09 June 2019

Sat. 6/8/2019 - Weight loss with IC, Hashimotos.....Healing Leaky Gut....Supplements and Herbs

Using all natural products to lose fat and heal leaky gut thus eliminating IC and high TPO antibodies. The products I am using are below: 1. For weight/fat loss: ...

hey everybody this is Tamika Finn hey

Lena so I'm doing a very impromptu video and I'm using my phone I don't have no professional camera none of that but I just wanna let y'all know I am about to star - one two three four - drops back up I will have a wait for y'all in the morning I'll be waiting with body pepper sending everything these are the drops that I'm doing and along with that I'm also trying to help my body out with some other issues to issues well really three but the issues that I have is I have interstitial cystitis those of you who don't know who that is what that is google it I probably put a link down in the description box below and I was diagnosed with that about six years ago after I had my hysterectomy and I also have high cpoe antibodies and what that is what that means is that my body immune system is attacking my thyroid I don't know why it's deciding to do that but it is and every thing goes back to the gut leaky gut so if I get rid of the leaky gut then I can get rid of the in assistance to status as well as lure my tpo numbers back to a normal range which is I think it's around 30 so my EP own numbers and let me say

there's my thyroid all my thyroid numbers look we're Noma t3 t4 TSH you know all of that my whole thyroid panel was normal only thing that was AB know was my TPO antibody so that number was 314 and within two weeks who went to 411 yeah I went to an endocrinologist and she basically you know did my blood work again which is she gave me the results of 411 and she was like you can't lure Lourdes your tpo antibodies this is just what it is and she was like you know don't come back to her I can just go back to my primary care and they'll just keep an eye on my numbers don't advise in my opinion and my mentioned Hashimoto's to her and it was us like oh hi she models is just so not his name you know and which it is this guy named it based off his findings or something like that so it's like she didn't believe in Hashimoto's seems like it and she didn't want me to come back to her and it's like having the body attack the thyroid gland is not normal and for her to tell me that my TPO numbers cannot come down it just is what it is it's like no I won't born with high numbers they hide now so it's not normal

something made it high you know what I'm saying so anyway I'm on my own I'll go back to my primary care to get blood work done and to see why I am but so as of tomorrow I'm starting back on a 1 2 3 4 diet jobs now I'm not using this to necessarily heal my good I am trying to lose weight I'm 5 feet 9 and I have a weight for y'all in the morning but I just got on the scale and it is like Saturday night I ate whatever today for the most part yeah I eat whatever today and the scale tonight had 174 so of course in the morning it's not gonna be 174 but it'll be lower than that a little or maybe not much but it will be so I'll have four by the way percent for y'all in the morning Oh body weight and of body fat percent play y'all in the morning all right moving on so this is what I'm using for weight loss again and with the interstitial cystitis one of the things is that the lining of the bladder is pretty much destroyed and not good and needs to be rebuilt so one of the medications the doctor had put me on six years ago was a moron now I had four different medications most everybody having assisted cystitis

half uses the same medications amitriptyline oxybutynin a Mehran and baclofen that's the four medications I had I don't take those but now I found an urge that does the same thing that a moron does and it rebuilds the lining of the bladder and you have to take this on a regular basis and that's chickweed that's what I that's what I'm using to real to rebuild my bladder lining and this is probably my fourth bottle this is my only one I've got this big so I got one brand and it was these people I had got their 2 ounce bottle try that and then I tried another brand ran out you know cuz I'm taking this like three four times a day faithfully so I'm working on that all right next with interstitial cystitis and leaky gut and all that stuff is inflammation so for the inflammation I'm using butcher's broom butcher's broom is also an herb and finally I put a link in the description box below where butchers broom is good for this is also good for bladder issues as well and with the bladder issues but footing official status comes a lot of inflammation so that's what this is going to be used for I got this from

Alice Freeman and healthy ha plus she sells this and I'm she told me take two in the morning I wasn't consistent but I'm just starting back to take this next as I'm trying to heal the leaky gut um well let me let me say this let me go through this other father first as I'm trying to heal leaky gut and I'm noticing I'm losing weight I'm losing elasticity from my navel on down to where my pubic hat would be and it's like droopy right there and I know I'm not gonna show you a picture right now but it is so I'm collagen loading I'm doing a lot of things I'm collagen loading and this is recommended by dr. axe I will also put his video and their about collagen loading and what he recommends for 30-days collagen loading three times a day three servings a day and this is his product this is the only multi collagen that I've been able to find which has type 1 type 2 type 3 type 5 and type 10 alright again I'm going to attach his video down below when he talks about collagen loading and I believe in each one of those in that video he talks about each one of those types and what with the what they do collagen helps off

with the half skin nails bones joints ligaments all that stuff now back to the leaky gut Oh nigga got collagen will also help with leaky gut yeah it will help the whole your digestive system ancestors this house believe you got as well so part of healing leaky gut is eliminating certain foods which as of tomorrow I'm going to be doing that a hundred percent and this that's why I'm doing this video for accountability so if you guys to please subscribe help keep me accountable I would really really appreciate that so along with me removing certain foods pretty much kind of following will be following at AIP diet autoimmune protocol but at the same time I have to fit that in within the allowed foods with these particular drops okay so the foods that I allowed here have to be allowed on my a IP diet and again I'm doing this put all this stuff together and making it work for me I'm doing this on my own I'm documenting it and again if you guys can follow me subscribe I need all the support that I can get because sometimes I just want to eat some popcorn with butter

alright so now this is gonna help me stay on track alright so every time I would eat food I noticed I would feel a lot bloated so I have digestive enzymes I just started taking those last night actually and I noticed even with me eating bad today which I consider bad cuz it's not my normal health and stuff I noticed a difference and how my stomach feel you know or whatever so I'm taking these digestive enzymes I take one in the morning or the one or two I got I came I don't remember I can't see it I don't have my glasses on but I take this in the morning and I got this from Vitamin Shoppe I take this in the morning on the empty stomach and then I take before I eat lunch and again before I eat dinner okay that's my routine for this so yeah so I'm going to put a link where I got everything or try don't know if I can or not but I got this locally you can get this from dr. axe store you can get it from Amazon I believe Amazon have it these are the capsules but I got it from a local store here in Richmond Virginia called the good foods grocery this is about think about $40 $35.99

39,000 by $40 so these are all the supplements and herbs that I'm taking and I just told you why so I'm going to end this video again subscribe helpful sister out like keep me accountable and again i-59 away tonight at 174 I will be waiting again with accurate weight and body fat percent first thing in the morning and this videos 12 minutes long too long and my goal is about 145 pounds so yeah I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna have some body shots for y'all in the morning though I'm not gonna do them tonight but I will do them in the morning so subscribe peace