27 August 2019


welcome welcome to Sue's university of

life here on YouTube and to session six of my journal on the invisible condition of Emmie and fibromyalgia keeping a journal is an incredibly easy way of seeing how much progress you're making of when you're on a down day looking back to how it was at the beginning of your journaling and week this is session six and we're talking here about nutrition and nutrition is something that it's the nutrients that we give to our body that help to do the job that's needed in order for us to have the best health possible our immune system is jeopardized and so we need to do whatever we can to improve that and this talk was by a lady just in lay laid law a holistic nutritionist and she has a her own website which is the natural bird natural bird and it's she was so incredibly helpful Kyra and Tina both covered aspects of well-being leading into Justin's very interesting and comprehensive talk this ranged from nutrition on a basic level and her personal journey and talking about leaky gut syndrome and the holistic options that we all can have which increase our illness to wellness a wealth of information was presented so if you go

to her website that's there for you and I am highly delighted to recommend Joslyn who her own journey of cancer has been phenomenal and we were told of the magic of something called bone broth bone broth and the benefits it brings we were shown dark leafy vegetables that we could grow and use for the most beneficial effects with our struggling bodies I was thrilled with the handouts that we could take home and Digest if you'll excuse the pun the whole session was one of learning with small steps leading to huge insights into a world called our bodies and its needs surely with this new information we can only grow from strength to strength we've come so far and survived without looking after ourselves now we're learning how to look after ourselves instead of having I've got a me I have me a me I'm looking after me I again I'm excited as I introduce new nutrition into my lifestyle remove obstacles that we know anyway that sugar white sugar is it's just a lethal poison to our system and processed foods are just not healthy and helpful I'll gain so much more than the temporary loss of yet another addiction I can watch as my

body accepts the foods that are actually beneficial to my body and getting the nutrition and healing it needs content in now in I embrace health healthy fats and reduce old ideas from decades ago as more information is given Thank You Justin what I know for sure I'm using my common sense I'm taking control of my choices and I'm privileged to be here in Turanga and gain my weight of freedom via this amazing workshop once again Thank You Tina and Keira and the Wellness workshop and Justine can can be found on the natural bird just in lay law and that is a wealth of information amazing stuff on Facebook on YouTube so I don't need to give you any more of that other than to say do your homework and it would be great if you can support my website WWWE and have a look what's in there and remember you matter and remember we can give you all the words of wisdom in the world we can give you the our experiences we can give you new skills what we're not able to do is do that for you you have to do that work and it's so it's a labor of love because the results and and what you can achieve at the end of

this not only will inspire you it will help your relationships and maybe you can help somebody who's struggling bye for now