27 August 2019

Sister Circle | Healthy After School Snacks For Kids By Chef Cam | TVONE

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we are back well for most of us the kids are back in school and we've got an easy way to make healthy snacks for them with chef kale my daughter Kendall is seven years old she's a second grade now okay she comes home you would think I don't feed the child no no no we don't we got a feed all the unhealthy stuff the cookies and the chips I've had to put you know those latch locks you gotta put the reason why a lot of kids go straight for that is because those are the things that are most convenient so when again from school they're tired you know they just ready to go you know get on the game get on their phone you know they don't want to worry about eating good so we have to disguise the health in the nutrition within the food so it's all in the disguise so the first thing that we have is a grilled chicken spinach wrap so these spinach wraps are very special because it's not your regular flour or your tortilla it is a 1% spinach and free used rats know it sounds gourmet but it's for the kids to eat spinach maybe you sleep you know you see that rat is green it's colorful they might think you know they don't know what it is exactly know but it's spinach so it's

locally raised which means that it's fresh and farm-to-table so we could get those nutrition's right into there and would it be in a dark green leafy vegetable that's good for retaining good skin good hair you know making sure your kids are filled with energy spinach also has a lot of contents of magnesium and magnesium is good for brain retention oh so we can retain that information and get to the you have any problem it you can actually take one of these spoons if you want to give that a taste so this this is our chef Cam's Greek yogurt tart so what it basically is is one percent Greek yogurt and cookies so this is the way that you get cookies to the kid is by balancing it out you know everything is about balanced it's never about worrying that the kids are not going to eat it we have to add balance so the yogurt gives us a probiotic for our kids you know sometimes we worry we don't know if our kids are using the bathroom if they're regular you know sometimes I could be a little congested but she's sneaking in that probiotic with that 1% Greek yogurt and adding a cookie because sometimes sugar is good the number one thing that the brain

takes out of the body to keep the mind going is the sugars the glue close to psyche rose the glycerin those are the things that fuels the brain so that we could get those signals that has information I'm trying to get it out so right here is a very very simple way to kind of disguise the kids with color and with ambience is by doing the regular you know celery bell peppers carrots and cucumbers but putting it in a better presentation you know you this takes three minutes you know maybe after dinner you want to mix in we got some ranch with a sriracha season at the bottom that adds a little bit of spice and they call it a crew data cup just a fridge so it's a French term for raw vegetables okay so all we're trying to do is find a way to make it convenient for our kids so we could take this they walk through the door mama I'm hungry oh there you go you don't need skittles you don't need any names when you got crude ah that's right here so now this right here now this is actually not for the kids when I call this a booth me down to the circle forget about my latest I call not a smoothie but a booth so it's a

boozed-up smoothie because you know when you when the kids get home from school sometimes you need something to calm your nerves yeah you know you've been cool all day the ladies are way down these are what it is it's fresh peaches okay mix with a little bit of the Greek yogurt to help give you yeah he does work for you yes tops right here - y-yeah and it's boozed-up you know so be careful forget about the ones Vince my daughter that this is a cookie what you gonna give me if I can convince it the thing the biggest thing is finding the super foods in disguising them is something that kids are already used to because it's just a trick on the mind you know to get those new trick nutrients in their nutrition in Turkey thank you always welcome here down at the circle for more informational chef cam all of his recipes just follow him on instagram at cooking with cam