical work pad work bad work in the morning okay or is it better fed that's probably good it's not resist if you're training at a higher intensity level but that's your art I understand that I used to do that

also some of our athletes do that or that sounds good Gregg John's been doing list I feel great what's the best CBD cheap product I could use I'm still doing research on some CBDs right now I can't give any names yet cuz we need to do a little more research I'll let you know soon Alex hey Mike what's I keep hearing on internet statement1 glycogen reserves are spent before the body starts reaching out to fat reserves always at this order of sequence that's not necessarily true cuz the glycogen is reserved but glycogen doesn't get tapped into store glycogen stored in the muscle store deliver glycogen doesn't get expressed or or released as glucose until you hit a certain threshold you can maintain you can stay below that threshold with basic aerobic exercise that's why we like this when we're waking up we have lower than normal glycogen stores lower than fed glycogen stores but they're not zero that's why we keep our heart rate between 90 and 110 outs bribe these statements are true I find them contradictory they are contradictory most of these people are contradictory guys and gals thumbs up bang bang bang bang if you like this

content if you appreciate this content if you pre appreciate the passion the honesty the intensity the transparency of the things that I say my desire to help you each and every one of you change your life for the better if you appreciate this just give us a thumbs up I appreciate the thumbs up I see it it lets me know you're there it lets me know you care allegedly it lets YouTube know that you guys actually like this channel and some of the things that I'm saying so possibly they'll recommend us one of these days down the road I've already tried to clean up all my cuss words as I understand I was told that YouTube won't promote me because I cursed which feels a little odd because there's some other really creepy stuff out there that gets promoted all the time but whatever whatever whatever so I'm just trying to play the game and help people that's the goal so I appreciate the thumbs up Steve Trevino any discount code yes you can use discount code Dulce 10 Dulce 10 for those of you who want to go to the Dulce DICOM and join the four week or the 12 week online weight loss program

through extra shredded or the three weeks are shredded and living lien bundle promo code Dulce 10 you'll save 10% or right off the top bang you're in get going you'll get the email later on today I'm sure not long thereafter to be a member of the Facebook of the private Facebook group and we are doing it together we are doing it together aka hey Mike store your 3 was just ready to love it what a realistic weight loss goal for me to set for October under your program thank coach it depends on where you're starting I'm at 227 I said a 21 pound weight loss goal I want to lose 21 pounds in 21 days following three weeks astray that is realistic for me for my body mass I think that will be awesome I should look pretty darn good at that point too I don't look bad right now go check out my Instagram page and take a look and let me know what you think it's all relative we have some people who lose 8 12 15 pounds we have some people who lose 20 25 30 pounds on three weeks to shredded so it takes it depends where you're starting what your background is what your body mass is like but make it healthy it's healthy three weeks to shredded this is healthy

of a weight loss program as as ever been devised because it is focused on real food and three weeks to shredded so you know was designed for world-class combat athletes it's not just losing weight getting shredded and standing on stage so people could take photos of you know three weeks to shredded was designed for athletes to get as lean and light as possible and 24 hours later they had to fight at full pace for 15 to 25 minutes these are warriors three weeks to shredded could not sacrifice muscle tissue could not sacrifice house help nor could it sacrifice energy substrates that's what makes three weeks to shred it so special we understand how the body works we have the proven system the proven formula that is three weeks of shredded that is at the Dulce DICOM for those who care and again promo code Dulce 10 as stephen and asked and you'll save 10% on it coach any updates on the dulce way in the blueprint emails dulce way I had a conversation this morning that that's moving forward at a vest fast speed now we're through most of the legal you know a lot of legal stuff behind that just to make sure it's it's all on the up-and-up

FDA compliant not FDA approved because FDA does not approve supplements but at the same time we want to make sure it's completely compliant started with you Jay King Happ story of three weeks shredded with you today BAM King Happ I saw that I saw that I actually I personally approved the group pumped to get into summer shape and started at 4:00 a.m. with list this morning bang I'm pumped up man I know you you've crushed those goals in the past I can't wait to see make sure you take your before pictures by the way guys and gals what do you think of David Goggins he lost 100 pounds in 3 months surely this is unhealthy you know I got it I like some of Goggins stuff I don't know about his weight loss I didn't follow that very much I lost 112 pounds myself I was 282 pounds at one point I went all the way down to 169 169 pounds I'd like to learn a little bit more about Goggins enlighted true secret how about a video on how to gain weight and muscle that is our squats and steak program which is coming soon guys and gals it is time for me to go I'm gonna go in and destroy a workout and I will be back after that so I appreciate you go check out our

Instagram page again check out the Dolce icon for those of you who want to start your own weight loss journey dose is on day four of three weeks of shredded BAM make sure you take this before pictures Joseph every seven days take a new picture keep it for yourself you don't have to share maybe you want to when you're done but definitely keep it up alright guys and gals until next time boom