09 October 2019


all right three more pallets to go and I

make weight in there we have what I've been dropping lots of weight with for the last like week and a half to two weeks we got sesame tuna green beans cooked in olive oil and a little bit of butter the tuna has been steamed all right and this meal here is about eight nine hundred calories and I've been doing this as an ohm ad and I'd say that I was probably pushing to 88 to 90 about a week and a half ago and today as you saw I am at 268 so let's keep it going make that wait on Saturday and go light it up all right time to eat thank you for tuning in to think that there's probably congenital on snake that Larry and I was having some mobility issues two days ago getting into depth and here's a deal the meats coming I'm trained and peaked I'm about to be as strong as I've ever been in the last 15 weeks and I'm going to this meat and I have to get on the board with a squat and after I get on the board with a squat then I can go for broke and see what I can get to death you know it's just really disappointing there's some mobility issues that I need to work on not sure what those are but they gotta

get solved but right now the only thing that I'm supposed to be concerned with is hitting the numbers that that I'm supposed to be hitting today getting them to depth and I'm not really worried about form just moving the bar go getting to depth and coming right back up we got 180 pounds on my back getting ready to go for two sets of eight and each rep will be paused for a second or two and the idea is to still move the barbell as fast as possible and I think you know looking at the amount of weight that I had on my back coming up here this is 180 I'm getting pretty doggone close to depth on a couple but most of them I'm getting past depth and I really did feel that the weight cut has got me to where I'm hitting depth much more easy much more easily so like this is 180 you know if this were for this world were 400 pounds I'm definitely hitting depth so I'm not worried about hitting Dustin to me I think though this right here I'm going to spend some time warming up with 180 for the meat make a mental note make a paper note whatever I have to do that 180 will be my depth weight I hit two or three reps with 180 and then make sure

that every rep after that I have someone spotting me letting me know you know the depth is looking and then when I step on the platform I just give it everything I got because once I make it through the squats I'm not going to get lazy you know mentally but once I make it through the squats then all mobility issues are done with and I believe that I should have some PRS coming so training program was really really great really really enjoyed it a lot of fun and the last couple of reps are try to get it so the Barbeau flew off my shoulders a little bit up in the air and the last rep was very very satisfying because it popped off my shoulders quite nicely should have had the Kevin pointed up a little bit higher but I did not so you anyway see if you can tell it comes off my shoulders here that's a good sign that I'm nice and peaked alright so for the bench press mmm I gotta say that I did not want to bench at this particular bench bench next to me I would rather have had but there's another power lifter there he's prepping for a meet usually at this gym

when the when the power lifters are close to a meet there's a there's a personal trend in there his name is art you politely asked rubbers on the bench if they're not in the middle of something to say hey you know can you let this guy prop up for his meat but I'd normally don't ask our to do that because I feel douche-baggy I do that so even though it wasn't the best thing I wanted you know I you got to think you know back in the day man they'd even have benches this nice you know so so you know let's let's not get over where you're exaggerate our importance the overall scheme of things just get on the bench get tight and move that bar though so this is 185 for as you saw with the numbers came up with 185 for two sets of eight and the room very nicely I left my wrist wraps at home like a dumbass but I have one more training day where I will repeat this same workout I'll probably repeat that this same workout tomorrow just to have Thursday and Friday Thursday and Friday off to recover this workout absolutely did not tax me in any way shape or form didn't bring sweat and I think I'm thinking

that I am just about ready to have a good time on Saturday finish off here with some snow bruh light a couple sets of super light plus one lat pull-downs and I'll see you for the next training video and then after that I'll see you at the meet guys it'd be a lot of fun catchy tune in and I will talk with you later bye