10 June 2019

Sports nutrition, how to choose?

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what's up guys this is - beer G fitness coaching nutrition specialist I'm back of a new video and today I wanted to talk about sports nutrition the supplements so guys it's 2:19 and the sports nutrition industry is growing as well as any other and we are offered more and more products different kinds of products different kinds of purposes of these supplements better recovery better sleep better and dreams better focus and concentration and we have so many - so many things to choose from and well let's be honest none of us has unlimited buy budgets for sports nutrition as always they have to be very precise and we have to know what and why I was buying these products right so what I wanted to I wanted to give you my experience what I've come up years of years of practice and and of testing what I found that works for me best maybe it will work for you best or at least you will get an idea of how to choose something out of that huge amount of products that are offered to us so guys first I want first of all I want to talk about stuff that's on my table so these are the supplements that I use all year round absolutely all year round I

use this product there are no breaks by the way see Omega 3 fish oil vitamins and minerals and green superfood blends different kinds of plants of vegetables and fruits these are the things that I constantly use that there is another thing that's not on my table is glutamine that I actually use all year round and I and just you see all of these products their sole purpose is my health and my well not my fitness goals and not and not directly linked to workouts or sports so that's that to my opinion after years of trials and everything that I've used I come up to an understanding that this is and I think that everybody comes to this after some time health is the most important thing and the money that you spend on supplements should be directed primarily on your for your health balance now okay now but now let's let's just run down so the main main categories of supplements and let's just give it a couple of words are they worth your attention either worth your money do you need them or you will don't so first of all let's talk about we ride we ride guys yeah so we're prodding what is whey protein

it's protein okay we wheat food right we get product this is the part of emphasis about all the supplements they are supplements and they are not the base of your diet and not the base of your nutrition and your nutrition should come from food and these things there are just an addition and 0.01% of of something to do to be added to your diet to give you some kind of a an advantage of benefit right the same thing goes with a product with pride and everything is good by the way prior name thereof there are lots of quality with pride and powders out there and and again if you have if you don't need enough pride and you feel you don't get enough of quality protein or you have like last windows off for when you're not don't eat in a day sure why not get a protein shake I mean it's it's kind of percent better than any other like sweet candy or anything that you can find on on on on the run you know I definitely know nothing bad about that but again it's not the base of your diet and the the prodding of that you in take daily should not come primarily from whip writing it should come from food

although this it is kind of a food right the same goes for for weight gainers weight gainers the same thing carbon harvest you can get carb or house everywhere look at the grocery store the fruits Deepti the pastry goods the I mean every everywhere there are flows of carbohydrates what do you need to buy powder to form of carbohydrates there are full every but I don't see any problem and getting the right amount of carbohydrates I see a problem of controlling the amount of caramel harness we take you know what I mean so I don't see any any any medium weight dinners to let us about create him and there's not much talk about creatine it's been tested it's been here for ages there is absolutely no doubt that it works and everybody should depending on your own your goals you should use create him and does not much talk about that let's talk about free let's talk about let's talk of BCAAs pcs at the backbone of sports nutrition really basically bad almost positive lately and I will be see is practically and most of my during most of my workouts but when it comes to the understanding do we really need BCS when

when you come to our budget and we choose what we were to buy or not buy I would really recommend you to go for the things that are more important to your health than say BCAAs because well let's be honest BCS and the benefits are are are directed to particular situations that when you are now when you don't even a protein when you don't have the right amount of amino acids in your blood that particular moment in time during training maybe but it's all done in a theoretical level I don't think that a proper properly dieting person who gets a dragon amount of protein in a day has any problem of getting the necessary amino acids so just the point to consider here BCS I don't feel that BCS are the essential thing and I use BCS every workout so just think about it a bit and let's go to the other couple of groups that I really wanted to talk about it's pre workouts and the fat burners let's keep it to these groups right categories pre workouts now pre workouts epic are considered to be unnecessary and a lot a lot of times and especially rookie and not they're not very often visitors of gym rarely use

pre workouts and that's and to my opinion I'm pure customer you sitting there and underrated why because let's be honest guys workouts are not not the purpose of our lives we work we have families we have issues that we have to deal with daily and welcome to the gym when we have that time when an hour hour and a half or two hours when you come to the gym we want we should actually work out at the top of our energy level at that particular moment I see this constantly guys coming to the gym yawning rubbing their noses rubbing their eyes just go walking around thinking what the hell should they do out there and that that's the purpose of pre workouts when you hit that one scoop of pre workout and you get your get your as wounded up or you get your energy levels and your focus on when you come to the gym you know what did you come therefore you know what you have to do when you do it and you work and you and you get the job done you get the workout in the necessary you burn the calories and get again pump your muscles you know and you you do your job and without pre-workout yes of course

there you can't do it without it but guys for a lot of us we will will struggle with focus or focus in the gym which believe me if you're not driven by a particular goal you will struggle with with your concentration and with your workout intensity definitely I would I would link fat burn this very closely to pre workouts because basically fat burners are kind of energetical elements that like fuel you through the day lot not just particularly a workout but fuel you for a longer period of time there's not much talk about actually fat burners yes they sort of like boost about your metabolism but put it to quota to the main points of emphasis fat burners will have tremendously significant effect on actual fat loss very significant and I don't feel that fat burner should be considered because again they they have very little effect on my fat loss barely very significant effect and they cost a lot of money they actually cost a lot of money if you say even when I told you to consider do you need BCAAs pieces don't cost that much but fat burners do and to my opinion that they are not worth it as well as test boosters nineteen nine for nine percent of test boosters ain't

gonna do they aren't gonna do they maybe they can boost your libido a bit but to the actual destruction levels forget about it forget about it good sleep proper dieting proper rest control stress control that's what that's what raises your natural testosterone not trouble us or anything like that guys so choose your supplements the message of today choose your supplements wisely because this is this it's so easy to just spend a lot of money and not get a lot of effect and via this dissatisfied you just spend your money on nothing so study and learn a bit about supplements over two highly recommended if you are using them constantly you have to know what you're using and why you do that guys so this was far as DFG thanks for watching please give me a thumbs up guys to track to my channel it will mean a lot to me that will encourage you to do more and more with the video to give you more and more information my person from a personal experience and what I want what I know guys so again thank you for watching and see you next time guys