10 March 2019

simplysavejingle Campaign Empower Families with Easy Access to Healthy Food 1080p

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would you mind just telling us why

you're back and why you love this family Bob sure I'm back because I thought it was very convenient I am a working mom and I love the fact that doesn't he didn't have to plan a meal everything that you need for four meals for the entire week are here in this nice little box you just tell us a little bit about the dish you just ate so can you believe there was no meat this is my Yoko's butter it's a vegan butter and it's basically you got cash you free me with live culture so it's great for the person that doesn't eat or consume or drink Barry I love the fact that I don't have to be thinking of what to cook and how to get the ingredients everything is that is there for us my two local kids I my husband do it with me so it's a very good family activity we enjoy the food we enjoy the way we are learning how to cook new things and so I decided to just get it done instead of doing it every week out with a month-by-month and that will help me not to forget it awesome you got your vegetables you've got your your staples all measured out for you all your seasonings are magic fresh gourmet friends or made

friends look at this I mean everything is just right here oh my God look the best other vegetables the best of meat fresh you couldn't now would you recommend this to a friend oh yes friends families my neighbors it's such a body so for dish number two you all asked for a pescetarian option what does that mean that means only eat fish or seafood or you know some form of seafood so what we have today is tilapia so your meals are planned out for you it's a very good good bargain the amount of food you can't for thirty dollars is amazing and even if you don't use their recipes you can still use these things in your other recipes thank you some green bell pepper and one of the chef's tips was to add mushroom because it kind of gives that meaty flavor how would you describe why you're back in is it a good value it's an incredible value I think the best part was that there was stuff in here I didn't think I could get my daughter to eat she's three and she is picky and she ate everything you made from that box it was great and they just saved that so much money that week on groceries it's totally worth it

you go to Kroger and try to buy this you're spending probably $100 or more and you know because you shop no cuz I shop every weekend and I just left Sam's and spend 60 bucks and didn't have as much food as this seven plus giving you this nice menu and it has all preferences it so you throw that too so yeah it's got like baked chicken chicken breasts and it's in the box yeah collard greens there is a occasion pasta dish and all the ingredients to make these dishes are in the box I can't believe it I ain't believe it's gonna get this much food so this is amazing yes so keep spreading the world that hilltop fifth Top Chef all right you right that's why and I'm really impressed with the quality of the ingredients the way they look and you know the abundance of it and to be able to make these meals and easy you know busy mothers you know we don't have time to do a whole lot shopping and you know cooking and so I think this is gonna be a great way I'm definitely gonna get in this box I've tried now all the pre-made Mills they're wonderful they're filling and

honestly for me they make about two meals out of one meal so definitely well worth the money and for a family that's on the go and does a lot of takeout this is way better and way cheaper all right well thank you very repeating are I think about you know what's a cook which is a big issue and what to eat is a big issue in the household so just to know that I had all the ingredients or at least most of the ingredients that I needed to prepare my meals was awesome and was it definitely enough to feed your family it was and more we actually had leftovers from some of the meals so it was great all right thank you very much there's lettuce there's whole heads of broccoli there is new Keeney peppers there's pasta and you have driven here all the way from Winchester Tennessee Wow so you drove all the way from Winchester Tennessee to get this box you just finished tasting these juices it's just carrots pineapple and banana juice omasum pineapple I get a little bit of I recommend that anybody that hasn't tried it you give it a try buenos dias todos le vengo vengo de nuevo Nicole mi casa mi casa de comida me gusta really silly a todos que si no

ah privado esta Casa de bello recommend Oh Alta mente porque es muy convenient ay yo trabajo y no tengo que prolific are nice nice Anna's so they recommend okay manga gracias thank you and yourself work with what are the reasons are inside there buddy a percocet is more para para más immense complex what men say se hace the way how's it going to see how systems say listen say 'hi you're suna for mamas a commensal of life familia okay alright thank you and the food is awesome I'm a picky eater but the the recipes in here really simple to make pretty much most of stuff you need is already in the box and it's really really good quality stuff we were shocked by it you know for the price you really can't beat it it's saved on our grocery bill as well we hardly ever go to the grocery store you pointed out which is awesome so it's very easy to come out here every other Saturday pick up your food and you got everything you need for the week to make food alright thank you very much thank you tops for you so what do you think of the deal or the offer that you're getting here today do you think it's something that's

of high value would you be able to get this if you were doing your own grocery shopping and would you recommend to a friend I don't have time to plan meals and I want them to eat healthy that's the thing and being able to come here and get something healthy that's already planned in the box is being for me you know you can trust that you're getting what you actually see in the pamphlet and I'm looking for these are quality items in here so I am so excited about what you all are doing and I am in