02 May 2019

Should We Supplement Vitamin D? My Thoughts...

Here is the " suicidal patients & vitamin d deficiency " information that I mentioned in the video : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25240206/ In this video I ...

should we supplement in vitamin D in my

opinion based on the research I've looked at and a handful of data from various different well accredited doctors it appears that vitamin D is absolutely essential to be supplementing in today's crazy world where most of us have obligations that keep us from being able to absorb and synthesize adequate levels of vitamin D - - due to not being outside enough ladies and gentlemen this is a huge epidemic this is a huge problem before the advent of the smartphone and all these digitalized devices I mean your keychain basically is like a smart keychain now everything has a Wi-Fi signal everything has a Bluetooth capability before all of this stuff ladies and gentlemen people spent a lot more time outside nowadays it's hard for me to see people hanging out on their porches anymore even though when it's cool out I mean I live in a pretty remote part of Virginia and even here in this remote area people at you know when the not one the Sun Goes Down the blue television light is just beaming through the houses like there's some type of alien abduction going on being outside is very beneficial ladies and gentlemen

even if you get just small amounts of light from the Sun the UV radiation the UV light the different wavelengths the energy from the Sun is very nourishing it's healthy for the bones vitamin D levels ladies and gentlemen are important vitamin D is a pre or pro hormone it's much more than just something as simple as saying oh it's just a vitamin no your body there's hundreds of different physiological processes that require and prefer adequate levels of vitamin D to be up to you know again adequate levels for these processes to take place I hope that came out right so should we supplement vitamin D ladies and gentlemen that is the question in my opinion again based on my research and what I've looked into absolutely so I've experimented with a handful of different vitamin vitamin D supplements I am still in an experimental phase so I'm not going to recommend which ones to use because in order for me to do that I want to have use something for over year before I recommend it so what I can recommend however ladies and gentlemen is that vitamin d3 appears to be much more absorbable than vitamin d2 which is

what your doctor will try to prescribe you and I'm not saying to avoid going down the standard American route of health and you know vitamins and all that stuff if that's your thing that's your thing I've never recommended that anyone avoid or neglect proper health care from their physician I personally based on the research I've looked into and looking at the work of certain doctors like dr. berry and whatnot it appears that vitamin d3 is more absorbable it's readily available as well ladies and gentlemen you can get it in gel capsules you can get it in liquid form you may even be able to get it in patches but what I read what I do is I take vitamin D in MCT oil ladies and gentlemen because what you'll find is that vitamin D is actually much more absorbable by the body if it's mixed with oil so if you are going to take vitamin d3 I would recommend personally that you take it with some type of maybe avocado oil or MCT oil some type of fat just make sure it's not canola oil and things like that but you know if you are curious as to how much to take it appears that around 2,000 to

5,000 international units or IU's is very beneficial so again I'm not recommending it anyone does this I'm just telling you what I do I take about 5,000 IU's of vitamin D currently and you know vitamin D deficiency ladies and gentlemen can be linked to depression I posted a few things here on patreon yesterday about studies that were done on suicide patients that were looked at they had low levels of vitamin D in comparison to people who were you know non suicidal and happy there's some conflicting evidence as to whether or not vitamin D is completely relate to depression in the sense that it actually causes depression I think depression is such a multi-headed Hydra and gentleman than to try to pinpoint it down to one deficiency is very irresponsible because everyone's depression is usually caused from something different whether it be a actual depletion of mineral or mineral multiple nutrients lacking in the dye or it could be from emotional trauma and the lack of the ability for the mind to integrate back into reality those emotional traumas not all depressions

ladies and gentlemen can be funneled into a nutritional deficiencies what I'm getting at however it appears folks that vitamin D deficiency is a contributing factor for malaise in depression as well as fatigue you know not a an unhealthy bone density brittle bones so our bones ladies and gentlemen when we reach 60 70 80 years old when you fall on the carpet you are not supposed to break your bones my grandmother god bless her soul god rest her soul fell when she was in her late 60's in crack her hip bones are supposed to be like bamboo strong and flexible chronic deficiencies are plaguing the United States of America ladies and gentlemen they are plaguing our families this system is destroying your health whether it was intentional for these individuals who excuse me let me rephrase that whether or not it was intentional that this insane world let me try to rephrase that one more time ladies and gentlemen whether or not it was the direct intention of these you know agricultural companies and all these these companies that control the majority of the vitamins the supplements

the food whether or not it was their intention to destroy the populations health with their fortified food with all this other garbage the processed food whether or not it was their intention for it to plague our health or not doesn't matter it's successfully rolled out and our health is being you know affected in a very detrimental ways or we were experiencing consequences for lacks a lack of vitamin content in the food in the may you know mineral content in the food it's not just that though ladies and gentlemen the constant exposure to these goddamn devices is destroying our health excuse my language but it is a huge problem that is going over so many people's heads because so many people think that these smart devices are so great people are literally turning their homes now into what are known as smart homes where you can tell literally I'm not making this up excuse my language ladies and gentlemen you can tell your microwave now from like 20 feet away to cook your popcorn I am NOT making this up my wife told me this the other day and in a sense I guess some kind of unhip to all the news going on because you know I

had heard about some of these devices that you set up in your home where they can turn your houses into like smart houses ladies and gentlemen I'm not going to talk about particular companies and which devices they have but some of the biggest companies now have these speakers that you can plug into your devices and you can control your lighting and stuff from inside your house with your voice very strange it's an AI system ladies and gentlemen these a eyes even have their own names their own personifications their own alter egos so to speak their own personalities is what I'm what I was trying to say but yeah she told me that this company came out with a smart microwave that will actually listen to your voice and you can tell it to cook popcorn like you can say cook my baked potato and it knows what you're saying and cooks it predicated you know it cooks it on the right setting predicated upon what you say to it because obviously you can't cook a baked potato in the same way that you can cook a bag of popcorn so now you can sit on the couch while you're plugged in to your blue light-emitting 50 foot television screen that's killing

