09 June 2019

📦 Reveal pos op breast supplements


hey YouTube it's crystal Taha so I am

going to the unboxing and unrevealing the two items that I picked up from Vitacost I love by the cost they had their own name brand of vitamins and everything and there have a really low cost I picked up and I'm so excited to see and I kind of got this because it's for my recovery after my breast augmentation or collagen plus tumeric and that is for every five hundred and fifty servings with probiotics and College ins type one two and three you actually need all three to actually help each other out and absorb and this is actually an apple cinnamon and also the tumeric for instantly I just very curious to see for each serving which is one scoop 11 grams there's 20 in this container and I believe this was actually 23 7320 379 so I know a little expensive so literally it's like almost $1 per serving dollar plus some and so I kind of wanted to test this out and see if it works and chopping board and I don't try to keep moving trying to keep my muscles moving quick snap stretches snap you know what I'm so happy I got this on Burberry jacket cotton for sure did not know if you buy

anything Louboutin Chanel Gucci Barberi it is under percent content after I ladies and gents by size bigger especially depend on what it is my jacket my sports jacket I would to have loved to have this like and a whole other size bigger so I got as a small because it fit right there in there but can't find it again ever but size small without boobs it still zips perfect I don't have a jack I don't have a shirt on only down fall is it is a 100% cotton it does shrink and it does fit well like if I was wearing a tank top and yeah husband busting my balls about it I think is like five to eight hundred dollars whatever it was Spain it was you know a splurge and anyways but I love it I don't usually do a lot of white because for me I love my coffee black and I don't know and I got a Burberry cotton shirt too and I was taking my car in for service I I usually say I should you know but I kid you not oh my I'm drinking my coffee and it still thank god I drink black coffee because it has no sugar no fat no nothing it washes out nicely and I learned that from Shirley who's my mom but and that's a whole nother story

anyway open this thing up it's definitely yellow for sure now it was just interesting everything and this is grass fed and pastured raised so everything is pretty much organic on this and then this has 10 grams of collagen to 1.5 billion CF use for the probiotics helps with joints mobility hair skin nails 500 grams of milligrams of organic tumeric with 50 grams of Turk urine which is the anti-inflammatory aspect of it and then organic black peppers and probiotics for digestion so it says shake well with water or blended smoothies mm-hmm okay I'm gonna just throw some water in okay so sorry I disappeared eight ounces of water we'll do another test on this let's see I'm gonna go half a scoop just cuz I have eight ounces of water and I'm just trying to get it for its purpose usually collagen is taken on an empty stomach too so I have not eaten anything all day and it's all Evan 15 awesome person I don't know I just haven't had a much of an appetite since the surgery but yeah so let's give this angle good shake and we'll go from there folks not lifting weights doctor so I know I'm

okay to shake this not bad it has more of an apple taste apple taste and then you know there's like tumeric in it I think the cinnamon someone got last but it's not bad it's a little refreshing actually it's not bad at all you guys I'm gonna have to pee 25 times today after all these testings so yeah I was freezing it's freezing because I'm gonna run no top on you know then the second one was pure d-ribose and that is actually helps with your ATP and um and didn't weigh what is it your ATV so it comes from ATP ATP which then transfers into your ATP so for like heavy lifting and short heavy bursts you're using muscle and you're actually this is actually gonna be a really good recovery for days that do like I do heavy lifting just because I'm so long and linky and then I try to eat often throughout the day which is how I prefer to get my calories in versus through supplements but also I need to hydrate to so I figure why not just do that so usually by the time I get done with the gym and run errands it's frickin like 11 o'clock so I might as well take one of these and then prepare dinner for the family so I

don't know I need to work on that but ER I know that's why I'm lacking on my math so but um calories on this is 20 and total carbohydrates five grams total sugars five grams dvi-d ribose is five grams awesome so pretty much if you have diabetes or pregnant or lactating you don't take this or if you have chronic gout consult your physician this is pretty much soy free vegan gluten-free non-gmo start a cool place and take one level scoop eight ounces water or beverage of choice twice daily or as recommended by a nutritionally informed physician so like a dietitian yeah I would stick with a registered dietician versus someone who gets certified in nutrition just because they've got just for everything and stuff and they work at hospitals and so I'm pretty much gonna be taking this after it's pretty much a post-workout really and I'll probably be mixing that in with this and taking them together this was actually 2250 so I'm gonna give them a shot and see what's going on with them but otherwise that is and this was from Vitacost and I will try to have the link down

there for right across but otherwise I do love them I think they have a $5.99 flap right for shipping or if you purchase like theme 25 or 35 above you get free shipping and I ordered this I think like literally two days ago and it came in so and then a nice thing too is they like kind of I have my daughter takes her smartypants vitamins that have DHA in them which is an oil from omega 3 6 and 9 s and E aah a oils and so that was kind of weird that when I placed it in the shopping cart I kind of mentioned hey you might want to expedite this due to wanting to receive your product with freshness you know so it's kind of cool that they actually mentioned that because Amazon doesn't do that and I'm a prime member I'm like the Amazon Queen I think most Facebook are Facebook but YouTube females and women are his on Queens but we're always trying to test out new things for you guys but I want to try to link this down in the bottom and I know when I get my selfie stick I will post something new on that I finally had to take my pro tablet the latest one away from a five-year-old because I was thinking we can share it

but we have cherry juice and all this funky Galore stuff on it and I'm like oh no this is $900 tablet I'm sorry I'm like we can't do this so I will try to post more for my tablet but I need to get my selfie stick and my tripod so it's better angling and everything but sorry about that but if you like this I can do more I try not to take too long on these videos but let me know if you want them a little bit more detailed or just a tad more info or what but um if you do like it like it down there and you can subscribe and I will notify you at the top with the little bell and I will be informing you later on today how I feel about post surgery on day two of my breast augmentation take care of you guys keep you tubing and crystal checking out and bye