22 July 2019

Sapporo Alcoholic Vitamin Lemon Drinks [Drinkin' With Johnny]

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come on wah this is drinking with Johnny

and in today's video we're gonna be trying out these vitamin lemon drinks now if you've ever been to Japan or if you know anything about Japan about their drinks then you know they have these vitamin lemon drinks that are quite popular they got these uh vitamin lemon drinks but these are alcoholic versions now this is the Saltine lemon this is 9% and we got the just a normal one and it says right here that it's got two whole lemons squeezed in there so we shall see how this tastes so if you're new to drinking with Jonny pause this video if you don't have a drink with you right now and don't get one go do it you pause it pause this video go get a drink but if you already have a drink then drink with me let's do this shit right come pie alright let's go oh oh oh that's great that's great okay so this one's the five percent one yeah this I don't know why this one's the salty lemons 9% this was 5% it's from Sapporo I forgot to mention that it's from Sapporo so this taste this stays exactly like the vitamin drink the lemon vitamin drink the again those little glass bottles you can find

them in a convenien I'm getting I'm drinking but I'm also getting some vitamin C yeah oh yeah I'm getting a lot of vitamin C here that's hilarious that is such a weird thing that's pretty good now let's try Australia salty lemon Sawa yeah here we go not much of a smell of that one yeah I don't really smell much anything with that so let's let's try this without pink link yeah it's the salty lemon one well yeah yeah that pretty much sums it up that sums up my facial reaction yeah I'm gonna have to go with the green one yeah the normal little ones better for me this is just normal lemon and this is like salty this one's stronger but if I had to choose between the two gonna have to go with the green cam this one sounds better for me this one's just this one tastes more like the vitamin drinks that you get from the convenient this one extra salty that's just not my thing leave a like on this video if you enjoyed it and leave me a suggestion in the comments what you would like me to try next it can be alcohol it could be non alcoholic it could be food or snacks

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