22 July 2019

SMT Movie: Diddy’s diet

finally some Nutter Butter I can hang

out Wow nobody's looking they tear that fish earlier today one day for tonight I'm doing this three days great three actually it's neither of those things oh yes another letter you gonna have to go on a diet wait wait what do you mean well the doctor said you have been eating unhealthy foods yeah better isn't it it is unhealthy yeah bad with them crack attack all right oh they're they're unhealthy yes I can't even do that anymore I was gonna die please on for tonight a map date come on you're gonna eat yes what Alyssa what are you doing to the baby what are you doing this charlie stop it or I'll hit you that's it yeah hey Charlie thought about what Locksley's doing to you hi honey you taught with the lights off [Music] I'm just gonna play me some for tonight black our plan when rubble and the early vote asleep I can just get onto my diet and eat and eat the nerve because there's no just stop it don't listen to our trouble you can just even just keep although anyway let's shut up boy I come

over there ramuel alright that's important I go to sleep alright I'm up I'm on fortnight and yes I'm playing with Alexa later your sucker looks like shut up and everything it's gonna take a while those are gonna take it forever hey on the West you will not to eat this I'll mm amok feed all right trying to Mach speed this all right we're doing the arena now get over here and lay down shut up Alexa watch us play not watch this Mach speed a Tesla let's just Mach speed is doing this too I'm diamond down I'm Jay back up here now I'm diamond down we love you get up here [Music] [Music] our last record my producers all right let's do this all right oh I didn't even know Z guns and L don't want none unless you got done [Music] [Applause] come on [Music] I'm gonna mock me to something

interesting all right this is getting intense I'm ready I'm better getting someone who oh come on oh no they're building crap oh shoot shoot shoot oh they're not that I better not back I better not that come on come on where are you where you know ding I can't believe I died well my go does not feed me playing and yes dollars the Luxor who killed me all right I'm back online yes be Priya real I'm gonna try and do is see if I can just do this 50 times in a row - take long very interest lay there all right I did it I got biggie brewery grills at once it it in a row right can I do oh yeah it's nice honey trouble sleep yeah but look really is like yes they put these back in the game oh I guess I'm well nobody's looking oh gee [Music] [Music] yeah come on me dang Dean come they got I'll pop you know a bunch of my at once wait what yeah what did you play what night LEM play so giddy never had how to go inside again happy night and day playing for

tonight getting tons of victory yells happily ever after the end I want to die even real like I just disappear into thin air she's playing me for tonight and eating myself some Nutter Butter crackers okay anymore this any question is is what is your fit and what is different this might not be the topic of this but if what is your what was your best big cookies victory ale