22 March 2019

Side Hustles - How To Sell On eBay - Easily Make $1000 A Month!

Side Hustles - How To Sell On eBay - Easily Make $1000 A Month! In this video series on side hustles, we share about how to sell on eBay for beginners.

hello I am Tara from living on a dime

calm the author of the dining on a dying cookbook where you can eat better and spend less today I'm here with my wonderful assistant Heidi and we are talking about side hustles where you can earn one to two thousand dollars a month that seems impossible but she has done it for years hello Heidi all right no pressure huh all right there's the thing your stay to a mom right for 15 years yeah and how many kids do you have I have four boys and why did you decide to start doing side hustles because my budget for food gas and clothing was $100 a week okay that would be lovely say that again 15 years ago but that was still I had two little boys at the time and that was gas food and clothing anything we needed household it was $100 a week yeah so how did you come about to start doing these types of things I II wanted to earn extra money it really boils down to that doesn't it yeah I just thought I just sat there in thought of ways that I could make extra money what what could I do to earn I was desperate to earn extra money because I wanted to be able to not live so tight with the grocery budget and with the

clothing budget and just having fun money and now you guys I'm just assuming this is okay to say but now you guys are trying to get your house paid off and not fit a few months yeah okay and how long have you had your house I 10 years so you have had your house paid off in ten years that is great yeah that is really good okay so back to wanting to do it I really think it's a desire to want to do it and stop making excuses I know this is gonna be the theme of our shows this year is to stop making excuses because really anybody can figure out something they can do it's just a matter of if you want to do it now one of the ways that you started with technology which is wonderful is on eBay so once you give us a little rundown of how you sold things and earn money on eBay all right well eBay goodness I opened my profile my eBay profile in 2004 which I think it's kind of a little late in the game I started in 1999 but back then you had to pay for every listing it's really it's bebe has really changed but I've always kept up with the changes I taught

myself how to do eBay anyone can teach themselves there's so I mean there was not YouTube there was not Bob back then when I taught myself how to do eBay I had to actually go to the post office to mail things it was very different a lot harder you can teach yourself how to do eBay we're not going to go into that today but um basically just so people know real quick not to interrupt but because I know I'm gonna get this question well how did you learn guys watch every single YouTube video you can watch read every blog post you can watch every there is millions and millions of tutorials all over the place us telling you one specific one isn't really gonna help you you need to do the research yourself it's like when I started making soap as a side hustle I just watched video after video video of people making soap and learning how to do it you are learning a new trade so put the time and effort into searching it and learning how to do it so that's what it boils down to on how to find it right definitely doing your research you're gonna make mistakes you're gonna I have sold a couple things at a loss in the beginning because I did not know what I

was doing I chalk that up to just learn a learning lesson a mistake I made but I will give you a couple good pointers of things that do sell I go to garage sales I go to proudly in the at least a hundred grad sales that's where I get all my kids clothes I'm but I'm also looking for things to sell on eBay and I'm looking for cheap things I do not spend a lot of money on things like fifty cents to a dollar I think the most I've ever spent to sell something on eBay was ten dollars but it was a men's Columbia down jacket I knew it would sell for a hundred so I did pay ten dollars for that I knew that guaranteed sell so literally when I am garage saleing and if you're the type of person that can you know walk into a room and pick out the most expensive things if you just know quality things you have that knack and you go to grad shell and you're like huh that's interesting that I bet is a good brand you know it looks quality it's only fifty cents you can stand there on your phone and look it up and it's not looking on eBay for what things are listed for you need to search what things have actually sold so that that

is the most important and you know one thing while you're at the garage sale looking at but at it though have it in your hand because I have had other people come as I was searching something and literally snatch it out from underneath weld on Colorado let me tell you Colorado they will snatch it away from you so hold it have a pile of your stuff right there but as you're looking up all this stuff or whatever and what I do is quickly go through and pick all the things that I think would sell well then I look them up then I put them back if they're not gonna do that so I didn't mean to interrupt but that is important I know I don't know if I said this but know that whenever you set whatever it's selling for you're gonna lose about 20 percent and fees and shipping has just gone through the rough lately it shipping is so expensive so you can do it one of two ways you can either you know weigh the item and measure the item and put put that in there so you're charging the exact shipping or what I do is I markup the price and I always offer free shipping yeah that's nothing that I do and so know that I'll have to pay shipping plus

