21 July 2018

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damn it is must avoid these fruit types one dried fruit fruit is a great source

of several important vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and potassium which helps diabetes patients to control blood sugar naturally but when fruit is dried the process results in a loss of water that leads to even higher concentrations of these nutrients unfortunately it's sugar content becomes more concentrated as well for example one cup of grapes contain 27 grams of carbs including 1 gram of fiber by contrast one cup of raisins contains 115 grams of carbs 5 of which come from fiber therefore raisins contain more than three times as many carbs as grades do are the types of dried fruit or also similarly higher in carbs when compared to fresh fruit dried fruits become more concentrated in sugar and may contain more than three times as many carbs as fresh fruits do avoid dried fruit and choose fruits low in sugar for optimal blood sugar control if you have diabetes you don't have to give up fruit altogether sticking with low sugar fruits like fresh berries or a small apple can provide health benefits while keeping your blood sugar in normal range two fruit juices although fruit juice is often considered a healthy beverage it effects on blood sugar are actually similar to those of sodas and other sugary drinks this goes for under sweetened 100 percent futures as well as types that contain added sugar in some cases fruit juice is even higher in sugar and Cubs than soda for example 250 ml of unsweetened apple juice and soda contains 24 grams of sugar each an equivalent serving of grape juice provides 32 grams of sugar black sugar sweetened beverages fruit juice is loaded with glucose the type of sugar the drives insulin resistance promote weight gain and increase the risk of heart disease a much better alternative is to enjoy water with the wedge of lemon which provides less than one gram of carbs and is virtually calorie free - should I avoid eating fruits if I am diabetic can people with diabetes eat fruits anything that is sweet is considered bad in diabetes is there any truth in this let us find it out foods are loaded with vitamins minerals fiber and antioxidants all of which are beneficial to the body diabetic people can include the low glycemic load high-fiber foods and they have to keep a track of the total amount

of carbohydrates consumed so fruits like apples strawberries and oranges are recommended fruits that raise your glycemic index should be avoided diabetes fruitless apples for vitamins an apple a day keep dr. away apples are loaded with fiber and a good source of vitamin C don't peel your apples the skin is the most nutrient part with fully of antioxidants oranges for vitamin C these are low in glycemic index orange contain folate and potassium which helps to normalize blood sugar and they are rich in vitamin C low carb Kiwi delicious Kiwi is a good source of potassium fiber and vitamin C it has 56 calories 13 grams of carbohydrates Kiwi has many nutrients minerals and vitamins so it is advisable to add Kiwi in diabetic diet avocados they are known for their hearty healthy monounsaturated fat content they improve cholesterol levels by by creasing the risk of heart diseases it is found that woman eating high amount of good fat unsaturated vegetable fats such as those found in avocados way 25% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared with women who eat less amount go up Guha is a great snack for diabetes with a low glycemic index Java is very rich in dietary fiber that helps to easy constipation and it lowers the chance of developing type 2 diabetes promo grenades they contain the richest combination of antioxidants of all fruits they protect from free radicals and chronic diseases they are rich in powerful phytochemical compounds grapes reservatrol a phytochemicals found in grapes modulates the blood glucose response by affecting how the body secretes and uses insulin grapes are very nutritious red grapefruit it is high in antioxidants it decreases LDL bad cholesterol by 20% and triglycerides by 17% melon all melons are busting with high nutrients berries for antioxidants berries are diabetic superfood because they are packed with antioxidants vitamins and fiber and they are low in glycemic index remember fruits that raise your glycemic level should be avoided so understand from a doctor that the safe limit of the total amount of carbs you can consume daily hope you take right healthy fruits the first group of foods it should avoid is sugary foods table sugar is basically half glucose and half

