22 July 2019

Smarty Pants kids Multi Vitamin Suplement Review

what's up you guys this is Payton and

before we get into today's video I'm going to make an announcement that might upset some of my viewers and that announcement is that I will not be uploading execution reports or execution watches for the next 24 videos including today's video so after today's video you guys have 23 more videos until an execution report or an execution watch comes out again now I know you guys are probably pitching define that subscribe sorry to find that unsubscribe button if you guys are my death penalty subscribers you just you just subscribe for my death penalty content well before you go pitching for that subscribe unsubscribe button I do want to say that I will still be uploading the death row talks on every Friday the reason why I'm taking a break from the execution reports there are two sloshed execution watches two main reasons one I upload so many of them and I just haven't uploaded a lot of content for these other guys that are probably here for other stuff too honestly this is more of the me thing I need time to write some more so originally I had like 12 ready to go but I lost all those and yeah

yadda yadda yadda you guys don't want to hear my story that's fine trust me today's review is of a vitamin supplement that I love but I currently do not have right now it's the best kids vitamin it's called smartypants all it's actually by a company called smartypants but um it's a multivitamin supplement it contains magnesium calcium there's a whole bunch of other good stuff I believe it contains zinc and a bunch of other good stuff the only thing it lacks that's really good is potassium but you can get those and something else what I like about these is one there in chewable form and two they actually have a lot of vitamins to help your body out I'm pretty sure they have the adult version with like higher ratios but my family who bought it for me I mean I am 17 so I'm almost 18 but they thought I still needed the kids version which you know it's probably true because the adults love really has a lot more self no not 18 almost there but you know so I do like those vitamins it's they taste really good too they're gummy so you can take for a day but you should probably spread them out two in the morning to at night or two in the

morning two in the middle of the day that's probably a better option cuz he this is a I'm kind of sneaking sneaking in a little tip here for like sleeping uh if you take something if you eat something I die before you go to bed like uh like a vitamin it's your body has to do more work to digest that while you're trying to sleep unless it's the CBD Gomi then you know or a sleep related treat that had like a sleep aid infused item unless that but I would definitely not recommend taking these vitamins at night because your stomach has to work overtime to compensate for the vitamin you just say and trying to put you to sleep with medication if you take that so I mean if you don't take medication still it's just don't take a bad night basically what would I give these vitamin um 10 another 10 really actually sorry now okay I gotta cut it back a little I would give him a 9 out of 10 just because he didn't have they do not have potassium in them if they had that in there I'd be 10 or 10 I almost gave him a 10 on time for taste but it's more of what's in there factor I realize and

another tip about these vitamins take them with a meal so let's say for breakfast you have two waffles and pack them offens yeah take your vitamins with those two waffles and two muffins do not take them by themselves and I learned this the hard way your stomach is going to hurt like hell for the next couple hours until you eat something or yeah it'll hurt if you take those vitamins but don't have them with the meal plus your body doesn't absorb the vitamins and nutrients so well if you do that so well hope you guys enjoy this 9 out of 10 for smartypants vitamins kids vitamins I will leave a link to the described in the description even though not too many my viewers I look in the description box even though sometimes I hide some little links in there and once again no execution reports and or an and or an execution watches for the next 24 days so I got them my family got them for me off Amazon so only then description in case you want to buy for your kids or if I have kids watching this and they have money on their Amazon gift cards I mean I only know a couple of my subscribers here you know alright well we are at 6 minutes and 22 seconds

here so I'm gonna stop the video hopefully you guys enjoyed we are now up to 46 subscribers hallelujah or we're getting more subscribers because I believe last year in the middle to the end of last year Iowa had 12 so I'm gaining some popularity which is good I'm answering most of the comments you know if I have not answered your comment and you have commented on my videos please let me know or send me an email or something I will get back to you if you have an idea please leave that in the fan voting box video that I uploaded because I haven't out of all the videos I want people to comment on I have not seen any comments on that one video so please do that if you want to see more of a certain type of video I mean I do lots of them so more videos on the way 23 more videos and then you guys will have execution report or execution watch to watch so yes thank you guys for watching and peace out