25 September 2018

SEAFOOD PASTA. Cooking Show "Taste of Thoughts®" with Dr. Irina Koles

Are you a PASTA LOVER but avoid it being afraid of weight gain? You shouldn't! Just choose the right pasta of the right shape and lose weight eating that.


hello everyone and welcome to taste of thoughts with dr. arena and dr. arena how are you today wonderful how y'all doing I am doing wonderful as well and I know today that we're gonna have a combination of pasta and seafood oh the best you know two things that two kinds of meals that people just absolutely love yeah so how do we make this how do we combine this great effort to make this meal all seafood is very healthy food they're unsaturated they don't have saturated fats and the your protein very good healthy protein so we'll soak them in here no sodium in here lemon juice and olive oil okay I'll avoid wild will cook faster mm-hmm now to choose a good pasta it's choosing a good fast it's it's a tricky thing because we want to keep our meal low glycemic in wasilla kimdax depends on the way of cooking of the temperature so one posture can be not good for you but in other one can be absolutely perfect not afraid of pasta meal so one of them one of the things that influence with them is kimdax it is pressure so the spaghetti mm-hmm the they made under the big pressure high pressure okay so so

the thinnest spaghetti it's better for you so thin spaghetti is better it's better so I chose chose I'm angel hair angel here it's already never liked the name but you didn't like the name about the in terms of our health it's basically what we're doing here what you're doing here is actually cooking a healthy meal yes and especially for weight loss and support in healthy weight and maintaining the healthy level of blood sugar and cholesterol levels so all these and the point is it can be very delicious meal and so it is not controversial it can be delicious and tell me okay okay so let's get started okay we're gonna put these yet I'll ask you to great mm-hmm yep it goes by the way both ways go both ways yes all right I'll cut through so like when you're serving wood mm-hmm how much of this do you want by the way as much as I can do yes the whole lemon is a national yep you've right away you get that great lemon aroma right away yes and the I discovered that pasta goes very well with lemon several years ago and they were surprised why should they put lemon and faster but it is mm-hmm

it's fine it is a great combination mm-hmm so it's good to it of course olive oil you know you see you're getting close and you're doing the garlic yes you create kind of sauce we are not going to use source afterwards but now we want to solve oh these guys anytime now how much of this do we know is just enough or do you want more know if you can manage all zest it a little bit dice oh-oh-oh-oh lemon yes all right we can manage that and then we'll cut it in half and get juice all right oh you're stronger than oh yeah that's nice lemon juice hmm we can do some oh good not the other side to the other half yes so what you use also our egg on them mm-hmm oh I think thank you thank you yes smell of lemon is just okay so we are a dinner garlic lemon zest lemon juice garlic salt and olive oil lots of I love olive oil yes that's good amount of olive oil oh yeah never be greedy in olive oil it's all - okay we'll put him there unfilled mm-hmm but you have the tails on i have tails in this eye there or rim

I've learned that actually on my own experience that when they cook with this tail they're much tender and juicy I like so there's a little hint to Noah cook them with the tails off yep oh and so you're putting the scallops in as well a lobster a gimp and calamari in the column are not calamari should be actually also we need to cut it so and we'll add sorry and oregano right yes if you don't mind - oh wow smell if you don't mind - sure do this here I'll cut calamari meanwhile no cuts lemon drinks preparing all if you don't like drinks you can cut them this way mm-hmm oh you know you can just go well opposite not allows it the other way yeah oops well I'm learning something now yeah there you go yeah it takes Oh Foley against the greatly yeah you see it's it's been alright well it's good you know this dude smells great organized wonderful yeah mm-hmm this is another plan that spread out around my garden chives and all right it is everywhere oh oh that what a great aroma I'll have a calamari in here yeah it's nice to have it in this marinate

for 15-20 minutes 15 or 20 minutes yes and this is exactly the time well I our pasta do you ever sing while you're well you feel hey I'll never sing while you're cooking what's this do you ever do you ever sing while you're cooking you know singing a song oh no no you don't okay I like silence get like silence oh I'm talking to my kids Oh Oh more precisely he's talking to his talk and I need to ask I guess he can smell all those great food that baby cat would love to be in there yes great and it's two pitches that people stay away of such great food which is healthy and delicious because they afraid that it can hurt them it will increase blood sugar will make them fat but it is not mmm what can be better than eat well and get slim sleep eat well you know and be healthy it's a great combination all right we done with the lemon a know do something else with it yes yeah I think we go ahead you had plans for that lemon we don't need them great it already but that Oh what is almost boiling and we'll let our angel angel here faster now the manufacturer is faster like this again

