22 July 2019

Smoothie bowl | Healthy recipes | Smoothie with kale & oats

Nutrient rich yummy Smoothie bowl for breakfast or snack with simple, colorful ingredients. You can mix and match according to your taste & flavor. Shweta ...

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that you can put smoothies in a bowl yes you can do so and have it for breakfast are as a meal it's a refreshing energizing smoothie pal what a great way to add fresh green veggies to your diet that are very easy to make let's see the ingredients this is 1 1 to 2 cups of kale and 1 banana instead of kale you can use spinach or lettuce or whatever green veggies that you have I'm using avocado for creamier texture you can also use almond butter or peanut butter or even yogurt and I'm using strawberries mangos almonds chia seeds maple syrup and oats granola you can also use cereal instead of granola and you can also use honey or any other sweetener instead of maple syrup so I'm going to use half of it for the toppings and half of it to blend it so first we are using kale mangos that is one to two cups of mangos [Music] one ripe banana and maple syrup for sweetener my kids are making this recipe for their breakfast and it's since it's easier to make they can make it by themselves and they have added avocado and chia seeds instead of chia seeds you can also use

hemp seeds [Music] [Music] add everything to the blender and stop it in the middle and scrape down the sides as needed and blend until the mixture reaches soft-serve consistency [Music] have it fresh and stay healthy it keeps you energized all day long this recipe makes about one serving bowel which should be enough for a breakfast or a meal you always have to be mindful of what's actually in the food you're eating especially packed foods it's better to have fresh ones like these [Music] now the smoothie mixture is ready now you can add the toppings to add some crunchiness you can be very creative by adding different kinds of fruits like kiwi or mango or pineapple up to your taste when you make it always add fresh green vegetables and fruits and some liquid like milk or yogurt and sweetener and top it with some nuts and seeds this smoothie Bowl is very filling than the regular smoothie because of the toppings this is a very good dose of vitamins and antioxidant I hope you love this recipe

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