02 July 2013

Reversing Diabetes with Dr. Ann's Healthy Eating Program

One of Dr. Ann's Eat Right for Life followers shares her personal experience totally transforming her health and reversing her type 2 diabetes with Dr. Ann's ...

thank you sir yeah see Peggy share with

our wonderful diabetic audience share your story well for me this began in the year 2008 the summer 2008 I got baby sick and was in the hospital all summer nine months later I was still sick under 10 doctors not getting well on lots of medication was really discouraged to the point where I thought I was have to take a leave of absence with the church and I was on my way to a dinner for other clergy and in there and I had started a weight reduction program thinking well if you lose some of this excess weight maybe you'll feel better but it was a point system diet and I still need all the junk food I wanted sugar and sweets and everything else long as I didn't go over those points that I could lose weight I've been on it three weeks what I'm feeling any better but it lost weight but was lamenting about at dinner that night there would be nothing I could because I didn't know how to count it and a friend of mine said well you can eat what I'm bringing and I said well warning you bring him she said doctor and ends being sound like I said what is that and who brought his doctor I am so we get to the dinner and I think well I'm tried it you know I've never

wanted that kind of food before but I ate it and thought it was good and went back to get second saying it was one helping left and a guy was getting it not hit him and said that's all I can eat so I want to eat this so on the way home I asked for more about dr. an and I that night looked up dr. an on the computer stayed up literally all night long because I could access her past newsletters I read every one of them all night long and I thought hmm so I ordered a book and I ordered a book and when he came on stayed up all night and read it and things begin to make sense but I was so desperate I thought I'm gonna give it a try I have nothing else I can do anymore I am truly in bad health and I don't know what else to do and so little by little I incorporate the first thing I did was just eliminating diet cokes I drink five diet cokes today and then I started incorporating some veggies and I'm not a veggie person I the only thing I bought a vegetable Department was white potatoes and bananas and didn't even know how to pronounce those vegetables and now I graze in the

produce section of what I don't grow myself I'd stay in the produce section buy things I don't even know what to do with come home and cook them and I am just hooked on fruits and vegetables but anyway back to my story little by little I started incorporating doctor and and then I ordered her CD that brought me more benefit truly than anything else I put it in my car and I'm in the car a lot with what I do for a living and so I'm listening to it all the time and I read this in her book but there's something about the enthusiasm of hearing her speak and what she's starting talking about insulin and resistance it just seemed like the light bulb came on and I won't even know more about it you have to understand my eldest is 37 and when she was very young I was diagnosed with diabetes at first I was sad to hear that I had diabetes but then it really wasn't affected my life and they told me I need to check my blood and they told me out if I didn't get it under control with diet and exercise I'd be on medication I did nothing about it I kept eating the way I always ate I seem to be doing all right

I avoided doctors didn't like to go get physicals because all I happened here was your diabetes is getting worse here's the diet take it home and learn to do this nobody ever explained to me insulin resistance it was just something about finally understanding what caused this plus I had allowed myself to get in a critical position you have to understand that I do have some neuropathy in my feet and there is some signs of diabetes in my eyes but I had to get to a point where I was dying to finally decide maybe being healthy is the thing to do so I started reading about the glycemic index thinks that I've never even heard of and started trying it and I didn't do it overnight I incorporate his doctor and suggested one change at a time I would say five months after I had done this and my weight was dropping off you got to understand I always wanted to lose the weight I think here about my health I won't even that wasn't even part of who I was I just wanted to lose weight so I young you have got it all my life I have great successes but couldn't understand why immediately it would go back on I just

didn't understand it understand it now and now I'd like to eat I like to eat volume I love food I laughed at one time it's a lot of surgery that will take out my taste buds thank God that never happened because food never tastes better to me I eat volumes of food I want a variety of food ain't lots of vegetables fruits a lot of fish and I never would even eat fish before I don't eat red meat I make sure I am evening the right kind of milk I'm sure it's all balanced but I follow this program now let me take what the good news is last October I went to my doctor cause in the Methodist Church I'm required to get a physical every year and I am I'm going this time I had lost weight and I knew I was healthy doctor and said that when I knew I would be healthy my palms would start turning orange and blowing the whole mind doctor noticed my palms were orange and thought something was wrong with me he did my blood work and we've always you know he always just walked back in with my blood work and just I don't know I felt so bad when he talked me just about how I had my health loss but anyway he came in shot this time I said we got to take

your blood again I think the lab has messed something up I didn't understand so they took more blood and sent it to another lab and I went back in two weeks later and he was scratching his head and he said I know you've lost weight but Peggy look at these numbers now in the summer of 2008 my sugar was way over 300 they had me on insulin I didn't want to give myself those shots I didn't want to take medicine I'm not a good patient and I wish I had but it's never too late when doctor Anne said if you do not have type 2 diabetes you do not have to get it and if you do have it you can reverse it she's the first doctor that ever I've reversed my my a one man is below six I take my sugar every morning and it's between 80 and 90 and I eat more food I eat more food than I've ever eaten I love food I love my health I am so healthy now my doctors don't believe it nobody believes the change and has come over my life I take no medications I was on medication for blood pressure I was on medication for diabetes I take nothing my doctor didn't want me to go off of it but now he is a believer in fact so much of a believer that the nurses in his office all have doctor

hands full because I gave it to him they wanted to know what had happened in my life because they had seen me dying before them and I'm as bad as alive as a person can be today and it's all because of this program and the way they explained it to you and if you'll do it you too can see the same results probably even better then I have and we can continue to live a great fulfilling life