11 March 2019



hey guys welcome back to today's video

today we are doing budget Beauty buys so excited to be here with you guys today and do some shopping I was looking forward to filming this all week and I'm just excited to hang out with you guys it's always just like one of the most fun parts of my week for me and today I'm actually wearing all pink in honor of my beautiful beautiful mother she would have been 62 years old today it was her birthday and I just loved to honor her memory and it's hard for me to talk about because I get super emotional and I don't want to start like having crazy emotional of intro but I just wanted to time out to just remember her and um yeah I just wear her favorite color but my mom never got a chance to know about budget be buys but I feel like she would have absolutely loved this series and bid been such a fan she was like my number one Supporter of my videos and she loved Marshalls it was her favorite store one of her favorite stores for sure and she always got me like birthday presents from Marshalls I still have a lot of stuff that she got me like full wreaths and stuff with the tags on it from Marshalls um so I know that she would be very proud and excited

about the series so I am devoting today's episode time this one's for her and um I hope you guys enjoy right into it let's go shopping for some good affordable makeup deals at awesome prices and let's go check it out alright guys we are already off to a good start which is amazing and so fitting because we're at Marshall but I found at lorac lipstick set this is so exciting I love the rock lipsticks this is the Mod goddess alter-ego lipstick set Volume one and here's the colors on the back they actually look different on the back so we have working girl touch a CEO Aphrodite and Selene and this set is only $9.99 so this is so cool I know a lot of you guys told me that you were finding lorac so I I was hoping I would because it's one of my favorite brands totally underrated so this is the Mod goddess lightsource say so you get a highlighter a blush and a light source illuminating primer and let's see this is 999 corners of my eye it is the Shan EXO the remix palette it's only $6.99 you guys this is awesome I loved her original palette and I always wanted to get the second one so this is what it looks like and I think

here's one over here as well maybe oh no this is the one I found last week a Marvy corn palette which was so cute this one is only $6.99 as well so you guys saw this one but let me see if I can open it up the Shan EXO looks like her original palette and then you turn it around and then you have these horrible shades the previous one had lip glosses which I never really used but I love all these colors so I really think I want to pick this up I don't know they still sell this on the website I have to check but this is very exciting to write I found another one of lorac lipstick scents and we have be honest I see a subculture palette this is 1989 I think they lower the price on this which is nice you also have some really cute little like containers here I know you guys like seeing me so this is $5.99 perfect for brushes and I see here we have a steal a shimmer and glow eye shadow and in vivid garnet and that's the shade right there that one's really pretty sounds like we have one back - oh yes this is C siren I think oh no this is into the blue this one I was looking for this is also 789 I will show you guys because I love these okay that's

into the blue so pretty it's a purple with no blue with purple reflex we also have the bare minerals genuine matte lip color in hemp found two of those these are I think these are $4.99 yeah those are for 99 days do I owe you guys is another first the buxom salon plump English Lit polish in Ariana I think I actually owned this one okay I actually own this one this is such a nice color really nice lip topper and it smells amazing so highly recommend this and then it looks like we have that specific Sun and lip care lip balm and this is only $2.99 and then a bunch of the Too Faced mascara melt off minis these are 399 and then tons of the bare Pro you guys this foundation is awesome I highly recommend picking this up and it's only $7.99 I love it thank you guys so much for letting me know how good it was this is a really nice brush from japonesque it's an all-over I shadow brush and I love that we've been seeing these and this is 399 lip gloss color open spice just saw today from honest hacia it is in fudge and its 789 like a dark brown lipstick Queen famous last words I think it's a lip gloss for $5.99 in

the shade the shade is called so long and we have this C peachy nude a lipstick from lipstick clean and this is $5.99 the Becca glow gloss in Ruby fire for 789 this will have the Stila glitter and glow in a fairytale I actually bought this one a couple weeks go ahead and tried it yet but in its 789 it's a peek at what fairytale looks cute little trio from japonesque and this is $5.99 and we have this a Marc Jacobs seamless brush it is a liquid foundation brush for $9.99 the lorac alter ego lipstick a trio and this is only 789 you get nudists optimist and CEO this was a really cute set it's a 8 piece gen nude radiant lipstick and it is bare minerals and you get to to crush notorious nudists panco XOXO queen and a cream so this looks like it's separated a bit I don't know what are you guys thoughts on this it seemed odd goddess goddess pearl liquid lipstick set and this is $5.99 you get soft mom and brown thanks guys I am now here at t.j.maxx my favorite one and I'm going to see if there is anything good here we are already off to a really good start so let's go inside and see what we can find and I did get a couple like home things at the last