fructose fructose gets metabolized and converts to fat at a higher rate than burst glucose the World Health Organization recommends that those with the type 2 diabetes take on no more than 25 grams of sugar per day all carbs and sugars are exactly the same while it is good to read those labels for carbs and sugars also be aware of the glycemic index and load of a food but did you know some of these products are loaded with sugar many pasta sauces most condiments many breakfast cereals bizarre dried food regular soda there are certainly some sugar free or reduced sugar substitutes in the category that are really good however it is not that you should never eat sugar in moderation planea sugar day eat a candy bar every and then but as in all the foods avoid but don't cut out moderation is the key another group of foods we really need to stay away on a regular basis form is pasta but even the best of pastas has a medium GL at best and most have a rather high GL even the whole-grain pasta can be hard on the blood sugar the problem is a little pasta is okay but the sauces we put on them or usually the problem and honestly who wants to eat pasta with a sauce on them if we could stick to the half cup serving and go very light on the sauce pasta could be a once a week foot but we all know we are going to eat more than half a cup and we are going to load on this sauce so avoid this as an every week type food article food we really need to keep our distance from is potato a baked potato with butter salt cream cheese bacon shoe but potatoes are just way too high on the cup scale the jevan scale and the GL scale this goes for things like french fries potato chips bacon potatoes pretty much anything that has to do with a a while potato now as an alternative you can sneak in a bacon sweet potato on occasion dried fruits is something you will need to avoid the main reason is that when the water is removed from these fruits like resins and prunes the sugars are intentionally concentrated some diabetes experts want you to stay away from most fresh fruits altogether most fresh fruits have an extremely low GL and do not impact your blood sugar like some believe while on the topic of fruit stay away from canned fruit that is packed in heavy syrup heavy syrup is another word for sugar if you get canned

fruit like for those candied either their own juice or water rice is something we need to watch some will say only white rice is bad rice but there are some others that need to be avoided even whole-grain can have a high GL or g1 I agree that most white risers needs to be avoided white rice has an adverse effect on your blood sugar most experts when talking about rice will also lump in white bread and white floor white bread has a low GL almost as low at whole-wheat on a slice per slice compulsion having sandwiches on white bread every day don't put it in a category of avoidance top 5 foods to avoid with diabetes over 25 million people in United States have diabetes and diabetes accelerates aging damages the kidneys cardiovascular system ice and nerve tissues and increases cancer risk the devastating complication and premature death associated with diabetes can be prevented the primary cause of parallel increase in obesity and diabetes is the nutrient deep light diet here are top 5 foods to avoid with diabetes the foods that elevate blood sugar reduces insulin sensitivity and increases type-2 diabetes risk are the foods that are common in the American diet one sugar since diabetes is a characterized by abnormally elevated blood glucose levels it is wise to avoid foods that causes dangerously high spikes in the blood glucose primarily refined foods such as sugar sweetened beverages devoid of fiber to slow the absorption of glucose in the blood through juices and sugary processed food and deserts have similar effects these foods promote hyperglycemia and insulin resistance and promote the formation of advanced glycation end-products in the body ages of the normal healthy function of cellular protein stiffens the blood vessels accelerates aging and promotes diabetes complications fried foods potato chips french fries donuts and other fried starches start with a high glycemic food and then pile on a huge number of low nutrient calories in the form of oil the combination of glycemic carbs and oil is particularly potent at stimulation of fat storage hormones like other cooked starches fried food contain so avoid fried foods in diabetic diet red and processed meat many diabetics

have come to believe that if sugar and refrained grain and other highly glycemic foods raise blood sugar and triglycerides they should avoid them and eat more animal protein to keep their blood glucose level in check studies proved that high intake of meat increases the rise of diabetes so avoid red and processed meat in a diabetic diet trans fats fast food processed baked goods diabetes accelerates cardiovascular disease because the vast majority of the diabetic died from cardiovascular disease any food that increased cardiovascular risk will be especially problematic for those with diabetes trans fat intake is strong dietary risk factor for heart disease refined grains white rice and white flour products refined carbohydrates like white rice white pasta and white bread are missing the fiber from the original grain so they rise blood glucose higher and faster than their impact unprocessed counterparts studies found that daily consumption of white rice increased the risk of diabetes avoid all the above foods to keep blood sugar levels in control thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos