23 July 2019

Sản phẩm AM & PM - Bổ sung hơn 70 vitamin

Trong cuộc sống tấp lập và hối hả bon chen, chúng ta chạy đua với nhiều nhu cầu tất yếu để lo toan cho gia đình , lên đã lơ là việc chăm sóc cơ thể...

yes Janice we are redefining you AM and

PM 2 products formulated by dr. Vincent G M papa dr. Vincent G M Papa is a plastic surgeon as well as an assistant clinical professor at the University of Medicine of New Jersey he's also founding member of the American Academy of anti-aging medicine he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2014 so what is unique in am/pm the major target of am/pm is to help the genes we have inherited work to their optimal performance and by the way the ingredient included in this two formula are capable of actually reversing the master clock of aging by turning off ageing genes and turning on our useful genes so first why a.m. and p.m. and p.m. the reason behind has to do with the regulation of the autonomic nervous system you know the system responsible for our biological clock our bio clock regulates the release of key hormones throughout the day and throughout the night keeping a balance between energy spending and rest this bio-clock also keep us alert in the morning as well as relax and ready for sleep in the evening am formula provides

the fuel to power daytime energy mental activity and regulates the Sampath ethic nervous system which is the one in charge of action and energy PM formula prepare for a restful night's sleep that allows the body repair and regulate the power sympathetic system which is the one in charge of rest and repair now why more than 70 ingredient in each formula well M PM have direct effects on gene expression by positively influence the 3 step which are involved when the body need a specific proteins the first step is to decide which gene to select and to turn on the switch in order to activate the gene this is done by a process called methylation the second step is to process the order of manufacturing such protein and this is done by a series of enzyme which regulates how the signal go out of the DNA then out from the nucleus to go inside the plasma where is the manufacturing facility this requires a complex of vitamins and minerals acting as cofactors and then the third step is to manufacture the protein and to send it at the target point to do the job and this requires communication and signaling molecules on top of those

three steps each cell need nutrients and supplement to repair and regulate cell function by acting on DNA repair telomere shortening and damages on stem cells this is why a MPM contains more than 70 ingredients divided in several categories vitamins mineral telomere maintenance complex calorie restriction mimetic and gene expression antioxidant complex DNA repair stem cells maintenance complex cells regulation complex probiotics and digestive enzyme what are the benefits of the am/pm program for the first 1 2 3 weeks your body goes to a stage called nutritional loading this is the time where essential vitamins mineral cofactors and other nutriceuticals ingredient included in am/pm that you have been lacking saturated both the cells and the fluid surrounding the cells during that time a remarkable improvement is made in the metabolic function inside each one of our body 60 trillion cells West product removal within the cells is also dramatically improved what is really happening at the cellular level is a shift in how genes are being used as well as an improvement in the speed and efficiency of the biochemical pathways

this deeply affect how you feel look your skin first in general the skin starts looking less red and inflamed the texture is smoother pore size is much less noticeable and the skin appears more hydrated or tight also changes are subtle you will get comment from friends and relatives like hey do you you look rested or you look younger they can see that something has changed but they cannot put a finger on it the changes are mainly due to a decrease in inflammation and free radicals that's damaged fibroblasts responsible for manufacturing collagen and yellow hanukkah acid you know the the gel between the cells that hold water hydrating the skin this subjective improvement you feel in the first month is obvious the most common benefit is a market improvement in energy and slip and this is very important because it's during sleep that our body repairs most of the cells damage it is also during sleep that they there and our key almonds that repair DNA damage are released after about three to four months the body enter in the stage called cellular reserve that's mean that

AM and PM you have been taking has saturated the cells level as well as a surrounding fluid at an optimal state now even in times of stress or extra needs am/pm ingredient are available within the cell and its surrounding environment to fight bacteria viruses pollution and toxins you will feel a sustained energy through the day more restorative sleep less mental fatigue a market improvement in skin quality with more hydration fewer wrinkles and less slackness improved body composition which mean less body fat a more positive mood and fewer mental emotional mood swings and improve resistance to colds and flu AM PM is now reaching the deepest level of your cells where it's delaying the key symptom of the aging process your genes are now working are their full potential to promote positive aging at the cellular level this is the closest we can scientifically come to achieve youthful aging at the present time my name is William Amzallag see you at our next episode bye-bye we are redefining you