07 March 2016

Sneak Peek Easy Weight Loss Done For you Programs for Health Coaches By Rachel Feldman

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hey guys this is rachel feltman i'm the

proud owner of rachel's bonus in the crater of the done for you programs for health coaches so we are looking at a brand new program and i'm so excited to talk to you about this one when you apply a program for me you are going to see two folders a business folder which you see here and in client folder which is what you're going to deliver to your clients so let's just take a sneak peek because yes you can read the testimonials yes you can read the sales page and I encourage you to look at the testimonials where I interviewed other health coaches just like yourself to hear how they used the John three programs but let's take a sneak peek so you really see what you get all right here's the business folder you get a support email sequence so when I when you're when you're looking through these folders I want you to think about how much it would cost to hire a copywriter to write these emails or what your time is worth because I know and I've said this in the other videos on average I get quoted $45 in the email to a hundred and forty an email so this is a three email sequence think about that or think about if you're writing it yourself how

long would it take you to write that email sequence and of course everything comes in words you can edit this insert your own story because that's really when you touch the hearts of your clients you get a 3d ebook cover of what the guy looks like which is so beautiful great for putting on social media great for also promoting offline you could put this onto a flyer make one in canva PowerPoint everything you get a banner for your sales page whether using eventbrite whether you're using you know wicks or wordpress anything or whether you even do this on a blog I have seen so many coaches have such success by keeping it simple they didn't even use anything but eventbrite and they still sold their program with success without even meltem so if they can do it you can do it you also get a mailchimp class so if you are text efficient and you were like me and MailChimp really had the monkey on your back then this is for you because we are walking you step-by-step how to do automation how to do MailChimp so that you don't feel like you can't do it disempowered i'm all about empowerment which is why when you buy these programs

you also get put into a forum with other entrepreneurs health coaches and like-minded people like yourself plus myself to hold you accountable every day to your goals you get a mini launch manual this is going to show you step-by-step our suggestions for launching so I really encourage you when you first download to read that as well don't get stuck just in the look in the manual because I want you the moment that you download to start thinking about your launch calendar to edit your materials and get into action mode you have a sales page where you can literally look at the sales page copy this plug and play right into again a blog float a blog post to do this on eventbrite do this on a sales page anything make it simple and the whole point is action mode but also if you want to change this around this is just a template on average I get quoted for somebody to write a short leadpages opt-in for 199 longer sales pages on average I see between 350 to 999 depending on the complexity of the sales page so as you say you have a lot here written just for you again do the math three video tutorials that you will have

right here on how to actually launch your program to make it simple and in your client files you have your easy weight loss see how beautiful this is now what I love about this program is that if you wanted to just give your client what I call a cheat sheet you can give them a very simple at a glance it tells them each day their daily drinks it tells them there's the depth or suggested meals day by day so your client doesn't have to print out the whole recipe guide and if you didn't even want to give them the whole recipe guide and sell that separate it's really endless what you can do you have a food diary you have the weight loss guide and what is so beautiful and what I believe is so different about these programs is we know it's not just about the food on our plate that's what I love about Janine broth so much so it's not just about eat this or eat that it's so much about a holistic mindset towards weight loss it's about changing our habits making those lifestyle changes it's about the whole all the putting all the pieces of the puzzle together so it's kicking those bad habits reframing your mindset cleaning out the pantry in the

fridge so this is small steps for your client to take massive action and that whole transformation but it gives you a great table of contents talks about all the things that I wanted to talk to my clients about and then I want you to be able to talk to your clients about so that you have a program that is easy to deliver online or offline you also have a great welcome letter that you could plug right into MailChimp Aweber mad Mimi wherever whatever email service you have or go old school email this out right to your client with a link to the materials that you are going to put in dropbox as you can see everything was so beautifully designed and I'll just even show you when you open this all you do is click open and now I have everything that I can edit in word that is copyright fraid that means my name is nowhere I want you to buy it brand it and Taylor this to your niche and launch it so here are the meals just laid out right there so easy you have a shopping list everything so that's why I just love how simple these programs are we made them simple for you to edit simple for you two to deliver to your clients

and simple for you to tailor to your niche all done for you programs do is give you the foundation now it's about you going out and marketing your message to the world so if you don't like parts of the program or you want to change anything in the document or change any of the recipes or add your favorite recipes that's why we created this inward so that you can go in and change anything scrambled eggs buckwheat pancakes berry banana Buckley Bowl smoothies lunch and as you see this is a variety this is such a great program I've wanted to create this for so many years people said Rach I want a program that is just easy for that busy person and on that busy person and we all know that we work with so many people that just need a simple plan that they're busy they want to plan that's easy even for their family and this is it great tips and snacks and everything all that great yummy stuff that we want to be able to deliver to our clients and the great part about it is you get to put your name on every one of these documents so when you buy this program not only to get access to these awesome looking beautifully designed materials

with a little disclaimer on the bottom but you also get access to a forum where I'm in there giving you this tips I'm helping you to think outside the box on how to use these materials in your work with me page online offline supporting on on how to get you know referral partners everything for your massive success so are you sold of course you are I would be too so if you have any questions you can find this at ww health coach bizrate chills wellness.com if you have any questions right on our sales page is a place where you can just contact us whether we're online or offline or again just fill out the form even on on the sales page if you have questions either way we're here to answer them it's been a pleasure and again my name is Rachel Feldman I help help coaches just like you to create amazing businesses that are profitable and sustainable so you attract the right clients the clients that you deserve have a great one