08 April 2019

Running, Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Vlog: Episode 20 (How To Find Your Magic Mile)

In today's video I discuss how to find your Magic Mile aka Keep Calm Mile. I also set a personal best in my mile test. (7:27 for the mile) The Best is yet to come!

hey welcome to my running intermittent

fasting and weight-loss vlog and today is April 7th we're seven days away from my fastest half marathon I hope and today in today's video I'm going to break down the keep calm mile test some people may also know this as the magic mom I'm going to show you I'm going to go to Stockton University and I am going to show you exactly what that is all about we mentioned it last week when we trained our runners to practice that for themselves and today I'm going to do my personal one following up an eight mile run that I did yesterday I'm not sure how I will do today but it's worth it to give myself this test leading into next week's half let's check it out my first stop is here to get my pre-workout I'm still fasting I'm running almost at 15 hours of fasted State and I'm gonna get myself some cold brew I'm gonna go with that my usual all right cry over Ronde cold brew black no sugar light ice thanks here we are baby Stockton University heading right to the track ready to take my test so I'm here on the track and going to take to keep calm mild test also known as the magic mile and my last time doing this I

didn't do it at the track I did it in my neighborhood and my fastest time was 7 minutes and 53 seconds of recent I've had faster times in the past but within the last six months I'm gonna say the last time I did this was 7 minutes and 53 seconds obviously I'm trying to beat that today I may not due to the fact of running 8 miles yesterday so we'll see how this goes to find out to take your test what you're going to want to do is run at least a half mile first if you have the time for it do a full mile at an easy pace you're just warming up I'm going to do that now and then I'm going to explain some drills that I were taken before actually taking my test now with the one-mile run in the rearview mirror ok the one-mile warmup now it's time for me to do what we call the acceleration drill so what that is is set in a timer I use an interval timer you can download an interval timer on your smartphone and I will set this to 15 seconds and because I practice the run/walk/run system I will walk fast for 15 seconds jog for 15 seconds and then pick up the pace for 15 seconds I'll do 4 repetitions of

that it's called the acceleration drill okay now that that's over goes into our second room okay our second row is called cadence drill cadence drew is how many times does your right foot touch the track street pad boardwalk whatever surface you're running on so you set your interval timer for 30 seconds on 30 seconds off you can pick up one of these runners intervals from Jeff Galloway calm okay and or Amazon and for 30 seconds when you hit that buzzer that beep-beep you're counting one two three four five six seven eight nine ten etc etc etc how many times does that right foot hit the ground in 30 seconds now once the beeper goes off you walk for 30 seconds repeat that four times now turnover is how you get faster some people have long strides okay they take away time from themselves and they can shorten up their stride just a little bit and for some a lot they get faster let's see let's see what I do four times how many steps cannot complete in Thursday okay that's done I'm totally warmed up I'm going to do some leg swings leg kicks a little side lunges not hold or stretch too long just do active stretch

and then I'm gonna take off of that one mile trying to get seven minutes and 50 seconds if I get 745 hey that'd be great the weather is perfect today it's it's a 65 degrees okay and in that repetitions the cadence drill I was able to get fifty one foot strikes with the right foot let's see how I do for this month I can't man good work out bro good work I'm doing a running vlog for my website yeah I started doing something on YouTube now - you were moving it out there brah like those sneakers - yeah nice man okay yo you got this brother you to see how it goes man giving each other motivation alright my goal was to beat 753 I just wanted to get maybe 750 wasn't sure how I was gonna do based on running 8 miles yesterday but let me tell you something I killed it today 726 maybe it's that weight loss that I had going on ok yesterday I got on the scale I was 165 point 4 you may have heard these and other videos if you see your first time watching these videos I was up to 217 pounds when I ruptured my patellar tendon in my knee and over the last year I lost weight working with a

nutrition company and running but I wasn't I didn't have the right key to unlock the next level until 2018 when I started eating real foods and eliminating the processed stuff and I just started learning about intermittent fasting and stuff I'm a little out of breath right now because I just got finished this run I'm excited and now after that eight mile run yesterday I got on the scale I know it's not the true weight but when I got on the scale I 163 pounds I never see that as an adult okay I took a picture I posted in this and 7 minutes and 26 seconds I'm excited now that proves that I can move up to my next level on the chart of my run/walk/run progression so now I should be able to do an eight-minute mile on my 5 case that that's not going to translate to half marathon speed but I made some good jumps in 2018 and now 2019 I'm off and running and I'm looking a place in my age group of stuff you guys are interested in joining the keep calm and run to the best dude program please go on our reps website and run to the best shoe calm and you can join our local meetups or sign up for online I love to have you a part of our group

and we're going to pick a destination race to meet up as a big community next year's destination race will be in Disney we're going to do the half marathon in January 11 2020 and then right afterwards we're gonna get on the cruise and we're gonna we're gonna spend five days out there taking a cruise and we make it some running in at the different ports and stuff like that let's do this together I'm telling you who do you know that can use some motivation right now who when your family can use to get off the couch and you know run a 5k let's do this together thanks for watching please subscribe so you can keep up to date it helped me run my fastest half marathon next week