you and destroying your hormones your endocrine systems your DNA your cells and you can tell your microwave from 20 feet away while you're watching your giant television screen to radiate with radiation RF frequency radio waves your food all that's missing now is a little mobile Android device or not and a little personal robot that actually flies over to the microwave and gets your food and brings it to you what the hell is going on here ladies and gentlemen I recommend watching a movie called wall-e wal L - II I think it was called this is a Pixar film that is 3d animated and it's basically showing how humanity is literally becoming digitalized we're being plugged into an AI system chances are maybe you've actually seen that movie already and I don't necessarily yeah I don't usually recommend watching movies that are 3d animated because Muslim or junk but this one's actually pretty cool and I wouldn't say cool it's kind of jaw-dropping how accurate it is humanity right now it's going in a negative way our direction ladies and gentlemen and that's why when the sun's out regardless of how long it's out if

there's some solar maximum if the sun is shining through the clouds at any given time of day when you have free time try to take advantage of it even if you can just put your arm out like maybe are at work in an office position your chair so you can get some sunlight on your skin this is a huge problem there is a vitamin D deficiency going on here in the world ladies and gentlemen and when you lack vitamin D just heard a strange noise from the corner of the room excuse me when you lack vitamin D ladies and gentlemen there are so many different physiological processes within the body that you know experienced the repercussion of doing so are experiencing a lack of vitamin D I think my cat is on the other side of the wall right now scratching and I can hear the scratching noise and it's taking my focus away from it's taking my focus away excuse me but you know bad bone health is one of the biggest things that you know your bone marrow in the cells within your bone marrow get affected when you lack vitamin D ladies and gentlemen you see it seems to based on the research show that you have a lot more higher likelihood of getting sick

people who get more sunlight as well tend to be happier people and that's what's so interesting to me about vitamin D is that it appears based on the research and the studies that vitamin D does play some role in depression and warding it off again I posted yesterday a PubMed study that was on PubMed about how lack of vitamin D in suicide patients was rather prevalent so again this is something that I don't think most doctors are really talking about it's amazing to me how when people go in for depression or anxiety issues doctors don't really ask you okay what is your diet like like do you have do you eat processed foods are you eating you know a lot of sugar and stuff like that a lot of people who have depression issues eat sugar excessive amounts of sugar and they eat excessive amounts of wheat and even if they don't think the sugar chances are they eat carbohydrates oh right down into glucose which is a form of sugar so now you have circulating sugars in your system and sugar put you on a crash ladies and gentlemen if you actually look at what sugar does to your brain it affects your brain like a drug

it actually stimulates regions in your brain the same regions and similar regions that hard drugs do so sugar is highly addictive ladies and gentlemen it took me so long to actually finally break away from needing or wanting a craving sugar my sugar cravings are gone every once in a while ladies and gentlemen I will get like a craving for sweets but if I put like a if I wet my fingernail or my fingertip and put it into some sea salt and put on the tip of my tongue usually the cravings go away that's actually a great hack ladies and gentlemen if you're interested in muting the hunger signals if you're trying to do things like intermittent fast and stuff like that when you get hungry you can just you know lick the tip of your finger and have some salt here like I do put on the tip of your tongue it'll stimulate your flavor Centers and they'll calm yourself it'll calm you that's worked for me it's worked for them for many people as well it's kind of an interesting little hack but sugar ladies and gentlemen huge problem I'm gonna do a complete series on sugar and how toxic it is it's like a drug we

don't view it as a drug because it's become such a part of our culture in our pterri history as human beings here on in this dimension that it goes over scene it's not examined well enough and you know sugar is a huge monopoly a lot of people make a ton of money off sugar it's in the company's best interest for the people to remain hooked to all these bad foods but wheat ladies and gentlemen processed foods are the bit one of the biggest problems with depression in my opinion I'm not saying that it's going to completely get rid of depression but my oh my oh my has getting rid of processed foods and limiting eliminating excessive carbohydrates really helped me with my depression and my anxiety but and just so you know this is not processed refined salt this is actually mediterranean sea salt that i ran through the blender and got it really fine because it was super coarse but again ladies and gentlemen it just kind of blows my mind that doctors don't go okay well what's before we put you on these strong selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors these these uh it's got a message for my wife before we put you on these strong antidepressants how

about we you know do a vitamin test a hair nail analysis why don't we look at your blood vitamin D levels why don't we look at these key minerals and vitamins and see if you're lacking any in your diet or in your blood your tissues you name it because the body requires these things ladies and gentlemen and when you don't have these things it only makes sense that the body is not going to operate properly because there's a delicate balance within the body it needs adequate vitamins minerals fats you name it so wouldn't it make more sense to think that okay you have a depression issue let's first look at whether or not your body's lacking any key minerals in building blocks because in a sense if you're missing selenium if you're missing iodine if you're missing magnesium that's like a car without a seatbelt spark plugs and an exhaust is the car really gonna operate properly no but if you ameliorate or if you mitigate that issue or fix the problem excuse me by putting the exhaust back getting new spark plugs and getting a new seat belt in this sense I'm you know minerals then the cars going to run better so again I'm pretty interested

I'm really interested in vitamins in general but vitamin D fascinates me probably the most