06 April 2015

Roasted Chickpeas healthy recipe by SAM THE COOKING GUY

It's Chickpea Week (by the way a sentence I never thought I'd say) and we start with a great, healthy snack of roasted curry chickpeas. WATCH SAM'S NEW TV ...

hey I have a simple request when you're

done watching this not now when you're done call a friend tell them you just watch this you liked it they should watch turn people on to us that way we can do more better bigger things for you promise more people watch you get more better at you get more better stuff at home promise see Monday new show today and guess what we're making oh by the way this is not the same shirt that was my you look so funny I was gonna say new show same t-shirt color I know same t-shirt color but bad pickle tease calm we love them what's with you in the red lately you know what they most of the t-shirts that they were making were like blues and blacks and like that darker grey that I really like yes and the my favorite animal is steak t-shirt that I have in red mm-hmm I put on the red and I was like oh I am all about the red Wow a little pop of color yeah it is it works with the kitchen too hold on there's another child wait wait what were you said 191 what were you know what were you we're all we're all trying to be more healthy eaters and I think this week shows will be a good example of how you can eat well let's see healthy what is it what are we doing

it's allow me to grab the ingredient the cover he just doesn't want to say it wants to see how long he can go without saying it ready what is that it's chickpea week or garbanzo bean week nice what do you think I love it oh I love garbanzo and she loves these you know who doesn't love these no my wife your mother really why seems like something she would love no she loves like green beans and H snick snap peas care what you say about all that she hates them so here's what we're doing we're doing a hummus breakfast lunch dinner well oh that's not true at all we're doing a snack okay we're doing then two things could be a lunch or dinner either we've done hummus chief we have done we actually done multiple types of hummus couple and by the way the first time I did hummus I think on the live cast I didn't have tahini sesame paste so I use esta meat and chili sesame oil and it was really good okay so first things first we're gonna we're gonna roast these into a little like a little healthy snack because think about it a half a cup of these

things is 120 calories and only 2 grams of fat that's good no trans fat that's a bad word trans fats bad you don't want anything they're 2 grams of fat and 120 calories so in this there's they say three and a half so say there's three servings that's good you can do this alright so first you always always you want to drain these things because they're cut kind of like a slimy nonsense on them so in here and then we just do this I was doing that left-handed but these like pure protein yes basically they're very good let's take a look a serving of these has seven grams protein pretty good right that's a versus third of these is great okay now we want to dry them and I was away for two weeks Kelly was forced to go to the store and Kelly was forced to go to the store a territory that she does not understand and has because she's got me to do this and she bought really bad paper Tyler basically Kleenex man yeah I do for the same thing i buy bounty mmm no paper towels you should buy them all right don't pay me to say that you know but there was the

one time I applied that way they did though there was one time I accidentally bought the one plied toilet paper oh god have you done that less the worst it's the worst but every so often you know you can get bamboozled by prices in the store and yeah whoever so look if I was if I was another cooking show I would tell you that you could buy these things not done and soak them overnight and then boil them and then they'd be fine but that's not my style I don't really want to do that but you do want to dry these things because they're going in the oven and they're not really gonna get the benefit of what you want to happen to them if they're being so being mindful not to squash them yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I want them to stay like that okay only they only get a few things we made an enema my snack sort of like this the other day didn't you oh yeah uh yeah I I just had that i back up I found these at the store hmm it might be going now oh these little bags of shelled edamame they like a minute and a half in the microwave you don't even poke it and then they're like ready to go and I just tossed them with a little salt little

pepper and a little togarashi a Japanese house spice okay so here's what these are gonna get they're gonna get a little olive oil and don't go crazy you don't need to give them extra virgin olive oil that's not necessary olive oil is gonna help them get nice in the oven knots you don't want to you don't want to add flavor it's just gonna help them get crispy okay so olive oil of course some salt right we're basically making like little crispy snacks that you can eat so yeah like we like we all like salty snacks I mean if you have sodium issues then you know be careful on what you're doing or or use what's that stuff coat missus - is it mrs. dad like fake salt what the fake it's a soul without sodium oh right okay all right so little red pepper flake I find I get way too heavy-handed with the red pepper so I'm just really trying to pull back a little bit and now some curry powder and now we mix now you can taste one at this point decide if it needs anything I mean it's not like you're putting raw chicken on these things wow this is not enough I probably should have done two cans Oh

hmm good all right baking sheet yeah right then you try one try one nice good curry flavor look you I can't eat these just like this but I'm not going to spread them out so they've all on their own level put them into a 400 degree oven and depending on how well your ovens calibrated if it's legit at 400 it's probably gonna take anywhere from I'd say 25 to 35 40 minutes there's nothing more for you to see what do they say when like there's an accident people crowd around alright I better go away nothing to see here folks nothing to see here nothing to see here folks when we come back those are gonna be done I'll tell you exactly how long to hold on we'll start a timer 16 stop it timer okay tell you exactly how long they've been in it's a fast live cast but this is a great tip a great little snap you're gonna want to make a lot of this don't go away sit back relax maybe we make a little cocktail come back boom these are coming out of there so be the new thing you want to come home at work make yourself a cocktail sit down have a little Bowl these little crunchy dynamite little bites right see in a sec

what inspires a minute to perform such tender acts of love and devotion that'll do it alright alright alright looks good no half-hour 400 degrees you can hear them right that's gonna be hot dude look at that's what you wanted you put them some I'll tell you right now I did not make nearly enough of these things I should have made two tens of them okay for a little snack I could have tossed them with a little parsley or something if I wanted but the idea that they're like this oh okay have wine chief show him hmm not just go automatically in your head that's why I have three cameras running right now though waking up every day right right Amana heat right him on a curry holy bath I could eat the whole thing I'm about to eat the whole thing oh you got to take a picture all right that's it uh Wednesday we do a stir-fry a stir-fry with garbanzo slash chickpeas oh yeah garbanzo beans / chickpeas I don't know why they have the two names maybe we could look it up yeah okay thanks for hanging out subscribe to life casts on

YouTube and new cooking guy shows April 12th John Warren San Diego channels something else in Santa Barbara and channel something else in Orange County not sure what it is we also believe they're coming to Las Vegas yeah so I know and you guys really deserve it because you had ancient cooking guy forever it's time it's time all right thanks for hanging out with this scene a couple days