11 April 2012

Snack Ideas With WIC Foods

How to make fun and interactive snacks for kids using WIC foods.

hi my name is Michael Ian Kelley and I'm

a graduate student at Eastern Illinois University in the Dietetics program today I'm going to be showing you some fun and interactive snacks and lunches that you can prepare with your children before we start it's really important that you wash your hands both you and your child once you're done washing your hands you can begin the first fun and interactive snack the first thing we're going to be making today is fruit kabobs here I have a mixture of fresh fruit including grapes strawberries bananas apples and Kiwis and some blueberries to begin you'll need some wooden skewers with this you may want to have a parent help you because one end of the wooden skewer can be very sharp then you can start putting on your favorite fruits in any order that you want and however much of them you want we'll start with an apple a banana a grape some blueberry a strawberry and some kiwi and like I said you can put as little or as much as you want and there you have fruit kabobs you can also drizzle sugar-free chocolate or powdered sugar on top if you'd like the next snack we're going to be doing is cereal bracelets and necklaces for this you'll need a pipe cleaner and any dry

cereal in the shape of a no you just start by putting each o cereal through the pipe cleaner and building it up as thick as you'd like and then when you're done you can just twist the ends to make the bracelet or necklace this makes a great snack for on-the-go or for a breakfast idea the next snap we're going to be making is butterfly snack bags these are really fun and easy to make for this today we're going to be using carrots and grapes but you can use any fresh fruit or vegetable that you'd like you begin by putting your fresh fruit on one side and your fresh vegetable on the other making sure that you leave a space in the middle for the clothes pin that's going to be the butterfly once you have your fresh fruits and vegetables on each side seal up the bag and let out the extra then pick a clothes pin and pinch it down the middle of the bag next you'll need a pipe cleaner have a parent help you cut the pipe cleaner in half and then take the half and fold it in half again tip it and then Bend some antennas on the side then you just clip the pipe cleaner in the top of the clothes pin for the eyes I use stick on jewels but

you can use anything you want or no eyes at all and there you have butterfly snack bags the next activity we're going to be doing is ants on a log using fresh blueberries first have an adult cut up some stalks of celery for you then go ahead and smear on some smooth peanut butter about a tablespoon should do once you're done smearing on the smooth peanut butter go ahead and add your blueberries for the ants when you're done you have ants on a log using fresh blueberries the next thing we're going to do is a banana crunch pop for this you'll need a banana and have an adult help you cut it in half then you'll need two popsicle sticks you'll stick the popsicle sticks in the ends of the banana once you're done with this go ahead and smear on some smooth peanut butter to coat the banana once you're done with this you'll want to take a baggie of dry cereal which can be bran flakes or Cheerios and crunch it up in a ziplock bag this way to make the least amount of mess then you'll take your peanut butter or your bananas smeared and peanut butter and stick it in the bag of crunched up cereal then you'll coat the banana in the cereal

when you're done you'll place it on a plate and put it in the freezer for three hours to make the frozen pop then you can take it out and serve it as a breakfast idea or as a snack so here's all of our snack ideas that are fun and interactive for adults and children thank you and enjoy