01 May 2019

Shopfreemart - Heart Health W/Pure Mag | Get Help For Your Heart

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hi guys Terry Brown here and I want to

thank you for stopping by to check out this video today and I think this is a very vital and very important video that I'm going to share with you I'm gonna be talking about you know heart issues and heart health just briefly but hopefully enough that you'll you'll be inspired or encouraged you know to look to think about some things for yourself and so I want to get right into this message because I have you know a few things I want to share with you okay um I wouldn't I'm gonna do this video you know really off the cuff and you know I've had some some thoughts that I want to share and I'm gonna do it as briefly as I can first I want to show you this bottle here as you can see it says pure mag cuz that's what I want to talk about okay and over the last like 12 months okay I've had you know friends died family members of friends okay people that I heard about died from heart attacks heart issues okay and you know it's it's quite disturbing and and these are people from you know my age too older to younger okay people in their 30s 40s 50s and 60s and above you know having you know major heart issues

and some people didn't even know that there was a problem and I said you know what I need to share this more and more and more because I believe that this product here okay is pure magnesium is going to help a lot of people alright so so stay with me for the next few moments okay I want you to see this alright and it says magnesium known to prevent heart attacks now let me say this okay because now I'm not saying that what we have is going to heal or prevent okay or help with any ailment okay we can't make any any claim like that we can't we can't do that but what we do know is that the research shows that magnesium can help people with heart issues and those that don't even know that they have them all right and so you know you know I'm this guy that I'm not gonna share anything with you that I'm not going to get involved in or use the product myself okay many of the products that we have with shop free Marc I really think that we have the best products in the health and wellness industry okay and so I want to go through just this list and then I'm gonna take you when I want to show you something really quick and but I hope

that you do with the information is that you decide for yourself that you're gonna do something to help yourself okay no matter what age you are I think heart health is vitally important and if you can do anything to prevent those unsane things that go on then I think that's something that you really want to do okay so just let's look at this list together it says okay first of all he says here most needed mineral in the body magnesium okay we have pure mag concentrate and this is something again that I take every single week okay not every day but I do take it every week okay let's look at this says magnesium helps form bones protein and fatty acids helps to keep calcium Mobile in your body helps to restore insulin production using externally and internally to relieve muscle cramps okay regulates healthy function of the heart big big biggie okay that's what we're really talking about but good to look at the other things to can aid in removing excess calcium from the kidneys helps with sleep problems promotes normal bowel movements

widespread deficiency due to depleted farm soils okay so you know so I want you to think about what you're going to hear next okay really think about it and I want to encourage you again we can't make any medical claims okay we can't say that this is going to heal you or help you in any way but we will say that people who have more magnesium in their bodies okay are not as susceptible to heart attacks as other people this is something to think about because a lot of times we don't know what's going on in these bodies okay so I'm going to share this one other thing with you real quick and then I'm going to close this video out and then I'm going to invite you to make sure that you stop at my website and you kick up some pure magnesium concentrate okay so check this out okay guys I just want to share this with you really really quickly okay pure mag concentrate okay shot free marked pure mag concentrate is a new chelated form of magnesium that was developed by a team of neuro scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology okay MIT and Singh schwa University in Beijing who bound magnesium to L thorough Nate a vitamin C metabolite

okay I don't know what all that means I just know that we've got some great great stuff here okay now I just want to just gonna share this with you this this paragraph right here and you can come to the website and you can check this out for yourself okay but and well I invited you to do that okay listen to this says magnesium has been called the after mineral because it is essential to life found in every living cell and is required for every physiological process that goes on in our bodies it is as necessary to life as oxygen and water when you run out of magnesium your heart goes into spasms heart attack and you die okay within the last 50 years research indicates that approximately eight million people have died from heart failure due to a lack of magnesium alone okay folks and the reason why I'm sharing this and I'm gonna share more as as we go down the pike as time allows okay about this product and some of the other products that we have that are helping people tremendously but I wanted to share this because as I said at the beginning I've had friends that have

died of heart attacks I don't believe that they knew that they were going to die the mammy I mean you know got up in massive heart attacks I've had I've had relatives of friends who died you know I've read about people just you know getting up and dying from heart attacks people perhaps didn't know that they even had a heart issue and I'm saying this at least get some magnesium again I make no medical claims okay I cannot do that but research is letting us know the importance of having magnesium in your diet folks I encourage you to grab the link and go to the website and get some of the best magnesium that you can get anywhere okay from shot free Marc I'm Terry brown I'm wishing you a blessed powerful and tremendous life alright hope to see you real soon bye bye grab the to the website check it out today