27 August 2019

Senior Softball (Infusion IV nutrition)

AS WE GROW OLDER OUR BODY LOSES ITS NATURAL ABILITY TO METABOLIZE. Bypassing the digestive system is the main advantage of IV nutrition.

I've got a little video here I want you

guys to look at and I think this is the way of the future me and Bubba are gonna start doing it and there's so many reasons why we're gonna start doing it I want to be short when I'm talking about this I want you here the video our next video that we do about this we're gonna actually start doing it I'm gonna show yes doing it and I'm gonna let you guys know how I feel when I do it I'm gonna start doing this before tournaments for one let me tell you what it is it's IV drip they yeah I call it a cocktail they put all these vitamins not only with the hydration they put a lot of these vitamins there and it gets into your system real fast you guys know that when you're taking a supplement orally you only absorb 30 percent of whatever milligram supplement you're taking and every senior out there needs to be hydrated you lose 40 percent of your strength when you're not hydrated when you're dehydrated you're already and it takes so long for you actually to get hydrated whenever you're doing sports on weekends so it's the best thing to do this before you actually go play tournament from what I was told the other day is when you get hydrated with

this IV drip it's like drinking two gallons of water in five minutes a couple of things - we have absorption rate our absorption absorption rate whenever we're consuming foods supplements a lot of people are different my absorption rate is different than yours so a lot of people aren't even absorbing the 30 percent that you would get when you're doing an IV drip it's 100 percent of what they're injecting into your vein so I think that's a plus I've been doing research on this for like four to five years now actually did a video on it on YouTube years ago and it was taken down because what I did was I copyrighted someone actually talking about it I wasn't supposed to do that but I took it down and I just want to do a video on it because we actually have one of these by in my house now and I want to do this video Bubba's gonna start doing it I'm gonna start doing it and I think guys this is for you hardcore athletes this is not for you weekend warrior guy place church ball it's not for that guy it's a guy that works out the guy that's in the gym it's for the guy that's out hitting balls two

to three times a week if the guy that's playing tournaments the at the highest level his highest level that he can play twice a month so those this is for those guys that actually want to it's a part of the puzzles when I'm trying to say because with working out with hitting balls with the nutrition the supplements actually you're trying to put into your body that you're only getting a little bit of it to absorb this is something that will get there you know get there fast and it's just another link in the chain to be like have different types okay these are our different IV formulas that we have and any one of them can be mixed or so but the one that is probably the most similar to a cocktail is the body quencher which this is perfect for hydration it's going to give you vitamin C it's gonna give you V 12 and B complex these are what's gonna give you your energy and then of course vitamin C is always going to boost your immune system our IV bags are what is instead of it just being saline water and salt we have the electrolytes that are already in the back so if I ordered if we were just to administer an IV bag directly it's gonna

be full of electrolytes and so you're gonna get hydrated from that but then you're gonna get six species of each of these vitamins in addition to two CCS and vitamin C the b12 and the B complex another one that like during cold and flu season or if you're ever feeling rundown this is a good one it has the beat this C and the B complex as in the quencher but then it has glutathione which just kind of helps your body detox so that's kind of a good one to think about the other one that I would recommend this is also just for fueling energizing your body the the b12 and the B complex like we've already talked about for energy and then the l-arginine this helps your muscle mass organ that's injected by your hero re arginine increasing growth hormone well that's something that if that is the case that we want that we want to increase how many milligrams so it'll be 2 cc's and each of these as well all right okay so this is just an option I was thinking about that could be beneficial to you is for muscle repair is the body pump now it has the l-arginine in here that we were talking about but it also has the other aminos

the carnitine and the guys in front o get rid a lot of fat or fat is used as fuel your muscles use less this is prevent it actually release it open so things you know okay you were familiar with all this you just gotta take large doses about or is your name for its effect like a guerrilla hormone that they actually use this as a secreted god whatever the testing you for growth hormone is supposed to help to put tear tear gland release growth okay large but it's good my doctor is always telling me that you need that I need to sleep more in order to help my probably need to be doing this supplementing with these based on what you're telling me so anyways that these are different formulas any of these formulas so a 1000cc bag which is a normal IV bag is 149 suit you get to choose from any one of these six formulas for 149 bet if there's an ax supplement that you want to add to the IV bag we can also add it on for an additional just $10 per supplement see my wife with this okay what up this body this body shaper so to be twelve it gives you your energy and then the life of topics which are the other three is

what helps your liver meant a lot or clenches your liver which then enable more efficiently five yeah do you have time for a quick five minutes I'll show you everything okay so if you have no any cracking and the legs or anything this is excellent for helping your laser cutter so to give you an example in January every and a half marathon but I didn't train because I wasn't planning on running it I'm just gonna walk it with my girlfriend's that I got there and they're like we know you wanna read it I was like well I'm fifty it's gonna be more fun to say I ran one at fifteen cent a walk one so of course I'm a store the next day right so I came in here I did that compression boots and I followed up with a freeze and my legs are back to normal so this just helps break down the lactic acid in your legs and massages your legs while it helps your blood in your legs circulate so what we do is we put you in the boots we tilt the chair back and you are in it for 20 to 30 minutes but it's just you know something that's really helpful to keep that in mind okay you need to relax if you want you're just like stressed out or your muscles are

tight and you need to stretch shorter saw it is this is our infrared sauna so if you're cynical asana at the gym you for 30 minutes he talks about all percent of your toxins by sweating them out this is seven times as powerful with the infrared light system it helps kind of heat your body from within so you're going to detox about seven times more so about 28 percent of your toxins in a thirty minute but what would be helpful for you I would think is if you're tight and sore and you need to stretch and you know you need to stretch if you heat up in the sauna and then stretch it's gonna be more effective in your stretching circle and then this is wonderful just for relaxing for distressing for detoxing you burned four to 600 calories not only while you're in here for the 30 minutes that over the next few hours as your body's trying to pull itself back down so just something to keep in mind but this is like for distressing now this is the last two rooms are our magical rings this is our kind of therapy chamber and what we do is we have out of the chamber of your shoulders on down men are always fun for me to measure because I want to

get you all usually your shoulders or built up really well and so I want to get your shoulders in there as well so we thought we want to do is get your shoulders on down fit your head think lean out so you're not breathing the nitrogen gases you drop the temperature really really really cold it's gonna be your adrenaline which is going to give you energy but more importantly the cold in combination with boosting your endorphins will remove the inflammation in your body removing the inflammation that's gonna make you more flexible and it's going to help reduce any aches and pains you have going on you also burn it up four to eight hundred calories not only than three minutes then you're in here but the next four hours as you're warming your body back up so these are all the benefits you may want to take a coffee you may want to take a picture of this these are all the benefits for doing a crowd therapy freeze so these are the fitness benefits listed over here some of the beauty benefits are listed in the middle and then some of the medical benefits are listed on the right so just

something to keep in mind and then this is the room that you expressed interest in the first payment this is our middle ring so again similar to the pages that I have on the desk these are six different formulas any one of these formulas any of these formulas could be mixed in that like we talked about yes you