30 April 2019

Special occasions speech- informative on living a healthy

being healthy should be a main focus in

everyone's life I'm sure you've all wanted to be healthy at some some point in your life and maybe just improve on your health there are many ways and reasons why a person should improve their health and make it a main point in their life an unhealthy lifestyle physically will can lead to obesity and obesity also leads to many other illnesses like a stroke a heart attack diabetes and diabetes leads to hypertension and other many many different diseases illnesses um also an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity as well can lead to joint issues especially in your knees the more weight you have pushing down you and the more excess weight will just put more pressure on those joints and then back issues back issues can sprout from having extra body weight and the reason for that is a more ventral body fat the more the more weight on your stomach pulls down on you and your body's not meant to have that weight on your stomach mentally leaving leaving an unhealthy life can lead to a lot of things for one thing your self-confidence your self-image will be not as good if you are unhealthy there are some exceptions where people

like to like the way they look when they're unhealthy but for the majority of people your self-image will be not as good living living unhealthy can also lead to depression anxiety depression a lot of people who get the obese especially severely obese people will stay inside not go out because they don't want people to be seen or seeing them the ways in that shape anxiety could sprout from it because they're just anxious about what everybody thinks now that you know a little bit about the negative effects of being unhealthy I can tell you a little bit about the positives of being healthy physically you have a fit body your so you just you don't have any problem with your joints everything is just easier when you're healthy you don't you don't you don't have to start huffing and puffing when you go up the stairs all this stuff um and you just have overall less pain your back won't hurt your knees won't everything will just be better and mentally you'll have a better self-image and a better self-image will lead to so many other things just like like a depression anxiety will go away because you don't have to worry about what other

people think because you're happy with yourself you'll have more energy in that in that sense where you be mentally ready you don't have to you just don't have to think about so much other stuff and then there's less mental diseases obviously with like depression anxiety things like that now they know the positives and negatives about living a healthy or unhealthy um I can tell you a little bit on how to live a healthy life so being physically active there is resistance training which would be lifting weights or maybe using bands stuff like that just to build that muscle and muscle actually burns fat and cardio cardio is just running or me just going outside being outside and getting getting active like you throw like a ball around or you can you can just do other things walk your dog stuff like that um and then just getting outside and getting the fresh air getting that vitamin D getting all the things you need being outside it'll lead to other things like less some less depression and stuff because you're not cooped up inside and then diet diet is another easy way to improve your health just eating healthy there eating the right

things up in your protein not eating somebody fatty like I like processed foods not so much sodium carbs and fats are also good things but in moderation fats are good too because they they give you the most calories per thing so that's the most energy per gram or milligram whatever you'd like to say and then frequent the your meals you don't need to eat as much if you eat those caloric density lows at the right times so you won't have to snack as much but a snack isn't bad as long as it's a healthy one and then meal prepping meal prepping helps you eat healthier because the healthy food is right there in front of you and you don't have to it'll be just as quick as going to like a fast food restaurant being active and leading a healthy life at the right times in anyone's life it can help anyone there are many many ways to improve your health and being healthy and many positives to it I hope after listening to this you can maybe improve your life in some way and leading a healthy healthy life can is one of the easiest way ways to improve your life overall