about 20% in paypal fees and eBay fees for the item but you can still make a lot I have made thousands and thousands of dollars on eBay yeah the other thing that is I think is one of the best things for eBay is selling parts I when you told me that I was like what cuz I was thinking worried type and then you explained and I was like absolutely I thought that was brilliant so I had a vacuum for two years that I got I had goodwill and I paid $10 for this vacuum it was in great shape used it for two years apart broke my husband fixed it but then it broke again to the point where we couldn't fix it so I took I took it apart this is just one of the parts it's the hose right it was a canister so it's got the on/off switch so just hurt alone and it is every single one that has been put on eBay has sold for 55 to $100 this is just one hurt the other there's there's lots of parts to it you can take out I know I don't do this but you can potentially take out the motor and sell the motor and you can sew anything around your house that breaks um ceiling fan parts those always sell the hardware to a

ceiling fan oh my goodness um I've had a friend take out or take apart her washing machine that broke and she saw you a lot of times end up selling all the parts for more than the item cost new almost every time so Wow anything lucrative when I win it when i'm studing done with this vacuum i bet i'll have made $200 on it and I paid $10 for it out goodwill I used it for two years that's the best kind is when you buy something and use it for so long like one time we got a rocker out of the dumpster it was missing one screw we used it with our first two kids for two years went to move had a garage sale I spent 40 cents on a screw and I sold it for $40 I was like I know it just seems crazy and you just you know you giggle to the bank like making money here are stuff that would go in the garbage yeah yeah and what you it's funny is people will find our dining on a dying at thrift stores and yard sales and turn itself about eBay and Amazon because people have enlisted for ridiculous price I mean it's not easy and I look at that I'm like okay but they do more power to them I say if they can go for it so I think the part thing is Bryant

so what are some other things cuz you gave me several examples of parts aside from a vacuum in a washer what are some other things that you can part out well I mean you can part out okay I found a dehumidifier on the side of the road that I part it I mean I literally you can find things on the road do you know how many vacuum cleaners have been found on the side of the road that you know exersaucer strollers I need so I don't know if exersaucer parts still sell as well as they did but I have definitely you can make back in the day I don't know if it's still true you can make a few hundred dollars an exersaucer it's just um just the seat alone the cover alone especially if it's an older one definitely $30 just for that you know car parts car parts are very if you have I've never done a car I'd love to see a part of cars we have it but BJ has he has parted out his car he was in an accident and the parts that were good he still he sold them and I think if I remember correctly he earned $500 more than he paid for the car and then the scrapyard gave him $200 for the car and he so he drove it for free for however long I drove yeah

so I think that's brilliant yeah so just the sky's the limit just go through eBay and start searching and see how many things you can sell and or I mean how many different things you could sell and then what's common in your own area like an old food processor at Goodwill or Salvation Army I don't know about your Salvation Army but they'll sell things like a deep food dehydrator or a food processor for only a couple of dollars because they don't know it so it works yeah just the blades alone you can make you know $20 off just the blade and then I mean yeah I've sold lots of Hearts to food processors and who would have thought who would've thought doing a side hustle with stuff you pick up on the side of the road side of the road I see she sells a lot of stuff that I don't find on the side of the road but I have found multiple exersaucer is on the side of the road funny yeah brilliant okay so we're gonna close up this one with eBay because I knew that this would kind of go a little bit longer but we're gonna come back with our next episode on side hustles and things you can do to earn money work from home jobs that are super easy well okay not super easy

necessarily but things that you can do while you're at home with the kids we're gonna come back with the next episode we're gonna be talking about selling on Facebook I just wanted to say one thing you have the potential to earn 250 to a thousand or more on eBay with just a little bit of work wow that much oh oh yeah Wow I think most I did was twenty five hundred in one month twenty thousand twenty-five hundred and one month yeah that's great all right so you're parting out all these things you're getting things off the side of the road one thing I would like to say real quick is if you don't have good garage sales in your area like Colorado doesn't try different things we have great thrift stores here but we don't have good garage sales mom and Kansas had both great thrift stores and garage sales so don't just limit it to things maybe you don't have II but you have friends and family who get rid of a bunch of stuff for it yeah that is where you potentially don't have to buy anything because people have just given up nobody wants the hassle mm-hmm yeah doing if you're a go-getter and you're willing to take something apart

and clean it up and sell it people will give ya and put like on the neighborhood apps or Facebook marketplace those kinds of things just put a thing out saying looking for vacuum cleaners if anybody has one yeah yeah exactly okay so how much can you earn doing this a month with a little bit of effort a little bit of work you can potentially earn two hundred and fifty two to two hundred fifty dollars to a thousand pretty easily so most I have earned is twenty five hundred and a months Wow that's the an income for a lot of people yeah man that would be great okay all right guys so we're gonna wrap up on side hustles with eBay and this is one work at home job that you can do fairly simple straightforward we're gonna come back with a neck next episode we're gonna talk about side hustles and Facebook marketplace little kind of similar but we're just gonna go ahead and break it up so that our videos aren't too long so anyway please like subscribe and share Thank You Heidi and visit us at living on a dime calm [Music] you