12 July 2018

School Nutrition Association (SNA) largest exhibit of foods, beverages for school cafeterias

School Nutrition Association (SNA) the nation's largest exhibit of foods, beverages, equipment and resources for school cafeterias. More than 7000 school ...

a mr. Tyson

we're on live TV we're on live TV this is Tyson big bird this is JD if you lean over a sink media network we're here at the national food tasting for schools where every vendor is here tasting the food so that you can bring it into your school district so let us know what you want us to do there's every kind of food you can think of to taste chicken chicken barbecue pork look I didn't lower the camera low enough thank you sir this is a real haven for any type of food that you may be healed cooking for and I think it's actually a great idea that they're doing because it allows the school districts to find out if there is healthier choices for the kids so I thought I'd give you a quick tour we're on our way to another convention in actuality we're going over to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire we're actually going behind the scenes for a filming of a couple of the episode presenter sober this is actually a bond me sandwich with Turkey I'm on trial and so this should be interesting that it was one need it's negligible Turkey it's unbelievably delicious want a Big East

you should look at cargo cargo they're different products thank you sir you're welcome may I have two little weenies yeah so we're gonna blast out of here because we have to get over to the next convention but I just wanted to give you an overview of what's happening here [Music] I think we all agree we want better choices for our children in school [Music] for breakfast in the classroom paper food a lot of fresh fruits [Music] every major food manufacturers here from cameras crambles to Kellogg freshman cuz their suits me either Foster Farms Pines [Music] [Music] so I think we're gonna jump out of here good ol and the lace I'm gonna turn it back to you in this studio and of course like every show

k9 protection [Music] we'll end off the land of late but I hope you enjoyed this and you can see how important it is for your school JD Eppolito back to you in the studio [Music] you [Music]