10 January 2013

Skeptical doctor IMPRESSED with Isagenix (nutritional cleansing)

www.RadiantForLife.com A VERY skeptical medical doctor investigates "nutritional cleansing" and finds that it WORKS! And it works very well for weight loss and ...

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have wonderful personal story how do you have to be worried Medusa late to Isis in case you're sure I would love to I was your typical skeptical doctor I never looked at any of these things for some very good reasons number one I got a two-week course in medical school on nutrition learn what the vitamins were what the minerals were not spotted efficiencies and I'm still looking for a patient with scurvy but they're the expert patients are waiting don't do that for very good reasons number one I knew nothing about it and I didn't have time to learn about it and number two I was afraid if I told them to go ahead and do it without knowing about it and they had a problem what's so mean so I would always say no the only reason that I took a look at Isagenix products is one of my patients took a nine-day system against my medical advice and lost 16 pounds in days now that sounds very good to all of you and it sounds pretty good to me right now too but at the time I thought for sure he was taking something dangerous that's the only reason I took a look so I'm looking for the thermogenics I'm looking for the

stimulants the diuretics the laxatives and I couldn't even find caffeine now I'm really suspicious Isagenix is hiding something you listed in the products so I proceeded to do extensive due diligence couldn't really find anything wrong so I had to put it to the test how does a skeptical doctor put it in the test doesn't rival trial on himself so I did that and within nine days after being stuck on my current diet I've got that I've been obese not obese overweight the majority of my adult life and I you named the diet I've been out of including the Lakewood ones I've always lost weight but I've always hit a sticking point and I had a three month sticking point on a popular diet I was following I was sure Isagenix was a fraud so I was going to put tests on myself and I did the 9-day system of course I didn't get a president stack and I just wanted to prove that it was not work I did the ninth a system and after being stuck on a previous diet I lost 12 pounds in my day now I also did some other things including lab work electrocardiogram which to prove that it was harmful to me at the end of nine

days and I'm not at liberty to tell you what the results were let's just say got my attention and I thought it was a lab error and I can take you the 30 day system for the next 30 days and repeated some lab work after that and somehow someway I seem to misplace my metabolic syndrome but but I I misplaced it now my experience with patients I had to morbidly obese nurses a husband and a wife and they were watching the change in me and they said we want to do this we want to do this I said look I don't know if it's safe yet I'm still testing it at this point 30 days gone by a loss 41 pounds I'm thinking like a baby for some reason my wife's asking me why I'm in such a good mood now the nurses wanted to do this so I include them in the clinical trial husband and wife at the end of eight months the husband loses a hundred and twenty-two pounds his wife uses 85 pounds and 97 total inches until one day I was doing a clinical drug trial and a patient of mine came in for diabetics that he did not qualify because her blood sugar was too high she was over 340 pounds overweight

and I said Here I am about to hand you another band-aid when we should be discussing your primary problem the fact that you're 140 pounds overweight and she starts crying and helps me all the different diets she's been on and I said look I have found something I am sure will help you but I have a dilemma because if I share this with you I will be compensated by the company and I feel that that is unethical she looked me right in the eye and she said wait a minute every time I walk into this office you are compensated and look at me I'm a mess see now that you say you have something you know we'll help you have an ethical dilemma so snap point on I began sharing Isagenix with patients other physicians my family takes it my adult children take it I feel comfortable for my two grandchildren to take certain of these products is a doctor I can give you no better recommendation than good you know doctors are afraid of three things really they're afraid of peer scrutiny they're afraid of lawsuit and they're afraid of not being proceed this professional okay so just think about it

they haven't been educated on nutrition yeah it's not quite true I have 45 minutes thank you but but just dovetail on what dr. Harbor was saying it's just been released in the next 10 years we're going to be 50,000 primary care doctor shortened for the needs of this country couple that with the new health care reform that's going to be flooding patients in dealing with obesity for that crop of doctors it's going to be like bringing a knife to a gunfight so what I think needs to happen I think doctors need to partner with their patients they need to empower their patients to take responsibility and control for the road there's no doubt in my mind that Isagenix products belong in every doctor's office but it's been a process they belong at every doctor's office and they need to be offered as a simple comprehensive solution to weight management for patients that have obesity because it will exert a lifestyle change and it's easy tab here too this being said it will be a process to get physicians to accept this and I also believe what's essential and we really want to make an impact on the

masses we start in the doctor's office we get the doctor educated on Isagenix we get the doctor taking Isagenix we get its staff doing it and then we bring the ice and it's culture into that doctor's office where it starts flowing out into the patient's the families that will make a difference I just recently sold information that by 2025 one out of five was gonna be over 65 so I'd be nice to the existing it's going to be making more sense or for us the doctor see that why should they steal my system I am a baby boomer and looking ahead I don't see myself riding comfortably in a jazzy into the sunset I want to be active and I think the majority of babies numbers do and we have this start hanging isagenix systems would probably if our body everything it needs on the cellular level removes impurities supports our immune system and with product B it supports our telomeres and you know eats up our enzyme defense system against oxidative stress who wouldn't want that is you're starting to get older who doesn't want youthful aging you know look at what's going on technology is

great looking for facts they're looking for peer validation studies a big deal guys I know a little bit about clinical research to reiterate with dr. Enders that was saying this was well-designed at a major research facility by a renowned researcher that's published and in the design was impassable and the results weren't just good really they really were impressive I'm used to looking at clinical research or one drugs trying to prove it's not inferior to another drug to get on market I mean the results in this were really impressive there nicely summarized for you and a flyer and when you're talking to your physician just ask him do they have any patients that are looking for weight loss and what is he currently doing wouldn't be interested to see the results of a clinical study was just another new nutritional by a nutritional company and see if we'll take a look at it I think it would carry a lot of fun thank you people are going to drink caffeine 80 percent of the population does it you know the energy shot market I can't tell you how many young patients I have they're just guzzling these unhealthy energy drinks

there's been news articles about potential dangers of those energy drinks Isagenix has come out with a natural all natural caffeine source green tea yerba montane at an optimal caffeine dosage 100 milligrams should not give you the shakiness every minute Alice I've gotten to know Jim you happy Cooper the one word I can think of is integrity we doctor that's very very important if you're skeptical go out and try the product yourself when there's doubt the best thing for doubts are results and the only way to get results is to put these products into your body and see for yourself