Marshalls and it was so just like quiet which was my favorite especially for a weekend it's just kind of like so nice I hate when the stores are super busy I think it's because it's raining out so let's go and check out it's a dog alright guys so I found another chantix oh the remix palette I guess that's gonna be about everyone this week and they still have the Becca and Chrissy Chrissy cravings lips lip gloss that I found this here and last week so this is only $12.99 that's crazy else celestial magic lip stuff that I found at the last Marshalls cielo haven't Hugh highlighter I found this maybe like three weeks ago and this is in magnificence it's really exciting oh I think I see another one okay so those look brand-new and then over here we also have the heavens you highlighter in a brilliant lining oh my gosh so $9.99 that's such a good price and then I see here we have tons of be clear and glows my heart is like it's so happy here we have tons of the glitter and glow eye shadows we have into the blue vivid smoky quartz icy sea siren back there vivid garnet cloud which is the one I saw last week that's really pretty

we have Sunset Cove which I bought last week and then this one says it's a glitter and glow this is next to notte I'm gonna have to check that one out what's this one vivid smoky quartz oh we have so many of those which is so exciting we also have the bareMinerals gen new to buttercream rope gloss in mink and this is 399 I'm actually looking for a specific sheet of this I hope I can find it have a a Mac dazzle glass in it's like get-rich-quick not a type of glass they tricked us it's a bareMinerals gen nude looks like one of the lip glosses so okay they do have another table class let's see if this one is actually inside the package it's called a gold deal yellow sparkle so pretty with the gold in the yellow there we go all right you guys can get a better look at it Bobby Brown highlighting powder in pink glow sadly this is kind of destroyed mama this oh gosh these are the fast these types of drawers there's no price on it but I love these four lipsticks I just put one on my vanity and I'm obsessed because everything lays nice and flat I love it okay here is next to

note I leave my camera stays in focus it sounds so pretty it's like a ruby sparkle in skincare we have the dr. Brandt face cream with antioxidants and this is $17.99 looks like holiday sets with a mascara and pencil and these are do a price back at Burlington and I don't know if there will be anything new here I came because I hope there's some new stuff because we found the Patrick Starr collections but I don't know so let's go check out together maybe we'll find some more Maxim so I suspected there's not much here I did find these like influencer nail sets which I had never heard of before but this is um Samantha's stiletto nails and then it looks like Nicole Guerrero collab on these stiletto nails there's snap-on nails I don't know have you guys seen these let's see how much they are they're only $4.99 this is definitely a clap I've never seen before they're pretty they have this one another Nicole Club punch it again there really isn't too much stuff here they do still have the Mac and magic star collection over here so they still have them and then they have a bunch of the

profusion blush and bronze and sculpt sets I have tons of these but these are really nice palettes so these are 789 and they also have these really cute Beach royal affair liquid Lynne sets with a makeup bag and this is $12.99 alright guys so I am now here at Marshall's shoe shop and I got a really good parking spot so let's go see if they have anything good here and check it out ok so it looks like there's a lot of stuff here this week looks like there's a lot of stuff here this week we have the cargo HD picture perfect gradient eyeshadow palette and this is only 399 matchbox cover shot smokey eyeshadow palette this makes $12.99 they also have those seen the rock mod goddess about we found that Marshalls also have other rock riffs and gorgeous eye collection I also found a bare minerals marvelous Moxie lipgloss I've never seen these before this was $4.99 and she is the the Too Faced glitter popular eyeliner in glitter ghost and this is for you guys it's like a crystal glitter matte lipstick in the sheet these are 789 having a Quan expert lip color in the shade Mar Z and this is 989

