11 March 2019

Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy Food Makeovers

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito joins The Doctors and comedian Louie Anderson to share his healthy take on pasta, which is packed with protein. Subscribe to ...

okay so yeah I heard you you were

addicted and loved a dish called sketti which I guess is pisghetti or spaghetti with ketchup and butter that was Justin butter who's rock the ketchup ever before as a family thing I mean I've seen people do it but took a pass now the ID listed the idea of tomatoes and butter is an amazing idea it's a classic sauce it's in all this is this is a pomodoro sauce that I pureed in a blender and I'm adding butter too because I want to make you feel like you're at all but it's grass-fed butter and I'll let dr. Oregon explain why that's a nice little butter so calories are not the calories are really not the problem it's the amount of carbs at an empty calorie carbs and sugar that you eat really sugar is everything so I make a protein pasta with egg whites my protein powder and so it's super high protein very low carb it's only only got six carbs approved for serving your sketti would have something like thirty to fifty depending and put it in a squeeze bottle of hot water and you simply extrude it oh my god I'm making I'm making sketti Wow good for you or you can take the batter and make it like they make chow fun people why you were

able to put that grass butter in the grass yeah MCT fence yeah right so those MCT fats will actually suppress your appetite and rev rev up your metabolism so it's not like he's just throwing any kind of butter in there okay very important fewer hormones in there excetera which we know are very important for a number of reasons so what about just you know for a food question what about the fake butters and stuff not good stay with them they're made from synthetic man-made oils like soybean & quot vegetable oil and those are all highly processed there there's hexane involved the gap you're much more off with or olive oil olive oil you can eat this all day long put this on everything eat as much olive oil as you want make sure it's extra virgin organic if possible if not olive oil is still good okay so we're gonna take the skinny I've got some already warmed up in here I'm gonna add that - Wow your sketti sauce sort of like oh did I get some I dunno it's made with skim milk to start with it's got all the way is out of it because the way they make Parmesan Reggiano is very specific

process so there's none of that way lactose issue that people have with most dairy I'm gonna add some garlic chips because I just feel like you might like fried garlic yeah is that anything Wow yeah toss that oh now you got to look it off it's like no we should have brought your apron out first alright sketti so sketti so instead of about 600 calories 30 to 50 grams of carbs we're talking about 128 calories 6 grams of carbs and about 20 grams of protein compared to your mom's well no one can beat their mom's food yeah but never ever ever but would it be you know just does this work low E no easy very good [Applause] you