27 June 2011

Sprouted Mung Bhel - Healthy Chaat Recipe Indian Recipe

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hi welcome to show me the curry calm I'm

hippo I'm anuja and today we're making sprouted peel very healthy peel yeah I like it growling I'm so ready to eat ready for lunch perfect healthy lunch okay so what we're doing is we're using moon whole green moon that we've sprouted and we do have a video about how to sprout but just a quick recap what you do is you soak your whole moon for at least about six to eight hours or overnight and then you drain out all the water and put it in a and a pan or whatever you have a little container and wet a paper towel and just place it on there and keep it inside your oven the oven doesn't need to be on or anything but just like in a dark place keep it for about two days and this is what you get look at these nice beautiful sprouts coming out and then in between keep checking on your paper towel they should keep it just kind of looking a little dry just resistant water on it you wanted to have the moisture right so that part is ready mm-hmm and it's a very easy recipe perfect lunch you know and healthy keep getting people asking us about healthy lunches

so here's a great one and no cooking involved I love that and I'm just going to chop some onions finely chop again optional some cilantro you got some lemon we just get that ready and we have some finely chopped green chilies and we have a tomato that we've chopped now all of these things of course are to taste you can omit some things you can add some things absolutely fine making a chart so anything goes yes and you know bail is so yummy it's such a great thing but it it doesn't hold up very long it's it's fried so with a little bit of chutney in it you better eat it fast otherwise it's all a big soggy mess so this is like perfect for picnics for lunches it holds up so well you can make it for the whole week and keep it and keep having it everyday just love the versatility and the health factor of this particular dish so this is how much moon we got from one cup we we had one cup of dry moon soaked and it makes quite a bit so very economical right and to this we're going to start adding things now here's the onions cilantro got tomatoes and green chilies and a little bit of lemon or lime juice and

here we have some green chutney and this can be coriander chutney it can be mint chutney it can be a combination of both we've got several recipes on the website you can pick your favorite one and any one will work this is to taste and the same thing for tamarind sweet chutney we have a recipe for this as well a little bit of salt well do yeah be careful because your Japanese do have salt in them and you don't want to over salt it because either if you're going to keep it for a longer time that the onions and tomatoes will let water go so if you're going to be keeping it for a long time we suggest don't put the salt in right now just put it as and when you need it right and finally we have chat masala this is of course also to taste and my favorite you can have chocolate out chaat masala now that doesn't make sense and it'll just mix it it's such a fresh looking dish and the sprouts are just amazing a lot of people are used to eating sprouts fully cooked and this is just a different way to have them and more nutritious way to have them actually if you're opposed to having them gorgeous saute them on the stovetop just you know with just a teaspoon of

oil just so that you feel mentally feel better right though technically you can have it like this it looks good you should also be able to steam them I would guess right oh yeah and while I it's ready finally we'll just put some now this is optional but if you want it super healthy you can leave it out but this does the little save on top gives such a great crunch to the dish it's a healthy snack it's a filling snack it's a delicious snack so can't go wrong with this absolutely just love it so enjoy this really yummy and healthy sprouted moong bill and join us again on another episode of show me the curry calm adding a pinch of spice to your life