23 March 2019

Spring Cleaning for Healthy Living - how to heal your SOUL

This series is all about Spring Cleaning for healthy living. In this video we'll specifically tackle how to heal your soul by utilizing the scale of consciousness.


hey there so today's topic is cleaning the cobwebs from your soul this is our final topic six out of the six that we're covering in the free mini-course spring cleaning for your body mind and soul so soul how are you gonna clean up your soul well I gotta tell you there's probably a lot of ways to go about it but I came up with one specific way that's so like on target I think you're really gonna like it and I am gonna let former me take it from here so as we dive into this I just want to say I am fully aware that there are tons of ways to clean out your soul and I'm not claiming to know the number one awesome way to clean the cobwebs out of your out of your being but I do have not only a really awesome way to look at this and get this done but it's also super simple you'll be able to get your mind around it but we're gonna start off with a concept that might or might not seem a little airy-fairy to you so bear with me I'm not really an airy-fairy person but I do strongly believe this because it's based on science so what am I talking about okay let's get down to it we are made of

energy so that's what I'm talking about we are energetic beings and we're all by Bray ting that's that's what your cells are doing if you took like a high-powered microscope and you looked at your hand you would see it's not just a hand it's it's molecules moving around you're never you're never stagnant you you know you're always in some sort of movement shifting because that's what energy is and that's what you are so as we are beings of energy we're all vibrating and we vibrate at different frequencies so some of us may be vibrating down here and some people are vibrating up here and you know what you walk into a room with and somebody's in there and before they even say anything to you you feel like somebody popped your balloon right and they're vibrating down here and their energy is affecting you however when you walk into a room and the person is like just exuding their happiness you feel immediately lifted up by being in their space and you may not even know why but you want to be around that person right so you want to be around this person you don't want to be around that person so we're gonna sprinkling our souls and

bring us more towards this person being you know this person and who we want to be attracting people that we want to attract to us to us make sense okay I hope so moving on so I've come up with four simple ways to raise your vibration to go from here to here but first I want to talk about dr. David Hawkins so who is dr. David Hawkins go ahead and google him up right now he created an emotional scale of consciousness so what you're picturing down here the lowest you can go is a 20 so it's easier to get it when you have it numbered out so thank you dr. Hawkins so 20 is way down here and then you can go all the way up to a thousand pretty cool right so 20 is wallowing kind of in shame and 30 is guilt so we move up from there shame guilt so on and so forth and then all the way up to a thousand between 700 and 1,000 is enlightenment so not a lot of us are hanging out between 700 and 1,000 maybe the Dalai Lama good for him right so but 500 is love so it makes sense to bring ourselves up aim for at least 500 and then you know you can build on that as you like and but basically that's what we're working with with that scale and how to how to bring

yourself up from that 20 now what would shame be what would that lowest thing be so you did something that you're not proud of whatever it is it doesn't have to be like you killed your neighbor's dog it could you can feel shame from not sticking to a diet that you said you were going to stick to it could be could be anything that makes you feel guilty or shameful it just sucks the energy right out of you plops you down there that's not really a fun place to hang out so how do you bring yourself up well the first thing my first step out of the four steps that I mentioned is to realize to understand that you are not your emotions it sounds like a simple concept right but most of us are identifying with our emotions or you know we get caught up in it it's like a lot so terrible or although I did this amazing thing and you know it doesn't matter what way the emotions are going it's fine actually to feel either one it's okay to be sad as long as you don't as long as you understand that you are not sadness it's great to be happy as long as you realize that you know it's not it's not who you are I know that sounds

weird right so for the sake of time I'm just gonna redirect you to Eckhart Tolle e's book the power of now which really helped me understand this concept and sort of develop what he calls the watcher where you can step back and sort of watch yourself instead of getting all caught up in in the mess and often it is a mess you know and you can step back and be like okay you know what I'm feeling pretty bad about that noted or okay this has been an awesome experience and I'm really enjoying this you know and I'm happy noted you know so like I said either way whichever way it's going you don't need to identify with it it's not who you are so that was a really hard concept for me to get so just bear with me and if you want to dive deeper into that it has made all the difference in my life otherwise well I'd be way more of a mess than I already a.m. so that's you're feeling like a hotness grab that book the power of now by Eckhart Tolle so the second step is to give yourself a wallowing time limit so what do I mean by that when you're almost stuck in the muck and you're feeling like crap and everything is horrible and you're way

