22 July 2019

Sabotage your weekend diet? Let us help!

Dietitan Em and Preacher Chris discuss what to do if you sabotage your diet and progress over the weekend. For information about Title Boxing Club nutrition ...

what's up guys it's me preacher Chris

I'm dietitian M and so two weeks ago we released a video all about how to not sabotage your diet on the weekend Nicole Roach then came back with hey what if I do screw up my diet in the weekend which is typical right we all go through those stages on the weekend where you meet too much you drink too much whatever it may be so we wanted to bring you a video today about how if you do screw up if you do sabotage your weekend diet and the results aren't going the way how to fix that what's the natural outcome that's healthy safe and you're not too extreme so I'm gonna let dietician Emma take you from here yeah so first of all I want to talk about two different ways that people try to like approach this after the weekend so there's two different extremes there's the people that after the weekend they say like oh I eat way too many calories this weekend so Monday and I'm gonna only eat 500 calories because I want to make up for it or Monday I'm gonna run 10 miles I'm gonna eat as little as possible that kind of thing and when you restrict yourself like that all you're doing and is setting yourself up to overeat again later in the week so we

have that extreme where people try to like make up for it and then we have another extreme where people say well I already screwed up you know I'm just gonna keep eating like crap and they never get back on track and start eating healthy again so you probably I'm hearing you guys yep right which I totally agree so if you're watching this video you may be one or the other either you're the extreme that says hey I need a run 142 miles on Monday because I have to say 10,000 calories I had a fifth of vodka for myself sounds terrible right like that maybe that was your weekend and now you're trying to fix it or you go the exact opposite extreme you're like hey I screwed up my weekend I might just screw up the next four years of my life right so you're probably at one of those extremes so we're gonna help you with that dish Matt and I are gonna help you do something healthy get back on track the correct way so that's internet where do we go from here if we want to be healthy and go down the right path so you don't want to do anything too crazy if you already track macros I would just say go back to

your normal macros that you would eat on a normal day okay I wouldn't try to like lower them or anything if you don't track man who's just try to plan on some healthy meals for you to eat don't say like I'm not gonna have any carbs today just go back to normal and you might even if you're tending to overeat every weekend you might be eating too little calories during the week and that's what's causing it to overeat so you have to then you might need to just look at what you're doing there you can see if there's something that you need to change so you're telling me that if I have 400 if my macros are my carbohydrates for example are supposed to be 250 and I just had 500 carbs on Saturday 500 carbs on Sunday because I was on the boat ain't like 13 hotdogs that I'm not supposed to just cut my carbs for the next three days to make up for those macros yes honestly I know like if that sounds like the right thing to do like I ate too many carbs so I'm just gonna Laura I have been there and experienced it and I've had many clients experiences if you go lower on the next three days you're just gonna overeat again but like a

cycle like overeat restrict ovary restrict so you need to break that cycle what you're saying so get back on track forget about the week and learn from it don't know you know obviously you're gonna do it again eventually get back to your normal regiment those macros yeah and another thing is like the mindset with it too so you have I know it's hard but like you have to try not to be guilty about it like say like wow I really enjoy my weekend I ate good food with my friends had a great time like think about it in a good way instead of saying like wow I suck like I didn't terrible I look fat now like the way you think about it really does affect what you're gonna do within your dancing mom totally but is that an excuse like is there ever a time where like that a little bit of guiltiness is a good thing so you're just like I was good it was fun and then you're just like ah wasn't that bad about that bad I didn't do that terrible or should you be honest with yourself and at the same time like try to a little bit guilty excellent yeah I think if it's not like an amount guilty that's going to like screw up I

think that's okay like not necessarily guilty but like sometimes I'll come back from her vacation be like dang I am ready to eat some vegetables because I ate like crap this weekend so it's like I'm like hey it I'm not like wow I really screwed up like yeah I hate myself that kinda thing another thing too is like drinking water to hydrated it can help you know after you go crazy with the carbs and sodium you have a lot of water so you're going to want to drink extra water to help flush that out a lot of people they'll see like a huge jump on a scale like oh my god I gained 10 pounds in a weekend but a majority of it is probably water weight - yeah - like if you're drinking alcohol a lot of times people will forget their water yeah but if you're drinking okay I got it so I screwed up if I screwed up this past weekend get back on track don't go crazy don't limit get back to your regimen yes sir perfect what's number two of them the other extreme and I'm just gonna screw up the next three years my foot that's pretty thick well that one's

probably just like most inmates out there so yeah if you're saying like just because you screwed up one weekend that you screwed up the past three years of the good things you've been doing like you have to look at the big picture like you have been on your fitness training for three years kill now your cousin come into title six days a week like one weekend it's not going to set you back three years of hard work so you just have to like change your mindset on how you think about it and make a plan so that you know what you're gonna be eating this week we don't plan out some healthy meals go to the store its meal prep done and set yourself up for success oh yeah okay so don't go too crazy on either one of the spectrums it's pretty simple what does it does it sounds simple but it's society how actually is what is something that we're like some things that you've seen in the past for other clients or yourself or stuff like that that can give them like real life examples to shift that mindset if you've been shattered Friday Saturday and Sunday like Sunday night like what is your mind say go back to it what are you

thinking about to get back on track just keep your goals in mind and know that starving yourself is not going to reach any goal that you have in mind yeah I felt like a huge thing for me that's when I was like playing on my Sunday night as far as I can work out so if I just like went crazy Saturday and Sunday I'm not a big meal prep guy yeah but at the same time like I'll clean out my Monday workout like make sure your Monday where God is planned out you know never miss on Monday could assess the week off strong so I can make sure that first workout is playing down that's hard like a plane your food outside if I'm tracking my back roads that last time I'll go on my fitness pal and plan out all my food for the next day so long as I stay put that I know that I'll be on track awesome okay so two things you can do it you know plan your plan your macros for the next day food prep or then also plan your workout so whether it's even there some Monday like get that first workout in schedule just like your schedule item in that word and then you'll be good to go for the rest the week yeah if you're properly feeling yourself you're getting your workouts

and you're gonna feel a lot better and that's gonna help you feel better mentally to go guys so lose lose the guiltiness you don't have to feel super guilty people if you go crazy over the weekend get back on track hopefully we'll see you there tomorrow a title boxing club if you haven't watched our other videos yet go check those out yeah don't sabotage your weekend we want to get here thanks for watching