07 April 2019

RV Living Heart Healthy

This is the breakfast that I eat a couple of days a week. I spent a couple days in the hospital for my spine last week and every time my vitals were taken the ...

hello hey it's Fred Keating guess so I

wanted to before I get to that part too there at the Petrified Forest video and that'll be coming next you know this morning breakfast I want to point out to you you know you saw what I was eating for lunch yesterday and how food can be your medicine this is kind of case in point here while it is just simple oatmeal what I did was it's organic oats and I took a banana for the sweetening and a good amount of flaxseed I took about 3/4 cup of oats and about 1/4 cup of flaxseed put in there one whole banana very ripe extra ripe banana you smashed it in there and a good amount of cinnamon you know cinnamons medicinals well all the stuff is medicinal the banana has some good properties is so forth with the natural sugars you know no added sugar is the idea of course and man cinnamon probably 2 teaspoons yeah we just kind of put in there but you know I can eyeball it since my years as a chef and then hot water you know bringing the tea kettle to a boil turn it off for a minute throw it in there probably a cup and a half or so water it's usually two to one on the oats and the water so so anyway

just let it steep simply let it steep for a good you know 10-15 minutes or so and this is what you end up with him yeah that's oats but my gosh guys I spent a couple days in the hospital last week I may mention that I posted a video and how I do sometimes it can help it I kind of go off the rails and you know do leave that video a day later and I'll bring up some points I point that video but you know a couple days in the hospital you know how they do they check your vitals like every hours 2 hours or whatever depending on your needs even didn't EKG on me because my age and [Music] everybody along the way was just amazed by my numbers you know with blood pressure everybody that took and there's several different people who took it in hospitals into hospitals everybody commented Wow I wish mine was that good Wow what are you eating wow what are you doing how are your numbers this great and you're here in the hospital I was always like it's my spine you guys it's not you know my heart and all that and if you don't know my dad actually passed away of heart disease and diabetes at

age 55 he had open-heart twice five ways each time 39 years old he had a complete stroke it totally paralyzed his whole right side so along those years I was becoming a you know a chef a classically trained chef and while I did the you know good old French cuisine and all this you know different cuisines of the world but you know and say you know classical cuisine is predominantly French laden with fat and cream and just fat on back when fat more fat you know and yeah I had to change the way I look at food and the way I cook and everything else for my own health and I did all that over 20 years ago this is the result guys and I'm not trying there like they say you know I'm all that and a bag of chips or anything but I'm just saying if I can do it you can do it that's the that's the bottom line you know you are what you eat it can't be overstated numbers are awesome I'm turning 50 and this is a large reason why especially the flax but and the oats and a sediment you get it everything I try to eat six days a week is very good for you again I allow myself that one day when you can binge

go have your burger go have your pizza go have whatever your comfort food may be for that one day per week so you can do it too guys love it it's actually full flavor can't say any more about it I'll be doing more on food as too i renovate freedom I got to get her kitchen just right I bought some lights and stuff for inside I've got some mounts I'm putting off but I gotta get it just right man I I you know I I can't do cooking videos any justice at all if my kitchen isn't just right so I promise you I'll get into doing some great cooking videos in the future once that kitchen is just how I wanted so anyway till then watch out for that next video guys about the Petrified Forest it's amazing I'm editing it right now and I'm just I'm just looking at ago so yeah it's coming up next catch you all later freedom Fred hey if you haven't subscribed yet you're in that fullscreen mode click out of that where you see a YouTube logo at the top just to the right below this video touch that little subscribe button Thank You Man I'd uh you know that Bell icon right there beside it you want to every

time I post a video who doesn't right go ahead and tap that little bell give us a thumbs up you know eight all you guys thank you very much freedom Fred here out for now love that place scenery amazing I'll do a video here to talk to you later