10 October 2019

Spinksy's 6 Week Weight Loss Journey • Week One

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hey guys Springs here and today is week one of my six weeks weight loss now I'm only doing this simply because I'm chubby now before getting away and I just have to make you all aware that under no circumstances am I trying to preach it to any of you about nutrition and exercising lifestyle all of that sort of rubbish this is simply a normal vlog just about my journey on my weight loss I'm sure I'm quite similar to a lot of you people out there I've gone up and down up and down for any years with your way not being being consistent I can lose weight and I can keep there I just can't be asked let's be honest a lot of those really like to pick out become eaters we call advice excuse I just have no self-control what belly belly it's like a bottomless pit I can just if he didn't eat in a knee in the knee and then even even even eeny Meeny I don't feel full everyone lies to come home and just pick out and I've been doing that for the last few years and I've put on quite a bit ship again now the reason why Bullington decided to do this is simply because David Ayer tried to fit in some jeans

[Music] yeah you know he's advert CCM spin a while a case into actually saw it there's other lady inches like on some jeans on it was like it was an advert for all other weight loss people she's putting them on a deal yeah that's what that's gone what I look like so because of that I've decided now I'm too tight to go out and buy more clothes I mean that's just this loosing weight so what I'm doing is is basically we've started this journey Oh the 30th of September and on that morning I weighed myself for seven o'clock in the morning in just a pair of boxes Moo nothing in my belly literally just got up had a shower come down and weighed myself so what I'm going to do is at the end of each week every Sunday morning I'm going to do the same just as a little progress fingers will go along to be honest I'm not really too fussed about the actual weight what we're looking for here from the self is how I feel and how my clothes feel on me how well they fit because they have all the same they ain't going to change and how shrunken quite a few times in life so we're going through basically how my

clothes fit on me how many more notches up I'm gonna go I'm about and also I'm gonna do I'm going way out of my comfort zone here and I'm gonna do a video showing basically what my current body state is that front back side spits you don't really want to see in me and I don't really want to show you but I'm gonna do it anyway if you currently watching and haven't already subscribed please do so down below and then also make sure you hit the notification bow you don't want to miss me making a mother on the staff and idea let's get it away today is Monday the 30th of September the first day for 6 week weight loss journey and let's do our initial Wayne I'm currently sacked at 15.10 Stein which version is just under a hundred kilograms well it it literally was one hundred and one hundred point one but some reason when ivory-white myself on Koenig Rams it's gone to 99.9 so I take that so as weeks go on I'll show you little bit small so saying right next week I'm gonna do a bit nutrition of what would change you know some weeks I'm going to do a bit of exercise of stuff is just

gonna be funny beats on the Bob's route I don't really know I just feel like sharing the experience I'm not going to pay to go in any gym I'm not going to do anything like that for six weeks I'm literally going to do it on diet and free weights and little exercises alone simply because that's what I've really done in the past and it's worked I've lost I think the maximum one weighed was 18 stone and the most I've lost is for ya Dana him was a big tub of joy we 18 stone down 14 that's the most I've ever done my aim was to get around about 14 sort of mark this time that's what we're planning if you don't like it tough you getting six week of this six week to live here a fuck-boy okay well you know give that yeah it's again six weeks meet now as a beats go on I'm gonna explain a little bit more in detail to you guys what we're gonna be doing this anyway now I'm gonna have my comfort zone and we're gonna show you exactly what we couldn't me look like [Music] let's get naked so this is a bit I was dreading I'm not actually happy filming

this bit it's taken a lot of courage because I'm not a body confident person even though I'm studying just boxes saying this to a lens with my beautiful fiance behind it in my living room but anyway hopefully this site doesn't frighten you away from our YouTube channel and burn your eyes out of their sockets because hey I am a man so apparently this this is the whole thing that's in a trend down people find attractive being a dad but you know I'm a dad to daughters but that but no anyway so as you can see I'm just a normal fat airy guy just like a lot of you so but hey seeing us we're all the same bull just average people what's the harm in showing and sharing it so anyway here's am doing it so I'm not doing it like everybody else I'm doing it a little bit different because I don't really know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm doing it's my horrible sight so without that anymore waffleh waffleh waffleh waffleh waffleh waffleh here's my fat rolls so as you can see this is made normal as it is from start of week 1 my personal journey for the next six weeks here is out before shop

sorry just a little bit on their bottom or side got our arms up and I'm a sort of trying to tend to put where you got nothing there then we going from the side where our arms up and I was right down well I'm a little bit in the back of booty shop couple of angles going on there and we teach you bomb I've got our arms up and that tent and so I back down I really still don't know dude I'll do another one from the side a sexy side mmm no probably just looks worse ending it so anyway so then we got it from the other side not that you can really see much more difference you know this is just this is just anyway sorry yes my upper body so I never down on to the legs now is by fires and by fronts and coughs this is the bit that would be even more uncomfortable about we've got this from a big fat hairy body being out for someone that's $20 and I have got an absolutely horrible amount of varicose veins now here's our lower body shots I don't really know I'm doing four even poses you know so there's front sorry on tippy-toes back even more booty in tippy-toes oh I think us me it gives me

joints and a bit of a oh so that's our complete before shot off my body if you don't like what you've seen tough you can't unsee it now haha and well that's what the after pictures are a lot better to look at Hey anyway so let's go and put some clothes back on and talk to you lovely people some more well hopefully I haven't scared most you guys out there for life with my shot in hairy man barred that bond that buds are in a family here and it I'm just a fat hairy bloke that happens to be a dad doesn't mean I've got a dad bod and doesn't mean it's a sexy dad but just me some fat hairy anyway before I get boned up hopefully I didn't scare you too much and Brenda wants to come say hello it's gone to go get it toy come on leave it his favorite toy you can get one get it alright hopefully on some bed seat for my Wayne's a good way so you know I could have gained more fat because I was so about any further ado we'll end there and hopefully next week will be a little bit more positive hopefully it's only week one let's see how we go for the rest of it so thank you for watching please don't forget comment down below give us a thumbs up

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