things I've never heard ever seen before it's the steel of glitterati lip topcoat this image she ignite and these are only $4.99 I say they have another one here this one is in the shade transcend so I'm curious about those also have the glitter and glow laters we have she's clean and we also have Painted Lady and absolutely this is embellish which I haven't seen yet but I'm excited to try this way okay they also happy heaven to you highlighter in aluminum essence and these are 789 I don't know if I found this shade of the other one but then this is still exciting oh my gosh you guys I found a stall that shimmers shimmer and glow liquid eyeshadows side and this is the first time I'm seeing this this is 999 so you get starlight kitten and vivid smoky quartz this is a really nice set this was even more exciting I found the glitter and glow oh my stars glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow trio so you get one of my favorite shades diamond dust you also get what's this one kitten karma which I love and then gold goddess three of my favorites I absolutely love it okay so this was already open it's the Stila heavens hue a highlighter in

luminescence more glitter and glows they have Sunset Cove vivid smoky quartz and it's sea siren will have tons of the Stila stay all day liquid lipsticks these are only $4.99 is a shade of sogno they also have the Smashbox be legendary lip pick me in a bad whole this is on clearance for only 350 we have the Smashbox always on metallic matte lipstick in or rust fund and this is $7.99 if this is the bomb yeah this is the bomb I shadow stick this it's only $2.99 when this is in the sheet out field that's really cool they have the cat money everlasting liquid lipstick a noble underaged we read in the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick a bunch of the buxom plumping lip polishes this isn't crystal and I actually thought this was like some once watched it but I think that's just I'm showing what the color is this one looks so pretty this is $5.99 let's take a peek okay so this is crystal I guess it comes out more here but it's really interesting color and we have these two this is Selena on the left and Mariah this one's super interesting this is Mariah have a dual chrome green yellow pearl this one is a beautiful

this is Selena it's just like a crystal II literally personally crystal gloss and then we have have Cydia iris this is like a kind of Barbie pink color found Allura color source buildable blush lovely off blushes this is and this is not sure how I feel about this but it's interesting glitter and glow in embellish definitely more shimmer like metallic than the glittery one why have I not seen this one before I love it definitely gonna get this one it's cold stylish day I'm at t.j.maxx and it has been such a good day for fines and I really I've just been enjoying shopping today so let's go and see if there's anything else did hear this ok so here's two things I'm super interested in in skincare this arose in Africa and you got priming oil from pearl essence this is $5.99 and then we also have this coat and Rose makeup setting spray this it's $6.99 the coupe and easy C plus D scam and the night glow sleeping serum these are all $6.99 and they also have the hello five triple protection skin tint this is in fair and looks like we have medium care as well and this has always been one of my favorite fragrances pink

sugar by aqua Lena this is a concluding go limited edition set this is $24.99 I've been wearing this forever like forever since I was a teenager and I still like it so that t.j.maxx was a bust today there was no good makeup and it was a mess so I'm gonna just pretend like that didn't happen today because we had so many other good stores today so I want to show you guys really quick my haul okay so from Marshalls I got the Stila glitter and glow in stylish and I did do a swatch so you guys could see how pretty it is in the daylight I love it this is for a friend this is the Stila glitter and glow liquid eye shadow on my star set for $9.99 such a good little set I got the Shann EXO the remix palette for $6.99 from Marshalls the first so I went to and I might use this for a giveaway I don't know if I'm going to keep it really cute denim jacket it's a little hard to show love denim jackets I wear the heck out of the ones that I have a brand called Cisco I got a medium and it's so cute so I could not pass that up home stuff I got this welcome mat it's currently shutting and making a mess but

this is an outdoor welcome mat I needed one for our police and then I also got this wicker basket basket it's like a little bit kind of distressed looking with the white paint so I'm gonna put that in my front entryway and I think is that everything I got yeah so I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching today I hope you had fun shopping with me and it was really truly such a special episode of budget BT buys for me and I feel like it was such a good shopping day that's it I hope you guys enjoyed please let me know in the comments down below what goodies you guys found this week did you find any of same stuff that I found there was so much new stuff this week which I'm like so so excited about it my question of the day it's gonna be a little bit more specific but my question of the day for you guys is what is your favorite shade of the steel of glitter and glow or shimmer and glow eyeshadows that you have found at t.j.maxx for me my favorite is gypsy highlighter in monarch and the one I just found stylish those are like my top favorites it's so hard to pick because there's so

many good ones but yeah those are mine oh and see sirens C siren is the other one that I love so those are my favorites let me know yours thank you guys so so much for watching I love you so much and I will see you in my next video hey guys know