when I am talking about the person racing process mm-hmm so and if you care about your weight choose him and well-pressed from whole semolina and not the homemade or you know some some spaghetti they're not prayers elekid less press doesn't make sense they're white and thick a widened second okay so don't take a chance but choose the maximum first thing I get you oh look at this and we're talking because of healthy food because of arsenic index because it changes depending on the process so while it pressed the question mechanics lost actually glycemic index of white spaghetti is only 50 but not only its meet you but it is totally acceptable especially if you keep weight and spaghetti or any pasta from whole-wheat it is 40 so the difference is not big not much not that much difference yeah yes about the pressing the same about coffee like espresso it has less caffeine than the regular coffee because of this you know price yes so it's also good news and yeah exactly thank you good news okay oh I know what is this the cars we have this complicated system so you can bring the

water I don't think so I think I didn't add what pepper salt pepper garlic lemon juice Oregon it's good combination yeah so you don't want to to to to waste it mm-hmm and half not all and they'll put it there also will avoid eating it at my beach okay I don't know and outright but it will give more flavor flavor you see it changes the color it is getting more bright mm-hmm because of this lemon juice marinating process okay let me juice marinating into everything oh you can eat it like this and it's so good actually looks good right there it's like a work of a heart okay thinking what about half of how I want to put all of them are you gonna put all that in there Oh yeah because we're having long I see there is no such thing this little bit spaghetti spacious all this big must be a reason why they put a pound of it in that box they will cook very quickly because you see everything says on the box that it's good in four to five minutes do you go by what it says are you tested as it don't you all right that's a lot and I don't think so you'll see but probably then less and also

again the when it cooked last also the glycemic index stays like fifty as we discussed if you overcook it mm-hmm it may increase it mean and we don't want it because all components of wheat are getting a nozzle and get into not a chemical structure which influences differently our way well I need to finish it but it's a lot what it's about I just see that we have actually lost if I could past it's always a lot loss [Laughter] well we'll put everything because we have it won't go to waste no it's a pretty decent amount of seafood so to keep its shape you'll just wait and place it there what shape is beautiful in about three four minutes maybe five minutes it will be all ready mm-hmm and seafood will be marinated enough right that time okay fill the backbone so we just have to wait for it okay yeah yeah so actually we've drained the spaghetti the angel hair all right you've put some olive oil in the large part a big girl and you it's it's on a temperature these guys are marinated well they look marinated yeah not so bad so seafood

shouldn't be long long long line so just a couple of minutes just a couple of minutes and you need to eat them as soon as possible it is getting cold I like that part you just thing as possible so what does it look like now dr. Rehn let's see Oh beautiful it's getting bigger yeah the frame are getting filled and scholar so we'll wait a little bit it should it should be coat we don't want them okay so the seafood looks like it's done seafood is done and yeah this green color is nice now it's time to put cooked the pasta into the sauce so it will so it will thaw all the sauce it's going to absorb yeah well this is a great dish right here we have pasta and seafood a Ford and it smells delicious and Bon Appetit you have some cannonade to go with it yes so we'll try hmm so here we go I think I'm gonna go into the skull up first skull looks perfect cook just right right it is well we have a lot of seasoning in here too you can add full-on pepper or more olive oil actually whew mmm if you like try some you know the the pasta complements the seafood the combination of the winning

combination yes but if it's so light mm-hmm you don't really feel it it is very very light this angel hair delicious and also it is light dinner mm-hmm you are not feeling heavy and over aid after this it feels like to its taste taste like I love pasta well once again dr. Nina you've done a great job and so we have pasta today and seafood which has been calamari shrimp and scallops scallops right exactly so thank you very much thank you delicious meal great I'm glad you like and dr. dena has written a book taste of thoughts to improve your health and whole life and in the back of this this book of some recipes and she has a website which has lots of recipes on it as well so this is a good book to watch for your health and that's our program for today so thanks for watching and we'll see you next time [Music] you [Music]