16 June 2019

Snickers Protein Shake + Healthy Sweet Snacking ~ HOW TO SATISFY SWEET CRAVINGS

Even before becoming pregnant, I've always had THE BIGGEST sweet tooth. Lately this has been amplified just a bit (I think bub has inherited my sweet tooth ...


good morning and welcome back to my channel or more specifically it welcome to my kitchen today I wanted to chat you guys about sweet cravings so for me this has been intense since becoming pregnant but even before becoming pregnant I have a pretty big sweet tooth and I do love you know all things like capes and cookie when you're trying to eat a you know paleo based grain-free sugar-free not processed diet can be a little bit of a challenge so I've had to get really creative these last couple of months because like I said all I want is sugar and I know I don't want actual refined sugar because I did have a little bit particularly during my first trimester stuff it made me feel really sick and just not good it break my skin out so these are basically the things I've been having to kind of hit that sweet spot satisfy my craving and still feel really good first thing that I've been having is protein shakes now normally when I have protein shakes I'm all about like a fruity protein shake or healthy protein shakes no longer so I have been absolutely smashed the lean protein in the salted caramel flavor bite repite

along with there cacao powder to make a Snickers protein shaker so it tastes like Snickers but it tastes delicious definitely it's chocolatey and peanut buttery it's caramely the best movie I like mine really like slushy texture so I can put a lot of ice but obviously just put as much to make the consistency of your choice you also want to put in some banana I create phrase Lebanon it because it makes them last longer as soon as they start going brown and they look like they're best off I freeze them so I always thought phrasing bananas on hand I don't need to worry about running out it's ok cheaper than buying frozen bananas I'm gonna go one big Hopf banana and then chopping up with a nut milk so I'm using almond milk it's easily my favorite I really like this one because it only has four ingredients and I'm just kind of chopping that to cover cover that's how we go in we have to be protein so I'm using the lean protein in the source of caramel flavor I think this one works really well in this movie because caramel Snickers like yes but I have tried it with their vanilla lean protein it does work with the vanilla is what I'm doing one hate tables that like

a cow powder so that chocolatey hi it's gonna do like one level he's made it back we're also going to go in with some things so this is going to add a little bit more caramel so it a small handful these are just dried dates the module takes do you go down a lot better but they're expensive and I eat a lot of these smoothies so the dried dates do it find obviously it's going to have peanut butter in it because what is because without enough so I really like this brand they've got a five-star health rating which is pretty good and the ingredients are roasted peanuts and safe salt sorry there's no attitudes doesn't preserve it is there's nothing in there that there shouldn't be and I get this in the smooth because it is basically just the best for me one pretty big teaspoon plops in nice and easy and it yeah great for baking the great facilities is all around when I really have peanut butter last ingredient is I crack up sea salt so it's just give that salted caramel flavor which I really like [Music] and that is your Snickers smoothie it is so good

Snickers peanut butter caramel chocolate can't go wrong the next thing that I've been absolutely smashing is pre-made treats so it definitely helps that I absolutely love today I love baking healthy alternatives and so I picked a couple of things this weekend which I really enjoyed these cookies are inspired by Sara's days recipes so I will link her post on my Instagram if you go to at Nicole Marie Fitz to Graham you'll be able to see it there I'll pop a link in the description below but basically these cookies are incredible they're made with almond meal and kooky nut flour is what I used as well as a little bit of tapioca flour loving of chocolate dates and currants so they're grain free they're gluten free dairy free and absolutely delicious they're a huge hit and I have been like eating the out of them the other thing I was baking which was also quite popular in my house there's only two of us and I baked this two days ago is this baloney slice so it's basically like a brownie except a blondie because it's vanilla flavor and this is actually a recipe that I adapted from a better being step on Instagram which again I

