22 January 2017

Silver crest ( lidl ) 700w nutrition mixer unboxing and first use

In this video I unbox and make a smoothie and oat flour with the silver crest 700w nutrition mixer from Lidl that I purchased for £29.99.

so guys bought this from Lidl the other

day I've wanted a nutribullet for the wild mountain but I didn't want to pay a nutribullet money anyway seen this in Lidl the other day for $29.99 and I thought what we got to lose that's of it and so yeah it's a copy of the nutribullet but from what I've been reading and seeing online that apparently available is very good anyway I've already done one unboxing video of this but the quality was rubbish so I've read on it again eh so yeah it's the nutrient nutri mixer which comes with a few different attachments and I'm not going to read off the box I'll just show you so there's this the six cross blending attachment it also comes with this grand in attachment which I'm not too sure whether the nutribullet ones like this there's another one in that it's like a flour mill but it says that this is the beans and stuff but I am gonna try and make some flour with this and just see what happens I don't think it's going to work but I would not by far that reason anyway so that's one of the colors that comes with it comes with a seven hundred mill job which does feel like real good

quality I as do these as well they also feel like good quality and comes with a 350 ml joke and it also comes with these lids so that's the storage lid it comes with this lid which I haven't got a quote what that words file because these are rolls it so it's not so going to do that if you call it a goal to lid on the side of the box but I can't see how you'd use that but anyway and then I'll saw this Carol it which can also drink from which has a rubber bung a two-drink are there and also critical to seal and there's a seal inside as well so that looks like it's going to be water tight this is the base so 700 watt motor which I'm the nutribullet one is a lot Dara then the basic model so yeah does 19,000 read RPM rotations per minute and yeah and I'll show you what I'm gonna make now that's it I'm going to put one whole banana in those 30 grams of oats going in there I'm just going to top that off with some milk just lets change angle for the button I'll plop on that side of the room oh yeah there's the banana the old milk 21 Ice Cube's 30 grams of oats in there and yeah I'm going to give it 3 to 10 second

bursts that's the first 10 seconds see what it's look looks like possibly as you can see it's still got chunks of acid give it another 10 seconds still ice in there I think what I need to do is give it five-second burst because the ice is getting caught up in there's not really that many there is still some ice as you can see it's still quite a few troubles but I think if I want to give it five second bursts and it would have been it would have done it seems to throw everything up to the top and don't give a chance to get let down I've never used one of these before so this is much something that should be doing any other other people do that's five seconds some other five seconds so there's one scoop of protein powder going in as well as you can see I'm a messy bun so yeah I'm pleasantly surprised by that even if it does take slightly longer than what the nutribullet says saving I think 930 pounds for the 700 watt version of the nutribullet I don't mind using a bit longer oh yeah there is so yeah now I'm going to try and blend some bolts and make some old flour and see what happens with that 100% whole grain this is this

is 100% whole grain rolled oats and I'm going to try and make in 50 grams of flour 62 grams instead so this is the attachment I'm going to be using let's see what the goals are just give you a close for what the the consistency is live get them in it I don't know if you can see that what so that's about a minute it's just that let's see this warm us for sure but yeah it's done it I'm quite surprised at that yeah that's flour so I'll use this file is that I'm going to start making pancakes for this and just add some protein into it make light chocolate pancakes which I'll do them at a later date I've gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised with that anyway yeah so this is just my clip on boxing this what for the nutrition mix up by Silvercrest that bar from Lidl for $29.99 if you see that I'd definitely recommend it I'll uh I'll use this for a month and and a lot you know hours anyway thanks for watching like subscribe share