04 September 2014

Ripped Abs or Ripped Off | The FLEX BELT Review

The Flex Belt: http://www.theflexbelt.com/alpham For the Alpha M. Diet and Workout Plans: ...

the question can this simple

black-bellied blasting bell give you the chiseled six-pack of your dreams or is it just another Fitness product scam that will reduce your wallet more than your waist a few weeks ago I was contacted by the folks over at the Flex Belt to see if I'd be interested in doing a review now my initial reaction was really flex but really now I don't want to do a review of your ab belt but something in the back of my head started nolan at me because here's the deal I have seen abdominal toning super products for years right one way shape or form I've seen them and I have never tried them because I have immediately chalked them up to BS so this is my chance to take it for a test drive and see if my assumptions were correct or hey maybe I've been missing out because the deal is I get so incredibly frustrated every time I see a fitness commercial and they're testing out these products on these super out of shape people it's like they strap something like this on them and they practically pee themselves when they feel something that resembles a muscle contraction me I got abs I got strong ABS I've been working them for

years I'm the guy that should be testing this thing so I asked him if there were any strings attached I said if you send me a free flex belt I can say whatever I want good bad ugly whatever they said absolutely as long as you actually try it I'm like alright I can do that so gentlemen today we review the Flex Belt okay so there have been a ton of EMS systems on the market EMS stands for electric muscle stimulator so EMS has been used and around for years it's used in therapy and rehabilitation situations essentially you go in you got an issue they're going to attach some type of electrode close to the muscle give it a little juice this juice is actually going to send a current bang into the muscle causing that muscle boom to contract and the more juice you give it the harder and more forceful that contraction actually is so one day to start pistou sitting there in his office he's in between clients playing around with these EMS machines puts on his abs gives it a little juice and boom is a house up I feel that I want rock-hard abs but I don't want to

have to work for it this is awesome I don't I don't know if that's exactly how it went but over the years there have been a ton of different EMS systems on the market now the majority of them have gotten in trouble by the FDA there are two reasons they got in trouble reason number one the products didn't stimulate a hot turn reason number two is that they were selling them as a weight-loss size reducing wonder product so the FDA comes in is like you can't say that so we are putting the abdominal smackdown on a bunch of your asses except the Flex Belt they actually got clearance from the FDA for abdominal toning firming and strengthening a week ago I get my free flex belt in the mail and um I'm actually excited to use it I get it and I told some of my friends I'm like I'm getting a flex belt they're like seriously I'm like yeah okay whatever I want to try it don't hate me when I've got rock art even more rock-hard six-pack abs and so I get it I open it and there's a big manual but I was like I'm not reading this so I actually went online and found a video explaining how to set this bad boy up and I am going to spare you the gory

details essentially you have an adjustable black neoprene belt on the flipside you have three electrodes you also have gel packs or pads that are replaceable and you also have a remote control slash battery pack alright so you put the belt on okay you've got three sensors and pads one pads going on your stomach the other two are going on your obliques okay then you grab your remote turn it on set the program and then increase the intensity level now there are ten different programs and one into our beginner or one is beginner to is intermediate and from 3 up its advanced I'm like yo I got abs I'm advanced so the first time I set it on level 5 then I started increasing the intensity the intensity on this thing goes from 1 to 150 I didn't actually start feeling anything until about 30 40 at level 40 you're like yeah look at that your abs start contracting so I start getting ballsy right I'm like yeah whatever no big deal easy flex belt so I start cranking it up because you've got a little you can adjust it so I start like going up like 40 50 sixty among you yeah seventy I'm like damn when I got to around a hundred it

was like I was sitting on my damn oh you want to see alright hundred and here it is it's giving me the juice now and then it relaxes so it basically comes on the contraction it holds for about two to three seconds then it relaxes for about five seconds and then it comes back on and here it comes again oh like that it does this for thirty minutes so I've been using the Flex Belt for the past week and I have been really sore more specifically my obliques on the side of my abs I think it's probably because I don't do anything specifically targeting my obliques they get work when I'm doing my other ab exercises in the gym but as far as like targeting like contractions it doesn't happen and so I've been incredibly sore does the belt work absolutely this belt causes your abdominal muscles to contract when you're exercising when you do a crunch what do you think you're doing you're causing that muscle to engage and contract the more you do that the more you're actually going to tone and firm so does the Flex Belt work will it strengthen and tone your abs absolutely but will that mean that you

can see them know to get your abs to show you need to reduce your body fat there are two ways you're going to do that a healthy diet and cardio without that you can have the strongest sexiest abs in the world but if they're covered by a layer of fat you're never going to see them but once you reduce the body fat to a low enough percentage you are going to be able to see those abs if you've been working them and developing them to develop strong sexy separated abs you got to work them how you going to do that you can do it in the gym doing crunches or apparently you can do it on the couch watching jeopardy so in conclusion gentleman does the Flex Belt work yes the Flex Belt absolutely works is it the key to getting rock-hard six-pack chiseled abs only if you reduce the body fat guys if you're just looking for this to be a shortcut to just getting at no do not waste your money because the product is not cheap regular price is $200 but they so you're offering you guys there's a link down below $50 off if any of you want to try it there's a 60-day money-back guarantee so you get it you try it you don't like it whatever you

send it back I was so ready to rip this product a new one and I already had like the video planned out and everything but I figured that it doesn't do anybody any good if I'm not actually honest and so wanted to come on tell you talk to you about my experience I'm glad that flex belt contacted me it's a great product it works your abs but guys like I said it's not a shortcut it's something to actually add alright is it going to eliminate my ab workouts in the gym no I'm going to supplement it but it definitely is working things in a way that I apparently am NOT because I am crazy sore and it hurts to laugh guys link below if you want to check out the Flex Belt