09 June 2019


I'm BACK. Hope you guys enjoy the video! I apologise for the poor lighting in some parts of the video! (I'm new to the game, allow me pls). More regular uploads ...


[Music] we've got breakfast I've got the country unless sister's got had porridge and I usually drink water of mine and she needs nutrients trip drinks she's Li we different see she usually takes cheese it's not bad it's just a texture for me that's already do it looks the texture of the planet I'm gonna lie I mean it's I can eat it but it just tastes like causes that peanut butter clusters it honestly just tastes like a bowl of peanut butter with milk in it like it's not sweet at all and I have quite a sweet tooth so if you limit but I'm gonna eat to anyway because I'm hungry yes I stay like this it tastes bad it's just the texture like I just don't like the texture of porridge it's not necessary but it didn't he liked it that much but it's not bad [Music] oh yeah actually finished hers because it was actually nice but mine yeah I mean it was alright peanuts in the ball we love to see it I'm deer porridge and the water would you prefer would you think about the water tonight a turn would recommend it's actually

nice to have it in the morning doesn't make you a question - yeah okay guys so I my mouth we're gonna be back at lunchtime [Music] [Music] avocado gives it an extra flavor that mean flavor but yeah I drink a lot of water during the day but Cara's tells me that she drinks squash so I've got some Ribena here I don't water as well why you always lying [Music] okay guys so we're here with my snacks now I've got a few grapes and caris is going to be having he's carrying all of her rice cakes I mean they were that bad but guys actually feeling recommend a faint with this portion size because I mean it's not that bad inflight products with the refreshing especially because it's so hot at the moment like I'm actually sweating I have to change my outfit alright guys I'm gonna give you a quick review and how I feel like each taste flavors are right but they're quite dry and I don't think that drag things but yeah it's alright

I wouldn't say I'm like we're gonna order basically because it's Friday and Fridays I usually tend to like eat a little bit more unhealthy so like I'll have my health and mills in the morning like what Carris is he in today and then I'll have like a cheap meal whatever I take now so we're going to order to McDonald's it's my friend to Bert and then we will show you guys what that and what we ordered and obviously we're going to switch now so yeah I feel like this is the only thing that Karis eats that I would actually eat as well because everything else I don't learn how to eat it again to be honest [Music] but I don't think there's much to say good that's not good but receive a standard man I haven't tried these nice relative this way because I'm not we get the cheesy things but we have a mozzarella not true something wasn't ahead mentor great telomere - no it's good at it no nacho cheese for cheeseburgers yeah I really love sour cream and chive dick which just like you knows nobody might mean have that teeny Doritos can you have sour cream and chive I love that

dress was really good [Music] [Applause] [Music]