09 June 2019

Should You Use a Protein Powder?

Hey, everyone. This video is all about protein powders and protein shakes and who should be taking them. If you are a bodybuilder, lifter an average gym goer ...

hey everyone my name is Amy and today

I'm gonna be talking about protein shakes and whether or not people actually need them so this video is gonna go under to nutrition science playlist if you like this video at any point hit the thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe now let's get started the protein shake in its natural environment [Music] often found in games everywhere the protein shake is a marvel of human innovation Utah was optimized for athletes more specifically bodybuilding athletes people who desire to enhance their physique they have been much more recently found in the average grocery store and in the homes of average people [Music] so first what is a protein shake or a protein powder well it is an isolated macronutrient that means that it is just straight protein nothing else is there unless they add something back in and therefore that is not a food it is a supplement so people who are thinking that this could be a meal it's not it's the same as taking a multivitamin it's just a different nutrient one that just so happens to

have calories with it [Music] look over there the protein shake in the wild I'm getting kind of hungry myself and it looks like a good meal I think I'm gonna go and drink it so now why do people take protein supplements well there's a lot of reasons people will do it because they want to lose weight because they want to gain muscle because they want to gain strength because they're an athlete because they see everybody else around them doing it but not necessarily everything is helped by taking a protein supplement so what about gaining muscle that happens to be the main reason why people take protein supplements but do they help on their own no protein supplements are not special they are just something to help a person be able to hit their daily amount of protein that they need a study well a major meta-analysis was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that found that there's actually no proven benefits from just adding a protein supplement to your diet when you already have adequate amounts of protein so what about gaining strength does do

protein shakes help at all with gaining strength and the answer again is no actually there's only a nine percent increase in a person's one rep max that's found by taking protein supplements so what about weight loss then lots of people want to lose weight does having an increased amount of protein coming from a supplement or otherwise help a person actually be able to lose weight and again the answer found was actually no it helps a person preserve their lean muscle mass which is different than actually helping someone be able to lose fat it does help a little bit because it increases your basal metabolic rate some so that you're naturally burning more calories while you're just sitting around house but it doesn't specifically help with losing fat there was a study done a randomized controlled trial actually about high-protein diets it didn't look at protein supplements but it looked at a really high protein diet compared to a low protein diet with resistance training and found that the people on the high protein diet had more of their muscle fast preserved while they were losing weight than did the people on the

low protein diet but they also found that protein in particular had no effect on whether or not they were able to lose fat at all and don't forget to make sure that you have delicious you go girlfriend if a protein supplement only is there to help you be able to hit your daily protein requirements then what is the amount of protein that you should be having well it depends there's a lot of different numbers actually depending upon your situation if you are a bodybuilder than getting 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight is going to be the optimal number now you can go past that if you want to but your body's not gonna really be able to use that as for building muscle now if you are an older person who might have issues with your bones they also suggest the same number 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight just because that number has been found to be able to help people actually retain their bone health so what if you're sedentary well I would suggest the RDA then which is 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight which is about half the amount that the older person or the bodybuilder would be requiring that's

really all a person needs and lastly if a person is trying to lose weight its to do 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight because that way they'll be able to have a higher amount of protein so you can save your lean muscle mass while you're losing fat [Music] [Music] oh shoot forgot to take my protein shake it's already been thirty minutes you workout and you really want to know when you should be taking a protein supplement if you're going to take one most people tend to take it afterwards and there's been tons of studies to show that taking it after does have a benefit for being able to stimulate muscle growth however there's a few studies out there that suggest that there actually could be a slightly better time one study from 2013 suggests that there actually is damage to your gut when you have worked out making it less likely for you to actually be able to absorb the food that you're in taking and they compared people who had exercised and taken a protein shake versus people who had not exercised and taken a protein shake and

they saw that the markers for how much protein their body was able to absorb it at one time was higher in the people who had rested there still needs to be more research on this because this is just one study put this together with another study from 2017 that actually found that when a person took a protein shake before their workout or after their workout there was no difference so both of these together suggest that maybe taking your protein supplement before your workout would allow you to be able to absorb more of the protein that you would need and still be able to cause the same benefits of being able to stimulate muscle growth once you are done with your whole workout so overall what should you be doing about protein supplements take it if you need it if you're not hitting your daily protein requirements then absolutely go out there and take a protein supplement if you are don't worry about it there's no special benefits be and hitting your daily protein requirements so always remember love God eat greens get moving see you in the next video [Music]