will definitely link down below and on my Instagram and it's made from chickpea but it doesn't taste like chickpeas it tastes delicious it's a huge hit it's like cookie dough me peanut buttery very tasty so I would recommend making that both of those were so easy speaking of loving of chocolate which is what I used for both of those baked creations to keep them chocolate chip but also dairy-free and cane sugar free all of that kind of like good stuff loving of chocolate is literally amazing everyone kind of says you know like all what's the difference between loving Huts chocolate and normal chocolate and the answer is pretty much everything loving us chocolate is gluten-free dairy-free sugar-free it's all organic it's made from like coconut nectar and nut milks you don't feel really sick after eating it even if you do eat the entire block like I have been known to do you can get this online from their website which I'll link down below I got this from one of those like scoopy health food shops the one near me sells it literally ran out of it because I've been eating the out of it and I needed something like normally I would

buy it online direct from them they've got a whole bunch of flavors I just got milk because I was yea baking with it but it's something that I always like to have in my pantry my absolute favorite flavor is the coffee Kapow it is so good and raspberry is also super tasty and so is mint that will really good last thing I will talk about from loving up and probably my favorite although it's a pretty tight race are these chocolate cluster bikinis so what is in it is activated buckwheat evaporated cricket electorate coconut chips cacao powder currants raw cacao nibs and cranberries and they're all certified organic they recommend having it as a cereal which I have done that it tastes like Coco Pops it's like having healthy Coco Pops but if I'm gonna be honest I don't generally have it as a cereal I just reach into the packet I'm either Micra NOLA straight constantly I just never gonna it was crunchy it feels like food because there's lots of little pieces as well as big pieces it's the kind of thing you can just pick up and off it's good and also been absolutely obsessing over fruit fruit and dried fruit mostly the

latter which is not as good for you as novel for it is very high in sugar but it is all natural sugar sorry I mean if you going to have sure that this is definitely kind of a better sugar to be having because it is a little bit more natural and hopefully good for you we'll go with that a moment I've been obsessing over today it's biggest fat men jewelled a pal so you got the pitted dates and you can get them and you can actually go to another supermarket or you can gather from health food stores they're not as good because they're like quite dry it out but they're still quite tasty and I do still smash them but these are definitely my favorite I'm also obsessed with dry feet look at that that's so delicious the dry things are amazing I'm obsessed I've also been kind of rotating some of the training fruits into the equations parents parents are really good because you can just eat them or you can take with them I've been baking with them hates because they just add a pop of sweetness and they're also really cheap I've also been a huge fan of dried cranberries I love dried cranberries then delicious

they're so sweet and goji berries goji berries are amazing I've been retaining them quite a lot as well what you want to make sure with any dried fruit third is that you aren't getting it from a health food shop or summer that's like a little bit more natural I try to get organic ones but I can also want to make sure that there's no added sugar true them don't need additives so things like preservatives and sugars and even like apple juice concentrate and stuff like that it's just adding to it and it's so not necessary I am making sure when I am buying dried fruit that I like 100% dried fruit I don't want anything else in there of course been smashing like the real fruit things like bananas things like apples I've also been loving plums palms are so good they're really tasty and they're still in season so that's been really good and dragonkin berries if you haven't tried dry pinky berries they're a little bit sour they taste like sour candy again the last kind of sweet treat that I've been absolutely smashing to get my cravings is frozen fruit so frozen fruit particularly a moment when things like berries they're just not in season

raisin through things like raspberries strawberries blueberries pink dragon fruit get it it's so good it's so subtle and just like really sweet and tasty you can have these by themselves which I like to do in the coldness hope slows down how quickly you eat them or you can put in a little bit of coconut yogurt with them I love doing this because these are so cold they kind of like freeze the coconut yogurt and make like an ice creamy I really recommend doing that and obviously this is a way healthy alternative but thank you guys so much for watching hopefully this is giving you some good ideas of how you can make your sweet craving if there's anything else that you guys recommend please drop it down in the comments below because I need help seriously but hope you have a wonderful day if you did like this video please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and click to subscribe and support my channel hope to see you next time bye [Music]