down there hanging out in that twenty and thirty and anger is down there too like it's just a kind of a mess give yourself a time women on it go ahead and feel it's okay to feel bad well I don't know why there's so much pressure to be positive all the time you know just icky knowledge like I said before that you are not your emotions and just feel it feel whatever you're feeling and let it go or right on by on its way so give yourself a time limit on it though so sometimes I'll give myself 24 hours if it's like something real bad all right so I'm gonna give myself 24 hours to feel bad about not following through on something getting my account into overdraft for stupid reasons something like that right 24 hours and then moving on you know it doesn't have to be 24 hours you can have five days if you want to feel terrible for five days you can have five hours you can have five minutes whatever personalize it to your specific needs but don't let it just drag on and on and on give it a time limit commit to that time limit and usually when you do that when you put it out there ahead of time like okay I can

feel like crap for the next five hours set a timer and then you've told that to your subconscious your subconscious is going to pay attention and when that timer goes off you'll be like yep I'm done so step number three so you want to be consciously aware of where you are currently at on that scale of consciousness so again check out the PDF so you can get the whole scale you can also just google it up dr. David Hawkins emotional scale and recognize where you are at on your scale are you down there hanging out in shame and guilt are you somewhere over here and anger have you moved up to pride what about courage joy love where are you on the scale right now so recognize that and then recognize and understand where you want to go from there so know where you're at and know where you want to go I will give you a suggestion if you are in shame I don't recommend aiming for enlightenment that's a big gap and you're likely to be disappointed but if you're hanging out down here and shame you can move up to guilt and then once you move up to guilt you can take a step up towards anger can be angry it always

feels better than feeling guilty right I'm angry at those stupid potato chips that ruined my diet whatever it's a move in the right direction and then you know so wherever you are basically what I'm trying to say is that you just take it one step up so take it take it in small increments so just from one step to the next but know what that is on the scale for you and then step number four is know how you're gonna get there so it's easy to say all right I'm gonna take it up to the next level and then be like what do I do now so when it comes down to it when you're on the spot it's kind of hard to have the presence of mind to know what will make you happy what will bring you up to that next level so what I suggest is making a list right now of at least 10 things that you know that make you happy so like 10 and you can make more go ahead but minimum 10 what 10 thing make you happy what about buying yourself fresh flowers does that make you happy certain music a certain Pandora station or you know a Spotify playlist does that make you happy hanging out with a certain friend call her up if it makes

you happy make sure it's something healthy though if drinking a bottle wine makes you happy you know that that's not really great for your body so come up with something else something healthy that makes you happy so maybe a specific class at the gym if that makes you happy what about I don't know essential oils something like that taking a nap if it's not excessive something healthy though hopefully this you know my idea sparked off some ideas for you I'll put a whole bunch more in that free PDF so oh and that link is for a hair get if you want to go check it out right now but a whole bunch more ideas that you can use towards your own happy list so don't know what's happening to my voice the weather is nuts anyway so make that happy list and then use something on that list to pull you up to the next level so do this all do all of this super focused super aware of what you're doing like I feel like crap where am i hanging out on the scale let me figure out how to take it up to this point right here and let me pick something on my happy list that I know will pull me up to that next level right cool so just

one more quick point before we end here just know that life is a balancing act and it's meant to be a journey so if you get to enlightenment don't expect to hang out there forever we're always going to be like doo doo on that scale we're gonna be all over the place all the time and it's just a matter of balancing it out using life's simple pleasures to lift us up to the next level but things will always happen to bring you back down just to know how to lift yourself up make it a practice because you're never gonna get there there's no there there's no end spot you know it's always gonna be back and forth it's always gonna be a journey so just know how to more gracefully and smoothly move through that journey for yourself and do what works for you so that concludes our six weeks spring cleaning series so we have gone through body we have gone through spring cleaning your mind and now we've finished with spring cleaning your soul I hope you feel wonderful and that you've really enjoyed this you can let me know over in the tribe how it's going for you so that's at Miranda

Matthew send.com forward slash tribe that's where to find me I'm always hanging out there it's my free community of awesome amazing women yes you are awesome and amazing all of you inspire me so I appreciate you so tell me how it's going over there so former me pretty much nailed that one don't you think I am just going to leave you with one more thought before we close this out if you have watched all 6 of these videos and you've taken in some information but maybe you can't remember everything or you're having a hard time in menteng or even if you took notes maybe you can't read your own handwriting who knows that happens right it's a thing so I have got you covered I created an extension to this mini course which goes into everything that I covered in all six videos plus takes it to the next level with extra information implementation tips and other resources anything you can want for just seven bucks so here's the link if you want to take it to the next level and I will be checking back in with you in your inbox if you signed up for the full mini course if you didn't that link

is below - it's just Miranda Mathewson comm forward slash spring and you can sign up again and take it again or you know start fresh if you're just stumbling into this this video first so I'm gonna leave you with that for today and I will see you in your inbox in the next few days bye for now great job you've finished all six topics of the spring cleaning mini course now if you want to implement these and put them into action I have all the steps everything from the videos plus more in the extension of this course over at Miranda Mathewson comm forward slash extra spring woohoo