08 March 2017

Slightly Healthy Cooking, Mojito Chicken Wings, Broccoli & Carrots - OreKo

How I make my Okeko Mojito Chicken wings.. Cooking with OreKo.. Decided to make my famous Mojito Chicken wings this weekend but wanted to add some ...

alright I'm going to kind of cover two

things I want you and one is going to be how to make my world-famous mojito wings and two how to get your kids eat a little healthier by thinking they're just eating chicken wings for kind of introducing them into this they're both are pretty good depending how you're going to make honey what's on sales what I buy so I'm going to go ahead and season and marinate the chicken and then I'm going to prepare the baby carrots broccoli and a baby potatoes and I'm going to slow cook it for about six hours per seasoning I have a combination here of salt oregano and complete seasoning I'm going to go ahead and mix it up in here with a chicken let me go ahead and up get my gloves on especially when it comes to cooking chicken you don't want to contaminate the risk of the food and I kind of want to marinate a little bit as first before you don't have to let it sit too long in a marinade because it's going to cook for 6 hours so there's not much you have to worry about alright i wash the broccoli and baby carrots i washed and cut the baby potatoes either in half run quarters depending the size that it had and then

the chickens ready to go so first thing i'm going to do is on my slow cooker I'm so if you're just going to spread some mojito at the bottom I'll have to go crazy don't putting too much because the chicken and everything is going to release it on water so what I'd like to do is align the bottom with the potatoes this stuff's chicken from getting burnt antibody and also because they do use a lot of seasoning the potatoes tend to absorb a lot of salt so don't be afraid don't feel that you put too much seasoning they're going to be a little too strong because a lot of it kind of gets sucked up by the potatoes anyway so I light up the potatoes to the bottom put a little more heat on there then I go ahead and I lay out the baby carrots and broccoli they're all going to come down so the only thing I am going to add is the Mojito make sure it's nice and wet you then I'm going to go ahead and spray us chance so so fluid I won't worry about touch I mean it's going to get filled I usually use about maybe half a bottle of this so i had about p here so i get a little more to go can I go ahead and

spread the right now the last of it on top and i'ma throw really good to go simply is plug it in cover it up and set it for six hours now we check your six hours later and see how beautiful look all right we gotta butter now when it has to go normally I don't uncover slow cooker Trump done completely but I'm actually going to finish it in the oven so it gets the nice Brown look on top I'm going to show you a real quick roll right you see before there was no liquid now the liquids like all the way to the top because of all of these sweating and the cooking and the flavorings coming out so I'm gonna finish this in the oven but it'll be nice and browned up I'll let it fill single and coconut curry sets done give it the full six hours keep in mind this is chicken wings you don't really have to go six hours you can easily do this before but I want to just make sure that when we when you eat that chicken way that the meters falls off the bone and at the potatoes and the broccoli and the carriage we really suck up all that juice so okay transfer it already the chicken the vegetables everything over to this pan so we have some will have some nice even browning

have the other than broil freerunning turn the light off let's go ahead and break this down it will give this about 10-15 minutes because it's already cooked and ready I just like you know give you a nice beat little pretty color in there nice all right now that has browned it for about 10 minutes i'm going to go ahead and it also about half a cup of the marinade sauce that I cooked it with the mojito right on top of the chicken wings and then I'm gonna let them turn off the oven lettuce if about 10 minutes so it's thickens up let's go and take a look at it whoa that nice push pull this thing out a second shake it a nice getting a nice color we'll go ahead and pull this right over the chicken wings chase one of this fit now oh wow and we'll go ahead and turn off the oven and I'll let it sit for about 10 minutes so the sauce can get my sweetness in there and juicy where are the Elven a ready to serve beautiful brown chicken wings beautiful potatoes baby carrots broccoli and yeah the kids are going to enjoy it they've had it before and they've always told me that wow nothing tastes like they told me like wow you know there's nothing

like vegetables this is great so I hope you enjoyed again served and ready for eating hi yeah that's my girl this the reason that I got the carrots on the broccoli because she loves it